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Victim to Victory

Brian Arnold is known as "America's Favorite One-Handed Pianist". His musical talents and testimony of how Christ has worked in his life and the lives of his guests, will help you move from victim to victory. Available On Demand

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Victory at Sea

This award-winning documentary series was the most famous historical anthology on World War 2. Supported by a beautiful stirring score by Richard Rogers, this series covered the time period of 1939 to 1945, focusing on the use of naval warfare by the Allied forces, the Axis block, and the Japanese naval forces.

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Caught in the cross-hairs of a criminal investigation, Derek Taylor recounts to a suspicious team of detectives the details of his failing marriage and whirlwind affair. As the intricacies of his alibi are presented, it becomes apparent that Derek's story is too convenient for his circumstances. Is he guilty or innocent? Will he be charged or released?

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