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Becca Norris is a 28-year-old woman living out the good life; blessed with beauty, a successful career, and a handsome fiancé', her well-structured existence thrives in a world where nothing could go wrong... then came the morning she discovered the lump. Now, twelve months later, she finds herself in a self-imposed prison of depression, despair and loneliness...until the day a random email from a faceless mentor tries to open her eyes to the fact that life just might be worth living after all. Based on the novel by Mary T. Lennox. Tells the story of Becca, a beautiful 28-year-old woman whose perfect life is brought to an abrupt

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1PL8 with Chef Rich

Chef Rich, a former United States Marine, brings you a fun and educational cooking show, he inspires and educates viewers to resource and to use food as their greatest medicine

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3D Woman

The 3-D Woman is a woman of Determination, Distinction, and Destiny. A wife, a mother, and a single gather for transparent conversation that offers biblical solutions to life's hurdles. Available on Demand

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700 Club Interactive

700 Club Interactive is a place dedicated to prayer, uplifting stories, positive Christian news, encouragement and community.

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94 Feet

An industry that has sustained a town for more than 100 years is closing its doors. A family, who has been the cornerstone of the community, has given up. The only thing that can save the dying little town is an unspeakable tragedy.

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