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Prayer Board

Provision Needs from Dallas, Texas

Please pray that God would open a door for a way to generate finances so that I can provide for my son, myself and my purpose/vision. Thanks. –Anonymous

Provision Needs

Lord, I pray for Your will for the employment position I recently applied for. Please grant me grace and mercy, and that I am hired soon so that I can fulfill financial obligations in my household. Please open the doors of employment. I trust You, Lord! I am standing on faith. –Tanesha

Provision Needs

Please pray God will grant my daughter and I wisdom, strength, courage, and knowledge, as we pursue new employment careers. Lord, please bless us with Your grace and mercy to make our monthly financial obligations. Please open the doors of employment for us with the job You want us to have so my family does not lose our home and the utilities are not turned off. –Tanesha

Special Needs from United Arab Emirates

Prayer is requested for God to remove the network of people denying my basic rights…I need a financial miracle urgently and a job to start immediately. –Neo

Healing from Shreveport, Louisiana

My Pastor needs healing from the flu. –Michael

Healing from North Highlands, California

Continue to pray for my husband, Michael, a disabled Veteran. He is extremely anemic with a low platelet count, and an enlarged fatty liver. Breathing is becoming labored. Pray his liver goes down to normal size and is healthy, and his platelet count goes up to where it is supposed to be. It has been a long road. Thank you for praying for us. Also, pray for salvation for our children and grandchildren. –Kim

Provision Needs from Ithaca, New York

My son-in-law, Matt, lost his job and now have no income. He has a family to support. My husband is going to try to get him a job at the factory where he works. Please pray Matt gets a job right away so he can support his family. Thank you. –Michelle

Healing from Michigan

Pray for healing, deliverance and for me to be set free. Elijah has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder but I know God can deliver. He’s getting suspended from school. I’m hoping the teachers will be more patient and help him. Please stand with me in prayer that God will deliver. –Bevann

Special Needs

Please, pray for the Lord to abundantly bless my finances, and for absolute healing for me and my loved ones. Pray our hearts are not given over to sin, or be hardened…pray we have absolute sustained deliverance from all afflictions, strongholds and temptations within us. …Pray we all have absolute mercy and grace. Pray for protection for my property and for me. …Pray for me to have the righteous desires of my heart above everything else and for absolute favor… –Julian

Special Needs from Karnataka, India

Pray that I pass my supplementary practical exam, in the name of Jesus Christ. –Sumit

Provision Needs from New York

I ask You, God, to bless my mind and keep it to pass my next exam on it in class February 20th. I failed the test last week and I have to pass all exams to graduate February 23rd. I have to have my own income to show our rental management to renew our lease April 1, 2018, and move in my own New York home…and start my company…I care for my mentally disabled brother and we need Social Security to continue sending him his disability money. Thank You, God, in advance…we love You, God, amen. –Renee

Special Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray for the people at my workplace; one of the workers has just died. Please pray that God will console them. have a blessed day. –Richard

Healing from Hamburg, New York

Pray for full recovery from brain hemorrhage and emergency brain surgery 14 years ago at age 25. Pray for the restoration of my left side motor skills, for normal muscle tone, for my gait to return to normal as well as the stamina and ability to drive in order to resume God’s call for me working as a High School Counselor. Pray for the energy and physical strength required to care for my four-month-old baby. –Renae

Healing from Clearlake Oaks, California

Amber’s going to have a hysterectomy in March. Please pray that the surgery goes well. Thank you for all your prayers. –Patricia

Family Concerns from Arkansas

I’m dealing with behaviors from a sister that can be called domestic violence…physical assault–punching me. She has used coercion and threats. On several occasions, she has told me that my property will be damaged or taken away, and has damaged my property in rage. She uses intimidation; she has made me afraid by using gestures and emotional abuse. There has also been controlling and withholding access to family resources such as money and property. I am in school and I feel it is a distraction. This happens each time school starts or if there is a huge exam coming up. The only reason I am not working is because the job I had was affecting my schoolwork. I tried to get a work-study job, but was told I was passed over because I’m graduating. I’m constantly told I think I’m better. I just want her to know her behavior is inexcusable and that this needs to stop! –Amanda

Provision Needs

I pray for food money…for me to finish school, find a good job and get my licenses reinstated. –Ray

