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James Cavan

Cry from the Mountain

When a father and son embark on an adventurous kayaking journey through the rural regions of Alaska, home problems disrupt their fun, and when a serious accident occurs, a peculiar mountain man rescues them and provides life guidance.

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James Robison

Life Outreach International

Mission Feeding has committed to feed 400,000 children in Africa and, in light of a severe drought, even more in some of the hardest hit areas of Angola and South Sudan. Together we can share food to save lives and also share the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Jason George

The Climb

The breath-taking story of two men ? one with a courageous heart who seeks God; the other with an independent spirit who relies on his own strength.

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Jill Ireland


Tim didn't find out until he was 18 years old that he was born out of wedlock and that his mother never told his father about him. Overwhelmed, Tim uses his high school graduation money to leave Los Angeles in search of his father; armed with only a name and the city of Amsterdam as clues. When his meager funds run out, Tim begins the downward spiral into a life of crime and drug use. He is encountered by a single caring person. They are strangers from different worlds, but a friendship forged out of danger and desperation links them together forever.

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Joni Eareckson Tada


The true-life story that has captivated millions. She was young, vital, just 17, when it happened. A diving accident snapped her neck and left her paralyzed. The months that followed were filled with great physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles for Joni Eareckson. Joni recreates for you on film her joys and sorrows, her fears and victories, and above all, her faith in the wisdom and certain blessings of a loving heavenly Father.

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Jordan Trovillion, Jay Pickett, Harry Anderson

A Matter of Faith

A Christian girl in her freshman year of college is influenced by her popular Biology professor who teaches that evolution is the answer to the origins of life. Her father, very concerned about his daughter drifting away from the faith, tries to do something about it.

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Joseph Prince

Destined to Reign with Joseph Prince

With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Joseph Prince is today a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry.

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Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries

JOYCE MEYER is one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers. She is a New York Times bestselling author, and her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. Through Joyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on the mind, mouth, moods and attitudes. Her candid communication style allows her to share openly and practically about her experiences so others can apply what she has learned to their lives. Joyce has authored 130 books, many of which have been translated into 155 languages. She teaches at conferences throughout the year, and her annual Love Life Women’s Conference, which has taken place for more than 37 years now, has drawn hundreds of thousands of women from all over the world. Her passion to help hurting people is foundational to the vision of Hand of Hope, the missions’ arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, which provides support for humanitarian outreaches and ministries worldwide, including Joyce’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

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Julie Harris

The Hiding Place

Corrie and Betsie ten Boom are middle-aged sisters working in their father's watchmaker shop in pre-WWII Holland. Their uneventful lives are disrupted with the coming of the Nazis. Suspected of hiding Jews & caught breaking rationing rules, they are sent to a concentration camp, where their Christian faith keeps them from despair and bitterness. Betsie eventually dies, but Corrie survives, and after the war, must learn to love and forgive her former captors.

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