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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Susan Lapin

Ancient Jewish Wisdom

Rabbi Daniel Lapin and wife Susan delve into the mysteries of the Bible to discover Ancient Jewish Wisdom. Available On Demand

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Ray Comfort

The Way of The Master

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron inspire and equip Christians to simply, effectively, and biblically share the Word of God.

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Rev. James Robison, Betty Robison

Life Today with James & Betty Robison

Life Today is an innovative Christian television broadcast that is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people all over the United States, Canada and Australia. Life Today not only ministers to people directly, but it presents the other outreaches of life so that people may take part in our ministry and vision.

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Rev. Marshall Lawrence

Dr. Wonder's Workshop

Designed with children in mind, Dr. Wonder's all Deaf cast delivers in ASL ( American Sign Language) and voiced-over English, this entertaining program that teaches Bible principles through the love of Christ. Available On Demand

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Rev. Pat Robertson

The 700 Club

700 CLUB - On the air continuously since 1966, it is one of the longest-running programs in broadcast history. The program is hosted by Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, and Gordon Robertson, with news anchor John Jessup. The 700 Club is a mix of news and commentary, interviews, feature stories, and Christian ministry.

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Richard & Lindsay Roberts

The Place for Miracles

The Place for Miracles is a daily, Monday through Friday, half-hour broadcast hosted by Richard and Lindsay Roberts. The program focuses on the power of prayer and biblical teaching by Richard and Lindsay, plus occasional videos featuring classic sermons from Oral Roberts, praise and worship music, “Living Proof” miracle testimonies, including live calls and video presentations, and frequent, special guest appearances. It is seen around the world via satellite and can be viewed on demand on the Internet.

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Richard Pearson

Prophecy USA with Rick Pearson

Richard Pearson uncovers the hidden mysteries of America’s role in Bible prophecy.  Prophecy USA encourages viewers to listen to what the prophets in the Word of God had to say.

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Richie Derwald

Super Simple Science Stuff

Tons of fun and experiments with Dr. Quack and Dizzy Izzy. Starring Richie Derwald and Katrina Miller. Available On Demand

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Rick Renner

Rick Renner

Pastor and author Rick Renner offers engaging, in-depth Bible teachings by using the original Greek text to help his students understand God's word.

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Robert Henderson


Robert Henderson Ministries is about empowering people for their Kingdom Function.  Our call is to Disciple Nations into their destiny and purpose. One of the main areas we target in this endeavor is shifting the church froma pastoral model to an apolstoic model.  The church much become the government God intended instead of just a place of meeting neds.  As this happens, nations will shift from their present state into a kingdom culture.  

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Robert Morris

The Blessed Life with Pastor Robert Morris

The Blessed Life television broadcast features practical teaching from Robert Morris, the Founding Senior Pastor of Gateway Church, and inspiring worship with the globally influential Gateway Worship team. Gateway Church is a multi-campus, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since it began in 2000, the church has grown to over 24,000 active members.

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Roy Rogers

The Roy Rogers Show

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans star as themselves in the most popular western series of the 1950's. Set around the double R Bar Ranch, the pair were joined by their bumbling sidekick Pat Brady, Roy's famous horse Trigger, Dale's horse Buttercup, a German shepard named Bullet, and Pat's troublesome jeep named Nellybelle. All fought for law and order in the present-day contemporary west.

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