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12 Dogs of Christmas

Twelve-year-old Emma O'Connor has been sent to live with her less than welcoming "Aunt" Delores, and finds herself caught in the middle of a town war over the "No Dogs Allowed" law. Emma, with the help of her schoolmates, a diverse canine corps of over 60 dogs, and a lot of faith, attempts to win over the citizens of Doverville by staging a holiday pageant titled, The 12 Dogs of Christmas.

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A look back over 2021 highlighting ministry expansion, new programs, nationally- and internationally-known guests, bloopers, and much more!

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3D Woman

The 3-D Woman is a woman of Determination, Distinction, and Destiny. A wife, a mother, and a single gather for transparent conversation that offers biblical solutions to life's hurdles. Available on Demand

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700 Club Interactive

700 Club Interactive is a place dedicated to prayer, uplifting stories, positive Christian news, encouragement and community.

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77 Chances

Jason Shaw is struggling to find meaning in his life. One fateful night he meets the girl of his dreams. But when their enchanted evening ends tragically, Jason awakens only to find that it's the morning of the same day. He lives that day over and over again until he discovers the secret to break this cycle.

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7th Street Theater

7th Street Theater is a dramatic series about five Christian actors who perform a weekly stage show for their community, and deals with topics relevant to the Christian life and living in today's world.

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94 Feet

An industry that has sustained a town for more than 100 years is closing its doors. A family, who has been the cornerstone of the community, has given up. The only thing that can save the dying little town is an unspeakable tragedy.

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