Healing from United Kingdom

Pray for healing for Yvonne who’s in hospital after falling on her face. Please pray that God will stop any bleeding in her brain and any other issues. Pray that He will heal her completely including restoring her hearing. –Henry

Special Needs from Northern Ireland

I call out to my loving creator, God, to bring me everlasting blessings in my finances, my health and in all other parts of my life. Please agree with me in positive prayer for this. Thank You. –John

Provision Needs from Michigan

I ask that God will provide me with the opportunity to sign a lease on an apartment very soon. I also ask that God will provide me employment close to home where I will keep my disability. I ask that my nephews and niece will start respecting me. –Eric

Provision Needs from California

My prayer request is for a position that is open as a Service Worker in St Joseph’s Hospital. Also, that I’m able to fix the truck that my dad left for me. –Edna


Please pray for protection for Ellie’s healing of Lyme disease, Lupus, and depression.  Thank you and God bless you for your prayers. –Anonymous


I am requesting prayer for a co-worker of mine, Gary, who went into the hospital for pneumonia, and got the shingles virus; he seemed to be getting better but has relapsed. Now, he is on a respirator, in the Intensive Care Unit and is unresponsive. Pray for a touch from Jesus and for his recovery back to health in, Jesus’ mighty name, amen. –Edith

Healing from North Highlands, California

Please continue to pray for my husband, Michael, a disabled Veteran. He suffers from an enlarged fatty liver, spleen. Pray for a normal size and a healthy digestive system. He has been very sick for three weeks. His platelet count is extremely low. Pray pray. Thank you for your prayers. I am praying for all of you there also. –Kim


Please pray for my son Jason; he has the flu and asthma. He got fired from his job; God, please provide for Jason and his family. God, You know their needs; please protect Jason from this sickness. I am praying for a financial miracle, in Jesus’ name. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from Elm City, North Carolina

My daughter is in an abusive relationship, she is trying to find a place to live. Please pray she gets a good reference; she really needs to live with her daughter without her ex. Thank You, Lord. –Janet

Special Needs from Ohio

Please pray for Grant; God needs to intervene quickly. Pray for his parents’ wisdom, guidance, direction, protection and safety. Thank you. –Shannon

Special Needs

Please pray for the Lord to help me, and is ever present for me. Also, pray that my loved ones and I are covered in the Lord’s grace and favor. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from hemlock, mi.

Please pray for my husband, Ray, for the Lord to touch his body. He is in a nursing home because of neuropathy. He went to his doctor and they told him he has stage four cancer on his spine area. Also pray for my family and me. I am in shock. Pray that the Lord will heal his body. I appreciate your prayers and God bless you for praying. –Mary

Family Concerns from Michigan

Please pray for a warm welcome of a family member and acquaintance back home. Pray for his comfort. Amen. –Jeremy

Special Needs from Romania

For many years now I am in a windmill battle for my material blessings. I know the gospel of God and I apply it on a daily basis, yet I am in constant battle in my mind. Sadly, I can not see the true root of the problem. This issue has become tiring, I have no money left, and debts do not stop. I am in need for immediate true spiritual and physical breakthrough. I want to fulfill my Heavenly Father’s calling and I am asking my Heavenly Father to open in my path the gates (doors) that Satan cannot close. May God Bless your services. –Imre

Special Needs from Texas

Please pray for Mary and her daughter Marie to start back going to church faithfully. Let the power of God rest on them like never before. Pray that I will walk into my calling and preach the gospel. Pray for Stella who is holding unforgiveness in her heart against me and my father. Please pray for the City Wide Revival ad book, that ad sales will increase to publish the book. Please pray for favor on my job and Doctoral Program. Please pray for the city wide revival that it will be packed out every night. Pray my boss will allow me attend the conference in Austin in April for my benefit. Pray for God to change her mind so she will come with me to attend. –Terrell

Family Concerns from Bean Station, Tn.

