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Family Concerns from North Carolina

Our beloved family member, Nut Nut, is a sugar glider and she is missing inside of the house; please pray that she turns up. …We miss her so much. –Niki

Provision Needs

Just when I thought things would start looking up in my finances, things are not getting any better. I am on the brink of eviction and homelessness if I do not have rent money before the first of the month. The job I have pays poverty level wages. I work upward 30 hours without sleep, and can’t even afford a decent meal. I am so close to just giving up. I can’t even afford my medicine and my health is deteriorating. It’s times like these I just wish I were dead so I wouldn’t have to continue to suffer. Being a lifetime servant of God has only kept me poor and impoverished. I’ve been crying out for help and nothing is changing. God, please have mercy on me. I need enough money to survive and be well. I can’t bear this burden anymore. Please, if someone can please join me in prayer for a financial miracle, I’d be so thankful. God bless you. –Anonymous

Special Needs

Please pray that God ensures that an elderly pastor makes it to his doctor’s office without any complications, that compassion, empathy, favor, protection and blessings shower him and his family and that God ensures that the pastor’s employer promptly pays him all due wages. –Peter

Special Needs

I struggle with not feeling adequate for God’s love and I feel like a burden to God. I have a hard time sticking up for myself at work and I get taken advantage of by my boss and co-workers. I don’t sleep at night because it stresses me out. Please pray that I would know that God is with me at work, and that He would give me courage to stand up for myself. Pray that I would sleep at night and not fear my co-workers or job, and I would know I am right where God wants me to be. Thank you! –Anna

Special Needs from Brooklyn, New York

This morning…I left a black bag with a black designer hat and canned food and soup. It’s for someone special who needs these things. God, please let my bag be found this morning and turned in to the bus driver, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Renee

Special Needs from Greensboro, North Carolina

Please pray for my personal healing, as well my husband, and a son whom the doctors have said his test have come back positive for Multiple Sclerosis. My husband and I ministered for 32 years with our six children. My husband was a pastor until I became disabled at 55 years old in 2014. …I believe it is time we as a family are set free from sickness and financial loss. …It is time we take the gifts and talents the Lord has given unto us and lay them before our Father to rekindle the flame. I am praying for anointing, open doors of opportunity and a church in the Greensboro/Asheboro area. Your prayer of agreement is greatly appreciated. –Pam

Provision Needs from California

I need a great, full-time job, my business to be blessed and my children to be saved. Thank you. God bless. –Connie

Family Concerns from Greenwood, South Carolina

I need agreement in prayer for restoration with my husband and our marriage.  Thank you.  God bless you. –Cathy

Special Needs from Hazel Park, Michigan

Please pray that I will be able to find a Christian counseling group close to me, that either I can afford, or I can go to for free so I can talk to someone. Thank you very much and have a blessed Christmas and New Year. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from India

Please pray for restoration in my marriage. My wife and I have been living separately for four and a half years. I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back. I am so scarred and worried and I don’t know what to do. I love her so much. Our marriage is on the brink of a break; I need urgent prayer. Please pray for restoration. Thank you. –Rentsamo

Healing from Northern Ireland

Please pray for Martina, a 60-year-old woman in Northern Ireland. She has trouble having a good night’s sleep; she suffers from regular insomnia along with other health issues which cause her to not sleep properly. Pray that God will bring her healing, peaceful and restful sleep and good health in every way, especially in time for this Christmas. Thank you. –John

Family Concerns

I need prayer for the situation with my older brother who is addicted to video games. He comes home after work and plays hours of video games while yelling obscenities. It has been going on for years. He is 42 years old and living at home, unable to take real care of himself or have healthy relationships. His social circle is full of evil and it’s really impacting our family. Please pray for his deliverance and salvation. I’m at my wits end over this and it is only by God’s grace that I haven’t lost it. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Abu dhabi

Please pray for my husband and me, that they will give us an early appointment for the renewal of our Turkish permit. I know that our almighty Father will help us. Thank you TCT staff. –Lyn

Provision Needs

I ask for prayers for my twin sons with autism and that my husband will be blessed with a job where he can provide for our family. He just had an interview this past Monday and we are praying that he is offered the position. In Jesus’ name. Amen. –Jennifer

