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TCT - Kids Broadcast Schedule

Sunday, June 26, 2016 Weekly

Time Program Host
12:00am Meet Corliss Archer Ann Baker
12:30am Life with Elizabeth
1:00am Four Star Playhouse David Niven
1:30am Rejoice Various
2:00am Fruit of the Spirit Various
2:30am Road Show
4:00am Answers In Genesis Ken Ham
5:00am Fruit of the Spirit Various
5:30am Dr. Wonder’s Workshop Rev. Marshall Lawrence
6:00am The Burnnie Show
6:30am Quigley’s Village Mr. Quigley
7:00am Cowboy Dan’s Frontier Cowboy Dan
7:30am Sarah’s Stories Sarah Henderson
8:00am Capt’n Chuckleberry Randi Langdom, Greg Robbins, Sean Crowley
8:30am Super Simple Science Stuff Richie Derwald
9:00am ‘Tween You and Me Payton Alexander, Aaron Conklin, Stone Kiker
9:30am Kick’s Club
10:00am Swamp Critters Bobby Goldsboro
10:30am Donkey Ollie Craig Quist, Alex Zent, Tom McLain
11:00am Gospel Bill Show Willie George, Ken Blout, Lana Osborn
11:30am The Roy Rogers Show Roy Rogers
12:00pm Adventures of Kit Carson
12:30pm Annie Oakley Gail Davis
1:00pm Creation’s Creatures Shauna Robbins, Christina DeMarco, Kiana Levi
1:30pm Kids Like You Cathie Dorsch, John Williams, Jim Grant
2:00pm Another Sommertime Adventure Carl Sommer
2:30pm Super Simple Science Stuff Richie Derwald
3:00pm Arnie’s Shack Arnie, Doreen, Barbara
3:30pm Worship for Kids
4:00pm Ozzie & Harriet Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard, David Nelson
4:30pm Beverly Hillbillies Diedrich Bader, Erika Eleniak, Jim Varney
5:00pm The Lucy Show Lucille Ball
5:30pm Rejoice Various
6:00pm Fruit of the Spirit Various
6:30pm Road Show
8:00pm International Apologetics Various
9:30pm International Apologetics Various
11:00pm Jesus or Muhammad Various
*Program times subject to change without notice