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A Journey through the Bible

Join renowned Bible teacher and Gospel music artist Dr. Jimmie Snow for an in depth study of the Book of Revelation. Available on Demand

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Amazed By You

What happens when “city slicker” Christian Andrews is thrown into a cowboy world filled with five sisters, two bullies, a whole lot of cattle, one grungy dog, and a woman who runs it all, with only his faith to guide him through it?

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Ancient Jewish Wisdom

Rabbi Daniel Lapin and wife Susan delve into the mysteries of the Bible to discover Ancient Jewish Wisdom. Available On Demand

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Annie Oakley

A fictionalized account of the life of legendary Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Set in the quiet western town of Diablo, Annie and her little brother Tagg made sure that outlaws who moseyed into town kept on going. Often at her side was friend, suitor and deputy sheriff Lofty Craig with whom she often showed off her shooting process.

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Another Sommertime Adventure

Carl Sommer, a former teacher, is the author and narrator of this DVD series that impart values and principles of success to children. Available On Demand

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Ask the Pastor

Ask the Pastor is one of our most popular programs where viewers can phone, write, or email in questions about the bible or the christian way. These questions get answered live on air by a panel of pastors from local churches. Available On Demand

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