Family Concerns

Pray for my daughter and son-in-law’s marriage to be restored and for unconditional love in their home. Pray for my granddaughters during this time. In Jesus’ mighty name, save this marriage. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from Texas

Pray I find the best job in my life. –Reginald

Healing from Ohio

Pray for healing of cancer for my friends Sandy and Gladys. Pray for my daughter to stop wetting the bed and for her constipation to loosen her bowels to move more regularly and empty normally. We went through this before, so pray God fixes both soon. Pray for finances of $10,000 to pay all medical, credit cards, and overpayments soon. –Shannon

Provision Needs from Philippines

Please pray for my brother, Michael, for God to give him the knowledge and wisdom he will need in his licensure examination in criminology for three days starting today. –Vincent

Provision Needs from Greensboro, North Carolina

Please pray that God will suddenly and supernaturally meet our needs; mine and my daughters’, Sheila and Samantha; and give us His favor and shalom! In addition, I pray a special blessing for Dr. Garth Coonce, wishing that the Lord continues to give him total recovery and strength and restoration in his body, and also strength and long health for his wife. Ephesians 3:20-21and 3 John 2. God bless TCT founders Drs. Garth and Tina Coonce, their family, the ministries, and grant them resounding success to the current TCT Fall Partnership. God bless you all. –Madalena

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Please pray for my financial situation, that during the course of the following 48 hours my creator will bless and provide for me with great financial fortune and wealth; abundance ensuring that….I will be eternally financially independent and secure. Amen. Thank you. –John

Healing from Michigan

Please pray that my unborn baby is ok. I had to get another ultrasound. I’m hoping and praying that the results will come back normal. God bless you. –Annie

Special Needs from Northern Ireland

During this Advent season, please pray for the choirs and musicians of Saint Eugene’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Derry City, Northern Ireland. Especially pray for the Cathedral Choir led my Maghnus Monaghan, McGinley School of Music, Cathedral Folk Group, Cathedral soloists and all other musicians and singers who enhance services and worship in the cathedral with their great talents. Pray that God will guide, bless and protect them all during the Advent/Christmas time. Thank you. –John

Provision Needs from Shreveport, Louisiana

My friend and I are starting a business. She needs a vision and favor. –Michael

Healing from United States

In Jesus’ name, God, keep healing Gennett from the major stroke she had this past weekend and send her home 100% healed days before her 93rd birthday on December 25, 2018 so she can celebrate with her daughter, Dorothy, in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Pray she will live on after that day. We love You, God! Amen. –Renee

Special Needs from Florida

Dear Prayer Partners, please help me pray for our president for wisdom, for harmony, and for Congress to help. Blessings to all. –Frances

Provision Needs from Michigan

I pray that all the prayers on TCT are blessed by the healing of God’s miracles and by Philippians 4:19 and mine as well. Keep people out of binding places on this earth. Keep finances coming in our lives. Keep favor on our life with favor from the good Lord. May Christmas be blessed and all out material needs and financial, spiritual, and physical needs be met. In the Name of Jesus. –Landon

Family Concerns from Altanta, Georgia

This year has been very hard for my marriage. My husband has cheated on me and I have debated on divorcing him but he does not want a divorce. I need for the Lord to take control of our marriage and household. Thank you. –Dani

Healing from Tennessee

Please pray for Jesus to intervene as my daughter, Kimberly, is on rejection medication because of two kidney transplants. She’s only 41-years-old. Today she’s been notified that her Medicaid wasn’t covering her rejection medication…please pray her Medicaid will continue to pay for the real brand as her kidney doctors have always told her to take the original and not generic. –Carol

Special Needs from United States

In Jesus’ name, Father God, we ask you to keep President Trump safe and never any impeachment. Bless him to work his two full terms as our president with Vice President Pence continuing to make our country great again, putting up the unbreakable wall and stopping all the illegal caravans from getting into our country. Bless me to speak in 2019 on Fox Cable News, etc. saying why all our country should repent and follow You, God, and trust President Trump. Make Trump keep serving You and helping our legal Americans now and forever. Amen. –Renee

