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Nashville Country Revival

Nashville County Revival features many of Christian Country Music's brightest and best artists. Shot on location in and around Nashville, Tennessee, NCR is centered on the Gospel and born in America's Heartland.

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Navigate Your Destiny

How often does one lose sight of what is most important in life? Gaining recognition and status from friends, superiors and professional peers may become obstacles to recognizing what brings lasting happiness in our lives. A mother's story to her young son enlightens his mind years later when he is faced with crucial decisions.

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Never Ashamed

Juvenile delinquent Tim Hughes becomes a Christian at a summer youth camp, but now he faces the struggles of dealing with his atheistic parents, old friends, and a lukewarm youth group.

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Penny, Nattie, Emmie, and Jess are best friends who are spending their summer working at a creative arts center called All Things New. Together, they stage Art in the Park, a festival created for children to

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New Hope

Michael Evans is forced to move to the small town of New Hope in the middle of his senior year. Thrust onto the basketball team just before the playoffs, Michael struggles to fit in. Capturing the life of the modern teenager, New Hope is a powerful story that openly deals with peer pressure, alcohol, sex, relationships, and acceptance.

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New World Order

New World Order is about two young females living in the apocalyptic era foretold in the Holy bible facing death are forced to make a choice to either live under the New World Order of the anti-christ or die for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

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No Greater Love

Best friends from childhood, Jeff and Heather are married by age 22. After the birth of their only child, however, Heather falls into an uncontrollable depression and abandons husband and infant son. Now, ten years later, Jeff's world is dramatically rocked when Heather shockingly reappears in the most unusual place.

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No Lost Cause

Beth Ann Collins, a young agnostic woman, is bound to a wheelchair after a car crash leaves her paralyzed. Forced to live with her estranged Christian father, Billy, she is irate and confused. Will Beth allow her father and new acquaintance Nick, help her realize the love of God?

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