Please pray for my son, Shelton. He is letting his girlfriend run his life. He is being rude to me. She wants him to put her and her daughter first in his life. He has shared custody of his son, Ayden. Please pray for Ayden. Ayden’s mom tells him to tell me I’m fat and ugly. He is 3 years old. My son needs prayer and so do I. Please pray for my son’s girlfriend and her daughter to get saved. –Carol

Family Concerns from Rocky Mount, NC

Please pray for my little brother, Deontae, to lose some weight and that God heal him from mental illness. –Anonymous

Family Concerns

Please agree with me in prayer for healing for my wonderful mother. She is feeling discomfort in chest and back. Anything asked in His name shall be given. By His stripes she is healed. –Anonymous

Special Needs from HOUSTON,TEXAS

I’m still single after 60 years. Pray for a companion for life. I have no friends from college or high school. No one calls or writes. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Quite a few issues have affected my job performance and life overall. I need some serious help. I need to be a winner. –Earl

Family Concerns from Illinois

Please pray for my son, Dale, who is doing drugs. Please pray for his deliverance, for his eyes to be opened, for him to come back home to stay, and be healed. He came home for twelve days and was doing really good. He came down off of whatever he was doing, he ate really well, he was gaining weight, and for the first time in a long time, I saw my son again. You can only imagine the joy of seeing that, and how thankful to God I was. Now he is gone again for almost four days. Please pray. Thank you. God Bless you. –Felicia

Healing from United Arab Emirates

Prayers requested that God removes the enmity on me from the network of people denying me my basic rights. I have raised blood pressure, creating extreme ear pain and swelling of my body. I need a financial miracle and a job. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from USA

I am asking for your prayers for healing, a full and easy recovery, and good health for my mom, Sacide (pronounced Sajeedah). God bless you. Thank you for your prayers. –Yesim

Provision Needs

I pray for financial abundance and to move out of my current residence. Also, pray I’m able to finish school and not lose my funding. I pray that I get my license unsuspended and to get money and food. –Ray

Special Needs from Michigan

Prepare us for the lasting grace and sanctification of your word. In Jesus name, please Lord Jesus comfort the fallen in the most recent terrorism. Amen. –Jeremy

Family Concerns from Michigan

Please pray for my nephew, Chuck, who is having heart surgery tomorrow. Also pray for my sister, Gatha, who has COPD and the flu. She is struggling to keep her oxygen at a safe level. Thank you for your prayers! God Bless you all at TCT! –Joan

Special Needs from New York

I need God to guide me to remember what the answers are to my Vital Signs exams this week and my hospital exams next weel, because I can’t remember all the information and keep it in order in my mind. I thank you, God, in advance. Amen. –Renee

Provision Needs from Australia

Please pray for my husband and I. We urgently need financial provision. We have five little ones and his work has been cut. –Alicia

Family Concerns

Please pray for a hedge of protection around my daughter and granddaughter. My granddaughter went to the hospital last week with an injury to her face. Please pray for deliverance and salvation for both of them and for myself. Pray for abundant grace, peace, and courage. Also, for provision and all things needed for a home of their own. Thank you. –Linda

Special Needs from Michigan

I have just heard there was a shooting in a high school in Florida. They are unsure how many people are dead or injured. Please pray for these people. –Cortney

Family Concerns from United States

Dearest Lord Jesus Christ, heal me of a painful skin infection. Lord, bless my wife and I to be debt free with financial resources to bless others. Lord, bless our son, Donovan, and my brother, Christian, with the faith and repentance to serve You. Amen. –Kevin

Family Concerns

Please pray for Faith Community Outreach Church, Epworth United Methodist Church, International Christian Center, St. Matthias Roman Catholic Church, my marriage, and my family. Pray for reconciliation.

Special Needs from Missouri

Please pray for my friend, Jesse, who was told yesterday he does not have much longer to live. I am so worried and don’t want him to go. He is 30 years old and has kids. I love him very much. –Lauren

Special Needs from Michigan

Sanctify us as Christ’s crusaders. In Jesus name, Amen. –Jeremy

Provision Needs from New York

Thank God for blessing me in attending Personal Care Assistant and Home Health Aide classes.  I graduate in eight days. Please pray for no problems or delays. Pray for work and a new apartment in New York City. Pray for the two businesses and the ability to pay my bills on time. I thank you, God, in advance. –Renee

Family Concerns from Rochester, New York

Please pray for my girlfriend, Andi, who was told she might have cancer at this time. Pray for her peace of mind and comfort. This is urgent. Thank you. –Anthony

Special Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray my landlord to fix my washing machine without conflict or escalation of tension. Thank you and God bless. –Anonymous

Special Needs

Pray for God to reveal and remove all hindrances to my ministry and destiny. –Jacqui

Family Concerns from Irvine, California

Please pray for my sisters, Anastasia and Christine, to remove all obstacles to healing from chronic fatigue and depression.

