TCT Daily Broadcast Schedule

Time Program Host
12:00am The Rally Rick Reyna
12:20am The Rally Rick Reyna
2:10am The Rally Rick Reyna
4:00am In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley Dr. Charles Stanley
5:00am Love Worth Finding Dr. Adrian Rogers
5:30am The Word in the World Father Michael Manning
6:00am The Living Word Tommy Combs
6:30am Word Alive Dr. Bob Rodgers
7:00am Kennedy Classics D. James Kennedy
7:30am Gregory Dickow Gregory Dickow
8:00am Robert Jeffress - Pathway to Victory Dr. Robert Jeffress
8:30am Gary Hoffman Pastor Gary Hoffman
9:00am In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley Dr. Charles Stanley
10:00am Christian Worship Hour
10:30am Worship For Shut-Ins
11:00am Total Man Ministry
11:30am Robert Morris: The Blessed Life from Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris
12:00pm Ever Increasing Faith with Apostle Frederick K.C. Price Apostle Frederick KC Price
1:00pm Dorinda Dorinda Clark-Cole
1:30pm Restoration Road with Mitch Kruse
2:00pm Billy Graham Tribute
2:30pm Pieces of Easter Christina Marie Karis
4:00pm Gaither Gospel Hour Bill & Gloria Gaither
5:00pm Truths That Transform Dr. D. James Kennedy
5:30pm Manna-Fest with Perry Stone Perry Stone
6:00pm RHEMA Praise Pastor Kenneth Hagin, Jr
6:30pm King is Coming with Ed Hindson Dr. Ed Hindson
7:00pm Billy Graham Tribute
7:30pm Christ in Prophecy Dr. David Reagan
8:00pm Israel: The Prophetic Connection Dr. John Tweedie
8:30pm End of the Age Irvin Baxter
9:00pm Journey through the Bible Dr. Jimmie Snow
9:30pm Faith In History William Federer
10:00pm Flywheel Rosetta Harris Armstrong