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Have No Fear

Join us for an intimate encounter with all-consuming worship this very special Christmas session. Sing along to your favorite Christmas songs and inspiring new ones with the very writers who wrote them. Nestle back with your family and enjoy: Tim Timmons; Kim Johnson; Evan Miley; Charya Bissonette and Roy Schlenberger as the tell the story of a very special birth on a very special night so long ago. Have No Fear! Rejoice! Praise! And Celebrate! For unto us a child is born.

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Heaven Is Waiting

After several years, Ned Stevens continues to struggle with moving past the death of his wife, Kate. When his daughter Liz brings unexpected boyfriend David home during a visit from college, Ned tries to sabotage their relationship. Liz encourages Ned to date again himself, but he vehemently resists her efforts. Will Ned's interference destroy Liz and David's relationship, or will their love for each other help Ned to realize there are always second chances.

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A precocious little girl enjoys life in the Swiss Alps with her grandfather, and he ends his feud with the village so that she can get an education, until her stern aunt takes her away to live in the village in the valley.

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Higher Aim with Dr. Curt Dodd

Dr. Curt Dodd seeks to globally proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring those who are lost into a real life-transforming encounter with the Savior and encourage believers in their daily walk.

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Holly's Story

A teenage girl, Holly, struggles with unexpected feelings of depression, remorse and alienation from her friends after getting an abortion as a result of her unwanted pregnancy. Can she truly find freedom in a life that seems to be spiraling out of control?

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Homeless for the Holidays

A smug executive enjoys the perfect life - until he loses his job, and finds himself working at a burger joint. Now he's falling behind on his bills, and if something doesn't change soon, his family could lose everything by Christmas.

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Horse Crazy Too: The Legend of Grizzly Mountain

When a prize foal is stolen, two young siblings and their teenage babysitter must work together and catch the thieves before their family's ranch goes into foreclosure. A dangerous journey lies ahead, but sometimes it pays to horse around.

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