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RHEMA Praise

RHEMA PRAISE - hema Praise features the dynamic preaching and teaching of Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin. Kenneth preaches from the pulpit for 15 minutes, driving home the main points of his message. In the remaining minutes of the show, viewers can personally enjoy the positive energy and excitement of Kenneth and Lynette.

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Rick Renner

Pastor and author Rick Renner offers engaging, in-depth Bible teachings by using the original Greek text to help his students understand God's word.

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Road to Emmaus

While traveling on the road to Emmaus, two travelers mourn the unjust crucifixion of the deceased Jesus Christ, but during their saddened journey, a mysterious stranger appears to them and gives them news, which stirs their joy.

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Robert Henderson Ministries is about empowering people for their Kingdom Function.  Our call is to Disciple Nations into their destiny and purpose. One of the main areas we target in this endeavor is shifting the church froma pastoral model to an apolstoic model.  The church much become the government God intended instead of just a place of meeting neds.  As this happens, nations will shift from their present state into a kingdom culture.  

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Root of the Problem

When an unhappy couple receives a mysterious potted plant after a wealthy family member leaves it for them in his will, they learn the plant is an unlikely and secret source of unlimited money, which soon leads them into trouble.

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