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Sarah's Stories

As Sara tells captivating and suspenseful stories to children, which feature Biblical principles to apply to life, she is accompanied by the comedic and animated "Hermie and Friends" to illustrate the messages being delivered.

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Second Glance

A young Christian, Daniel is in public high school. He feels as if his religion is placing too many restrictions on him and he wishes to have some freedom from biblical teachings so that he can be more popular and go out with the girl he likes. One night Daniel wishes that he had "never become a believer," and the next day he has a rude awakening. His room is different, his house is dirty, and an angel meets him and explains to him that the "Heavenly Father" answered his prayer and now his life is as if he never became a Christian.

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Sing God's Word

We are on a mission to get God’s Word through Seeds into as many homes (and hearts) as possible around the world.

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Solomon’s Porch

“Solomon’s Porch” is a series about a small, town square Christian Bookstore on Main Street America. The store is run by Mary Hendricks, a woman with a secretive past. As customers slowly patronize her store, they are each in need of something. Somehow, someway, Mary and Solomon’s Porch seems to have the PERFECT thing for each of their customers. Something that will change their lives and, possibly, change their stars. They each enter with their own problems and issues, but they leave with something special. Something TRULY God sent.

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Spiritual Authority with Bishop George Bloomer

Bishop George Bloomer teaches on the Believer's spiritual authority through Christ Jesus.

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Studio 5

Studio 5 Studio 5 is a Telly Award winning entertainment and lifestyle television magazine that explores the intersection of celebrity, popular culture and faith.

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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is based on the real-life experience of Sue Thomas, a deaf woman of tremendous faith who landed a job with an elite surveillance team at the FBI because of her expertise in lip reading.

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Super Simple Science Stuff

Tons of fun and experiments with Dr. Quack and Dizzy Izzy. Starring Richie Derwald and Katrina Miller. Available On Demand

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Swan’s Place with Dennis Swanberg

Prepare to be encouraged and inspired by motivational speaker and Christian comedian Dennis Swanberg and his special guests through uplifting entertainment and ministry.

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