Healing from Missouri

My left foot is swollen and painful. Please pray. –Joanne

Provision Needs from Canton, Ohio

Please say a prayer for me. I have not had a job in 13 years. I went back to school and got a degree but my anxiety and lack of self confidence prevented me from taking my exam and getting certified. I’m trying to start over, but I’m having a hard time getting my foot in the door. I’m also in a toxic relationship. I want to leave but have nothing and nowhere to go. I have depended on him financially and feel so trapped. I don’t have any friends. I hardly get out of the house. If I can find a good paying job I can start fresh. I have prayed on this and keep getting turned down. I will continue to pray for liberation, peace and a job that can support me, but prayer works better in numbers, so I’m asking for spiritual support. I know God will take care of me, but I feel so lost and confused and alone. Thank you in advance. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from Port Arthur, Texas

Pray for God to bless me with a job. –Reginald

Special Needs from South Carolina

Please pray for me and others like myself who were alone on Thanksgiving and will be alone on Christmas. A lot of us don’t have adequate food or housing. And we no longer have our loved ones with us for many different reasons. We all need strength and grace from God who is faithful! –Patti


Please pray for healing and protection for Christine, Elizabeth A., Elizabeth W., and Anastasion S. and deliver them from all their suffering. –Ellie

Provision Needs from Stockton, California

I am asking Jesus to approve my Veteran’s Disability Compensation of the “improved pension plan” AR.2/T rating from the “claims intake center” in Janesville, Wisconsin. Jesus, have mercy on me. –Carl

Praise Reports from Arkansas

While finishing a tumultuous semester and year, I will share briefly a miracle that happened to me. I will give the Reader’s Digest version because the prayer request space is so small. I am not going to be able to attend college at my school next semester and was in fear of being homeless because I cannot live in student housing. I needed a certain amount of money to get into an apartment because I don’t have a cosigner or rental history. I had almost enough money saved up but I needed the money soon to ensure that I would not be homeless after this semester. I posted a GoFundMe but no one donated. I shared my link in prayer requests and…someone volunteered to pay the 1,600 dollars. They just gave it to me. I was in complete shock and awe and I am blessed. Thank God for this. –Amanda

Family Concerns from New York

Please pray for my daughter, Teresa, and her husband, Tom, and my three grandkids for healing and deliverance from anger. No matter what it takes, that they would go back to Jesus. For me, as an intercessor, pray for wisdom, discernment and word curses broken off me, please. I’m believing for revival and salvation and all generational curses broken in my bloodline. Pray for restoration and mercy, Lord Jesus. I need to be set free of depression and to see the kids. Protect them, Lord, for me to see my grandkids. I pray the blood of Jesus over them all. –Frannie

Healing from Illinois

Please pray for a healing miracle in my whole body. Pray for a new colon and intestines to function and work correctly and an all new digestive system with the ability to digest and absorb nutrition again. Also pray for hormones and cell sites restored and working correctly; it is a very critical need for body systems to function properly. They are not working and I need a miracle for my brain, depression, pituitary (hyponatremia, hypokalemia) to be working correctly. Please pray for a miracle. All needs are very serious. I really want to live and not die. Pray for hope and faith to be restored. Pray for Jesus’ presence to come into this situation and for miracle breakthrough change which is desperately needed. I need direction from God. The doctors have given up. Please pray for freedom from fear of dying and being alone and homebound. I need hope and help and friends and a pastor. –Keri

Family Concerns from New Mexico

Please pray for the healing of my very damaged relationship between Jeremy and me. Please pray for his heart to be filled with love and forgiveness for me. Please pray for all fear to leave his heart. –Jeri

Special Needs from North Carolina

Please pray for protection over my friend, Vickie, who is being attacked by an abusive, alcoholic husband and the robber her hired who is a distant relative. Pray that God would keep Vickie safe and well. She has much illness as well. Please pray for wisdom for law enforcement and attorneys to see the truth and give her protection. –Joyce

Provision Needs from Michigan

My husband and I have been blessed this season. We decided to give. We found a website where people post to ask for help because they are unable to purchase gifts for their children this Christmas due to financial issues. My husband and I helped two families. One of these families has been unfortunately living in a condemned motel with them 12-year-old son. They have been trying to save money to fix up the house they want so their son has a place to live. As it turns out they have to leave there by the end of January and have no place to go. Please pray for God to direct them to a safe place where they can be with their son; not a shelter where they would be separated. I want this family to be able to stay together. They have been through enough. –Cortney

