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Believer's Voice of Victory with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach about faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption, righteousness, the anointing and principles of victorious Christian living through the uncompromised Word of God.

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Belle and the Beast

Eric Landry is a cold-hearted man who people have nicknamed "the Beast." Years of anger and bitterness have consumed him, burning him into a selfish man. But Belle Watson is the exact opposite. When her father accidentally breaks a valuable work of art at the Landry mansion, Belle agrees to work for Eric in an effort to repay him and save her father's job. As she struggles to cope with Eric's intimidating and cruel demeanor, she begins to discover that there just might be more to this beast.

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Birthday Surprise

Samantha takes her daughter Jenny out for a day of window shopping to decide what she would like for her birthday. It's an eventful afternoon with a surprise they will never forget.

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