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KiDs Beach Club

Kids are taught scripture, play games, and learn core character values based upon biblical principles.

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Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin

While many know Jentezen Franklin as a New York Times best-selling author, his imprint on the world doesn't stop with the pages of books. It continues through the power of spoken word and broadcast. "Kingdom Connection" is more than a TV show; it's a mission to share the profound truths of God's Word. With each episode, viewers are inspired by Jentezen's words, which echo the timeless wisdom of the scriptures.

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Kingdom of Heaven

Join Bishop Vincent Mathews directly from the Tabernacle COG:IC in South Haven, MS for a powerful message each Sunday. The focus of every service is to raise and release disciples of Christ to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in this region, the USA, and the entire world.

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