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Jerusalem Dateline

Timely reports that bring a biblical and prophetic perspective to daily news events that shape our world.

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Jesus Rose From The Dead...So What? Dr. Michael Youssef

In our postmodern culture, why is the resurrection of Christ even relevant? In this powerful Easter sermon, Dr. Michael Youssef emphasizes the eternal importance of Jesus' resurrection and what it means for all people today.

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Jimmy is a heartfelt family drama about a mentally challenged teenager who sees beings no one else can. Jimmy doesn’t always understand what he sees and hears, but he remembers it all with uncanny accuracy, which is why his lawyer father asks him to testify in a crucial trial. Jimmy’s testimony saves the man from jail but has far-reaching consequences for himself, the people he loves, and their community.

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The true-life story that has captivated millions. She was young, vital, just 17, when it happened. A diving accident snapped her neck and left her paralyzed. The months that followed were filled with great physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles for Joni Eareckson. Joni recreates for you on film her joys and sorrows, her fears and victories, and above all, her faith in the wisdom and certain blessings of a loving heavenly Father.

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Journey Through the Holy Land with Pastor Dan Willis

Join Pastor Dan Willis for a thrilling and powerful journey through the Holy Land. Available on Demand

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Joys of Oneness

Learn biblical principles for marriage and family life in this inspirational teaching program. Available on Demand

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Julie and Friends

Julie and friends discuss challenging women's issues in depth and interview guests in this inspiring and fun-filled program. Available On Demand

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Just Desserts

Alice is having trouble adjusting to her new life after she and her husband, Sam, move to be near their daughter who's expecting the family's first grandchild. Alice's efforts to fit in with the ladies of the new town and "belong" result in laughter and eventually acceptance.

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