Family Concerns from Akron, Ohio

I have a 14-year-old granddaughter who suffers from schizophrenia and delusional psychoses. She has always been sweet and caring and loved the Lord, but oh my goodness, the last few years have been total terror for her mom, my daughter, and to her younger siblings. The mental health community here has been of no help. I truly, truly, truly believe that God hears my prayers and my heart is breaking for my granddaughter. There are times she is so sweet and does not realize she is doing these things; and other times she is suicidal and threatening her family. This is not my granddaughter! It is like she is a totally different evil person. I have prayed and prayed and prayed! I want my granddaughter back. Please pray for m her and for my daughter who is dealing with them. I am so afraid for the entire family. –Debra

Healing from India

I am suffering with evil spirits and severe demonic problems. I am suffering. My parents have taken me to many doctors but there is no use. My father died of a heart attack and my wife left me…I attempted suicide and now I am in the hospital. The doctors said the nerves in my body are dead and I very low insulin levels. They say my case is very critical. I need urgent prayer. –Kakkerla

Special Needs

Please pray for the man that I believe God has for me, for his eyes to be opened and for him to ask me out on a date. –Anonymous

Healing from Murrieta, California

Please pray for my son’s best friend, Jesse, who is just like a son to our family. He was in a terrible traffic accident and needs God’s touch and divine healing. Thank you. –Anonymous

Special Needs from New York

Pray for me, that God will put a repentant spirit in me and for me to be delivered from all spiritual attacks of satan in my mind; I’m asking in Jesus’ name, amen. –Jamal

Healing from Michigan

Please pray for my tooth pain to go away. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and had a tooth removed and have stitches but now I am having other tooth pain. Please pray for all the tooth pain to go away. Thank you. –Annie

Provision Needs

Please pray for me. I need a mighty financial breakthrough to pay off debt and get my business running. –Derrick

Special Needs from Nigeria

Dear Jesus, thank You for an immigration petition that shall be submitted for me soon. I know it is Your will that it will receive excellent Holy Spirit supported attention and an approval notice. Thank You Lord for this Christmas gift, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen. –Amos

National/International Needs from Kentucky

Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men, that He would preserve his people from violent men who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti-Christ,false witness, terrorism, leviathan, Jezebel, witchcraft, hatred and violence. Pray for world wide repentance, that people would turn to God so that He will forgive their sins. Please pray and intercede that God’s will is done in the lives of the world’s leaders, and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and that they would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. …God Bless America. Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that our leaders are filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice. …Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out His spirit on His servants throughout the world. Pray for the peace of Israel. Pray that God’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Angela

Special Needs

Father God, I ask You to bless me to take both New York State Real Estate Exams in January, pass them both, start working as soon as possible and own my first safe rental top floor building in the Senior Citizen area in Brooklyn, New York. I also want to move into a safe and quiet Co-op in Coney Island or Bay Ridge…and to be debt free. We thank You, God, in advance, amen.  –Renee

Special Needs

I’m going on holiday for three weeks and won’t be back home until the New Year. Please pray for protection for me and family whilst I’m on holiday. Also, protect my home whilst I’m away. –Henry

Praise from North Carolina

We are under a cold blizzard and the snow is still coming down. The power went out in our area earlier this morning. I prayed for over an hour singing praises to God, and the power was just restored. I am an online prayer partner and I used to volunteer at TCT for over five years. Please rejoice with me and help me give Glory to God for His loving kindness and mercy! To God be all Glory in this situation, Satan did not and will not prevail. God bless TCT! –Madalena

Healing from North Carolina

Father, we need You to heal our mom, grandma and friend, Jeanette; she had a stroke. We want her home to celebrate her 93rd birthday on Christmas day, and many years after. –Renee

Family Concerns from India

Please pray for my marriage, for restoration for my wife and me. We have been living separately for four and half years. I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back. I am so scarred and worried and I don’t know what to do. I love her so much. I have been praying to God but I feel like my prayer has not been answered. Please pray so that my wife will come back in my life. Thank you. –Rentsamo


My husband, Bob, was walking in the barber shop and slipped and fell. He has a cut over one of his eyebrows and he hurt some ribs. Pray he heals fast and that he can rest. Pray we can go to all our appointments… pray for our health and pain in general. God bless you all. –Bob & Penny