Special Needs from North Carolina

I need prayer for emotional and physical healing, divine release and closure to all relationships out of The Lords perfect will for my life, and guidance in all future decisions for my life. Thank You. –RBH

Healing from New York

I come to You, God, believing both my legs and both my knees be healed…from painful muscle spasms and cramps. I have eight more days to finish my New York State…Home Health Care Classes and I need You, God, to…keep me healed and safe and pain free. I also need my own private home. In Jesus Name, I thank you, God, in advance. Amen. –Renee

Special Needs

Please pray for Damianus and I, for reconciliation and peace. I have a broken heart, and I feel hopeless and empty. Please pray God softens Damianus’ heart and help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. If God does not want this reconciliation to happen, please pray for strength to overcome the bitterness. Pray God will teach me how to remain grateful and to love Him more than anything. Thank you. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Michigan

Sanctify these prayer warriors and servants. Amen. –Jeremy

Family Concerns from Massachusetts

Please pray for my brother, Ruddy, who is struggling with his business. Please pray for him to be blessed with more business opportunities. Also, please pray for his salvation. Thanks for your prayers. –Ivan

Healing from Colorado

Please pray for Bob, that the tumors in his thyroid would dissolve and that he would be able to handle stress better. Thank you! –Anonymous

Special Needs from Michigan

I am in need of prayer, help, and direction. My husband and I are both Christians, but I have dealt with emotional abuse from my husband for 19 years. We love each other, but his anger and my emotional issues cause us to be repellent instead of a drawing together.  Please help us. We need prayer and direction as to how we can stop this vicious cycle. Thank you. –Janine

Family Concerns from Jonesville, North Carolina

My wife, Arlis, was hospitalized last week and treated for blood clots in her legs. This week she began “temporary” dialysis to jump start her kidney function. The doctors are trying to get her kidneys to function better on their own. They are also treating her for a stomach ulcer. Please pray for Arlis’ restoration and healing. –James

Family Concerns from Jonesville, North Carolina

My mama is having surgery on February 13, 2018 to remove a tumor in her abdomen. The tumor is pressing on her intestines and kidney. Her name is Vicki Lou. Please pray for my mama to be healed and restored. –James


Please pray for healing from auto-immune that is effecting my kidneys. I am losing protein, retaining water, swelling in my legs and face, and I was in the hospital for congestive heart failure. I pray for God’s grace to get me through and for a miracle to be delivered. I need the encouragement of God’s love and promises. I also have high blood pressure and difficulty with the medication. Thank you for praying. –Ann

Special Needs from Ohio

Please pray for protection and safety for myself and my daughter, for God to hide us under the shadow of His wings. –Shannon

Family Concerns from Rhode Island

Please pray for my daughter-in-law, Stefanie, for no pregnancy or delivery complications. Please also pray for the baby, my son, and granddaughter. Pray for my children for healing of the following: respiratory, lungs, stomach, intestinal infection, heart condition, high risk of heart attack, for protection, and provision. Also pray for my healing of health for my husband and myself, my mother, my sisters and their families. Thank you. –A.

Special Needs from United Kingdom

I went on a first date with a lady who I think is Christian (she says she is). During lunch she made a sign with her hand that I’ve long suspected to be related to the demonic realm. I have no way of knowing, as I don’t think it’s in the Bible, so I could be making a false assumption. Please pray that God will give me wisdom to know if this is a lady I should avoid or not. –Henry

Special Needs from Leyton, England.

Please pray that I have good concentration at work. Please also pray I memorize the Bible, and that God will heal me. Thanks. –Emeka

Provision Needs from United States

Please pray a financial breakthrough to pay off debts and get my business running. –Derrick

Special Needs

Please pray that Denise and I are totally healed. Pray that my life returns to normal. Pray that Brian does great in school pray and I do great in compensation. Pray the anxiety goes away. –Terry

Special Needs from TX

There are three women are threatening me by phone. I don’t know them and they are threatening to call the FBI and CIA. I have not done anything wrong and ask for God to protect me. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Seattle, Washington

Please pray for healing, protection, and guidance for: Cynthia; Donna and her pets; Debora, her family, and their pets; Valerie, her family, and their pets; Gaby; and Julio.  Thank you. –Cynthia

