Helping to get TCT carried on your local cable system

The TCT Network is a 24 hour family-friendly, high definition Faith & Values television network. Its ministry-oriented programming lineup would be a wonderful addition to whatever cable company you have, and it’s available to them at no cost.

A cable system will generally add new channels to their lineup if they see subscriber (or potential subscriber) demand for it. Some ways of doing that are:

–  Mail a short letter or postcard to the Manager or Programming Department of the local cable company. Simply ask them to add the TCT Network to their lineup. You may give your reasons, and be sure to provide your name and address. Get your friends to write as well. Be polite but persistent and send out your mailing every month. Don’t mail to the same address as your bill goes to – call customer service to get the local address where the Manager and their Public File office is.

–  All cable companies will allow you to request a channel on their website’s “contact us” page. Some have specific “channel request” pages.

–  Make a phone call to the local Manager or Programming/Marketing Director.

–   A personal meeting with the decision makers at the cable company goes a long way. Call Mike at TCT (ext.1105) if you would like some talking points, or to possibly have a TCT representative accompany you.