Provision Needs from Hinton, West Virginia

I need prayer for a well to be put on our land. It’s taken everything I earn to get our land ready for septic and for our home to be delivered. My husband, two girls and I live in a 24 foot camper. When we bought the land we were deceived. We were told a septic and spring was here. When we found out it was too late. We have to walk to a Porta-John in the cold and it’s expensive to maintain. We have to haul water; it’s doable but very difficult in the winter. My husband is working and helping the best he can giving circumstances. A well on our property will be a blessing. Thanks so much. –Tabatha

Provision Needs from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I need a financial healing and miracle from the poverty and despair I have been facing. I have been experiencing financial hardship in my life for a while and I need a blessing to come my way. I need a change in my situation so that I can take care of myself. I pray for a divine intervention in my life to prosper in every way against the despair I have been facing. –Sharon

Healing from South Carolina

My aunt is brain dead. This woman is one of the greatest women of God I know. After she found her husband of 40 years cheating, she had a stroke and just deteriorated. My family and I can’t believe this is the life God has for her. She’s 60 years old and we are believing God to heal and restore her brokenness. –Krystle

Healing from Idaho

Please pray for John and Pauline who are elderly and facing serious health problems. My dear cousin, Tina, has breast cancer that metastasized to her stomach; it is Stage IV. She’s only 53 years old, and is a wonderful Christian lady with great family. My best friend, Connie, has serious undiagnosed throat problems. We talk often but she is so sick she can’t talk. I miss our conversations and Bible studies together. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for healing for her. Pray for healing for my husband’s Rheumatoid Arthritis and my sciatica. We also pray for your ministries too. Thank you! –Phyllis

Special Needs from Hong Kong

Please pray that I do not lose my job, and for me to preach the Gospel. Thank you. –Li

Family Concerns

Please pray for my son to pass his college course and that he is healed from sickle cell disease, anxiety, and depression. I have friends and family who are in need of healing. Thank you very much. –Anonymous

Praise from North Carolina

You all prayed for my son to get into a treatment facility. His bond was reduced from $100,000 to $1.00 and a bed in a facility awaits him on December 14th! I am in awe of God!
Thank you for praying and standing with my family. –Joleta

Provision Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray for me, that my loving creator God will make me eternally financially abundant, wealthy, independent and secure. Thank You. –John

Healing from Colorado Springs, Colorado

About 10 years ago, after being very healthy and active at 61 years old, I began to have different types of accidents (falls, serious car accidents), causing a variety of injuries each time. I also had my thyroid removed, and then my throat hemorrhaged a week later so I had another surgery.  I had heart surgery 18 months ago. For the last two months, I’ve had severe headaches, which eventually also include severe neck pain.  My doctor believes another disc may have ruptured in my neck, and he is sending me for an MRI in a week.  Please pray for my total healing and that the MRI brings glory to God! All the medical bills have left me in poverty and I can’t afford another surgery!  We serve a merciful, all powerful Lord, and I believe this is not His will for me! Thank you so very much! –Denise

Family Concerns

Pray for me to hear and obey the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and divine confirmation concerning filing for divorce since my marriage was fraudulent and my spouse refuses to obey God’s Word concerning marital submission and covenant.  We have lived apart over two years, and she enjoys this lifestyle…she has never shared her paycheck as required in any godly covenant. May the Lord bless me to have legal closure and release since she refuses to honor her vows or God’s holy Word in this situation. It’s time to end this demonic cycle in Jesus’ holy name. Thank you. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Texas

Please pray for me as I preach on December 21st. Pray that I will preach as if it’s my last time. Pray my family will come and support me in big numbers and pray the church will be packed out on both sides of the sanctuary. Pray that the people will receive the word and praise God for the message. –Yoshiko

Healing from Lansing, Michigan

My son is dying of cancer. Pray God will heal him. His name is Tommy. Thank you. Pray also for his mother, Nona. –Earl


I have pain that looks like it could be from groin issues, hernia, or maybe something a lot worse. It is causing sharp pain at times and anxiety, not knowing for sure what it is. I am praying for healing and positive results. Please pray for me. Thank you. –Michael


Please agree with me in prayer for a quick, painless, and successful leg surgery (angiogram) with no complications for myself. –Sarah

