TCT – Kids Broadcast Schedule

Monday, October 02, 2023   Weekly

12:00amKing of the Cowboys
1:30amRacket Squad
2:00amMan with a CameraCharles Bronson
2:30amOne Step Beyond
3:00amFrontier Outlaws
4:00amKing of the Cowboys
5:00amDonkey OllieCraig Quist, Alex Zent, Tom McLain
5:30amArnie's ShackArnie, Doreen, Barbara
6:00amSwamp CrittersBobby Goldsboro
6:30amSarah's StoriesSarah Henderson
7:00amCowboy Dan's FrontierCowboy Dan
7:30amAdventures in Odyssey
8:00amDr. Wonder's WorkshopRev. Marshall Lawrence
8:30amSuper Simple Science StuffRichie Derwald
9:00amThe Loretta Young ShowLoretta Young
9:30amThe Lucy ShowLucille Ball
10:00amBabbie's House
10:30amEveryday Manna with Lisa Smith
11:00amI Married Joan
11:30amThe Trouble with FatherStuart Erwin
12:00pmMy Little MargieGale Storm
12:30pmMeet Corliss ArcherAnn Baker
1:00pmLife with Elizabeth
1:30pmAdventures of the Sea Kids
2:00pmKick's Club
2:30pmGod Rocks
3:00pm'Tween You and MePayton Alexander
4:00pmOzzie & HarrietOzzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard, David Nelson
4:30pmThe Lucy ShowLucille Ball
5:00pmBeverly HillbilliesDiedrich Bader, Erika Eleniak, Jim Varney
5:30pmFour Star PlayhouseDavid Niven
6:00pmThe 700 ClubPat Robertson
7:00pmMarshal of Cedar Rock
8:00pmThe Desert Trail
9:00pmJoyce Meyer Ministries
9:30pmRobert Morris Ministries
10:00pmOne Step Beyond
10:30pmMedicRichard Boone
11:00pmMarshal of Cedar Rock
12:00amThe Desert Trail

*Program times subject to change without notice