Family Concerns

Thank You for starting the process of tearing (down) the layers of issues that have plagued me and my relationships…Be with EJ and I, together and as individuals. Build us to be perfect for one another and to know how to support one another perfectly; mentally, emotionally and otherwise. Grow our love and appreciation for one another. Build our trust, confidence and thoughts of a future with one another. Give us stability and emotional stability. Help us mentally and emotionally through the issues we have that have caused concern or created a divide between us. Help us to grow past our faults and also to grow personally to compensate for flaws of the other when needed. Bless and grow our communication and understanding of one another. Give us wisdom that we will pursue one another skillfully and affectively…Keep us above all negativity, ill intent and distractions…Help us past any misunderstandings and walls we’ve put up…Help EJ to feel confident and committed to pursuing a strong future together. Help us to spend quality time together. Heal my mind from my social anxieties and paranoia…Keep me strong and help me to avoid embarrassment. Be with EJ in any way he needs. I separately uplift my family, their health, prosperity and wisdom. Be with them individually. Help us to understand, love and accept one another and to get past disagreements. Help mine and EJ’s families be open and accepting towards one another and their differences. I uplift a number of friends and their individual situations. I uplift a marriage. Heal them, build them and bless their relationship. Let them be a positive example. Heal the hearts and minds of anyone negatively affected. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Texas

Pray for me to find a good job; to get blessed with a baby boy and a baby girl; and for God to fix my relationship with my oldest daughter. –Reginald

Healing from North Carolina

I am requesting prayer for one of our church member’s daughter, Monique, who needs a liver transplant. Pray for her mother, Shirley, as well…God is able. We believe. Thank you! –SB

Provision Needs

I need a miracle as soon as possible. The Lord knows what I need; a financial blessing. Please help me, Lord! –Anonymous

Family Concerns from North Carolina

My family needs prayers. My daughter is going through a bad thing. Her daughter’s daddy is trying to take her way from her and he doesn’t want her. He’s doing it because of his parents. My granddaughter has been crying since my daughter told her what was going on. She said she doesn’t want to live with her daddy. He’s mean to her. We thought our lawyer was helping us but I guess he’s not. All we have been doing is praying God has this. We need more prayers and fast. Thank you. –Louise

Special Needs

I’m a student in college and I have a major issue that I’d like your prayers for. I get very obsessive compulsive about college papers. Whenever I have a college paper, I must spend ten times the amount of time other students spend. Please pray that the Lord will heal me of this problem and change me because it causes me not to have friendships or relationships. It compromises sleep and many other things. Pray that God will teach me an easier, simpler, more efficient way of writing papers. Pray that I can write high quality papers in a much easier way and pray that the Lord will improve my paper writing skills so my life can expand. Thank you so much. –Seth

Healing from Welland, Ontario

Please pray for my mom. She had a massive stroke. –Annette

Healing from Rancho Cucamonga, California

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and candida overgrowth. Please pray for healing. –Diana

Healing from Tennessee

Please pray for me! I’ve had three concussions and it’s really affecting my memory. Last night was really bad. I’ve been under a lot of stress. Please pray for Jesus to intervene and heal my memory completely. My husband can’t drive as he has macular degeneration and gets eye shots every six weeks. I really need for God to intervene in my behalf. In the name of Jesus! –Carol

Special Needs

Please pray for Janet. She needs a good job. She has a small child and is separated from her husband. She has no job and no money. She needs wisdom, grace and favor. –Eve

Healing from Northern Ireland

Kindly pray for Martina, a 60-year-old woman living in Derry City in Northern Ireland. She is suffering from a sinus infection which is causing her aggravation and disturbance. Please pray that God will grant her immediate healing from this infection along with healing and comfort from this moment forth. Amen. Thank you. –John


I found out a surgery I needed to have would cost over $5000 and I cannot afford it. It would wipe out my savings. Please pray for God to heal me or help me know what to do. It is not life threatening but needs to be done. Also pray for a situation with my neighbors. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from California

Lord, release Jeffrey, Rudy, Ryan, Randy, Daniel, David, Enrique, Dennis, Cody, Clayton and Freddy of their addiction. Remove all lies of the enemy and open their eyes and minds to the truth! Heal all their unseen wounds. I pray deliverance over their minds. Give each one a teachable heart. Set all captives free and use them to serve Your kingdom. In Jesus’ mighty name I ask. 2 Timothy 2:26, 2 Timothy 1:7. Amen! –Susana

Healing from Louisiana

I’m scheduled for surgery on December 11th. Please pray for a quick recovery. –Amy

Healing from Ontario, Canada

Please agree with us in prayer for the following things for Emma: healing and deliverance from difficulty breathing, spitting blood and coughing; healing from blood clots and pulmonary embolism; that the Lord shall bless her with a healthy, efficient pair of lungs; that our God shall reposition her diaphragm to its’ correct position and make it function well so she can breathe with ease. She needs a miracle. Thanks. –Armand

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Please pray that Henry be released from prison. He has been in prison for 26 years total. He has given his heart to the Lord and teaches in the prison. He wishes to come home and get married and continue the work he has begun inside the prison.

Family Concerns from North Carolina

I asked for prayer on Friday for a bed to come open in a drug treatment facility for my son. We got the news that one will be available on December 31st. My prayer now is that all monies needed to get him there will be made available. Thank you for standing in prayer with us. –Joleta

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Please pray for my daughter. She has two kids and one due January 4th. Her husband is on drugs and running from the law as he has warrants out for his arrest. He is leading my daughter and the kids astray again. Thanks so very much! I know God has the right answer! –Angela

Healing from United States

I ask you to stand with me and family for my brother-in-law’s healing. He needs a kidney transplant. He is in the hospital right now. He is 49 and he was just informed that the hospital was taking him off of the transplant list because he is on Medicare and they will only pay 80% of the cost. He is a young man and his wife and children need him. This is devastating news for him and my sister and their two little girls. Please agree with us in prayer for the Lord to heal or recreate new kidneys for Todd or to open the door up for a new kidney in the name of Jesus, Amen. Thank You, Lord, for Your answers in advance and thank you for praying for my brother-in-law. –Robin

Provision Needs from United States

Please pray for me. I need a mighty financial breakthrough of a million dollars to pay off debts and get my business running. –Derrick

Special Needs from Texas

Please pray for favor with me best friend, Dionn, that he will literally contact me to come to visit him and his church in Hartford, Connecticut this year so that we can get together and fellowship. We have not seen each other this year. –Terrell

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Please pray for Jordan for healing of Type 1 Diabetes; every organ restored and a strong immune system. Pray for blessings and favor in her medical career as a Plastic Surgeon, for her financial breakthrough and for a Godly mate. Please pray for Gary’s healing from multiple myeloma cancer. Pray for Sue’s healing, and Gary and Sue’s financial restoration and breakthrough. Please pray healing for Casey from Stage 4 cancer and sleep apnea. Pray for healing in his marriage and his wife Elizabeth’s healing, salvation and deliverance. Pray blessing and favor for his daughter Makayla. Pray for blessings for our President and his administration, protection from terrorist attacks, for revival in America and for the peace of Israel. –Sue

Provision Needs from Iowa

I need help in prayer for a King James Version Bible because mine was stolen. –Joseph

Special Needs

Please pray for Janet and Mark; no job, no home, lost their home, separated after 25 years of marriage. They need God’s mercy, a job and financial blessings. Michael needs salvation and needs to stop drinking. –Eve

Healing from California

Pray for Emilio who is in a coma after a motorcycle accident. May God grant miraculous healing in Jesus’ Name, Amen. –Leticia

Special Needs from Mount Vernon, Illinois

Please pray for peace in my neighborhood. Thank you. –Anna

Healing from Mount Vernon, Illinois

Please pray for my friend, Art. He is in an assisted living facility and has many health problems. Art is on oxygen and he is not feeling well. Please pray for his health and total, complete healing. –Anna

Special Needs from Lubbock, Texas

Jasmine is a satanic witch at my university who has been attempting to ruin my life through witchcraft. Please pray that she is saved by Jesus and that she sees the truth before it is too late for her. Thank you. –Zeno

Healing from North Carolina

Please pray for my mind, body, soul and spirit. I need your prayers. –Carrie

Provision Needs from California

Things have gotten far worse in every area of my life since my last post. I don’t want to be homeless, so please pray that God/Jesus will find me and my little dog, Buddy, a home as soon as possible! The holidays are a horrible time to go through so much hell on earth. God help me! –Mike