Special Needs

Please pray for me. A heavy spirit of depression has come upon me and I feel like dying. Please help. –Robkoni

Family Concerns from New York

My sister’s father-in-law, Bill, has been taken to hospital numbness and coughing up blood. Please pray for God to touch him, and to protect his wife, Sue, if this is contagious. Please pray for my sister, Susan’s, family also, as her son seems to have some kind of oppression on him that disrupts and depletes both of our families. Praise God that I received unexpected check. –Cynthia

Healing from Elm City, North Carolina

Please pray for my finger on my right hand. It hurts and clicks. Also, please pray for my daughter who is in a very abusive relationship. Thank you. –Janet

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Pray that my loving God will pour out eternal blessings in my finances, making me financially abundant, wealthy and secure from this day forth. Amen. Thank You. –John


I have a urinary tract infection and no money for treatment. Please pray for relief and healing. Thank you. –Linda

Special Needs from California

Please pray for every prayer/curse against me, my dad’s dog, my property, and all that concerns me be undone. Pray for me to have the righteous desires of my heart. Pray for my dad’s dog, Cha Cha, to be healed and have a long healthy life. Pray for my property to be protected. –Julian

Family Concerns from Michigan

Please pray for my sister, Gatha, who was admitted to the hospital because her oxygen was dropping too low. She has COPD, emphysema, and bronchitis. Thank you in advance for your prayers. God Bless you all! –Joan

Special Needs from New York

Please pray for God to stop the noise in the other apartments. Thank you, God, in advance. Amen. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

Please pray for my son, Ronnie, who needs healing of his back. Also, pray for my daughter Sharee, who has bronchitis. Thank you so much for all you have done for them both. Thank you Jesus!!!! –Sharon

Family Concerns

I desperately need prayer for deliverance, safe refuge, and relief of affliction for my daughter and granddaughter. They are in bondage to the devil. –Linda

Healing from Oklahoma

My friend, Angela, is battling cancer. She just found out it spread to her lungs and she is heartbroken! This cancer only has the power it is allowed. Please pray for Angela’s healing miracle! Please also share this prayer request… with all who will pray for her. Thank you! God bless you and this ministry! –Linda

Special Needs from Michigan

Sanctify these prayers in Jesus Christ. Amen. –Jeremy

Special Needs

I thank God for the amount of strength and health I have, and pray the Lord enhances it. Pray for my ear aches. Also, I am broken hearted by lack of positive love and financial balance. I pray that Jewish hospitals to stop doing abortions. Amen. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Pennsylvania

My granddaughter, Jessi, is expecting a baby March 13th, but her placenta needs to move in order for her to deliver normally. The specialist and her doctor will decide whether she has to have a Caesarean Section. Pray for my healing of hip pain, for my husband, Tom, for a lingering cough, and his verbal abuse towards me.  Pray for my daughter to be delivered from alcohol addiction; she loves the Lord. Pray for my daughter and granddaughter to speak again after her deliverance. –Jean

Family Concerns from Illinois

Lord, I call upon You right now in my time of trouble to deliver me from this trial and reconcile Amy and I. Lord, You asked us to call upon you and here I am. Lord, let us see Your promises fulfilled today. Thank You, Lord. –Tom

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Pray for me…that my loving, caring, Creator God will abundantly and eternally bless me in my finances from this moment forth, Amen. Thank you. –John

Provision Needs from Ohio

God, please help my husband and me in our job search. Things have been going well, and we need just one more bit of luck. Please help us, so we can move on, and have a life together. Thank you. –Anonymous

Provision Needs

Please pray for me. I need a mighty financial breakthrough to pay off debt and to get my business running. –Derrick

Special Needs from United Kingdom

This is a prayer request for healing, financial blessing, and peace. Thank you. –Jonathan

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Pray for my husband, Kevin’s, deliverance from alcohol and drugs, for his salvation and my car he took off with. Pray for me; I recently became homeless. I need a financial breakthrough. Thanks for your prayers. –Anonymous

Special Needs

I am being spiritually harassed by a satan worshipping cult. Please pray for me. –Lee

Special Needs from Michigan

Lord, sanctify this and all Prayer Warriors in Jesus’ name. Amen. –Jeremy

Provision Needs

I need prayer for a way to pay my bills. I have a very limited income and no way to pay my bills. I have used up all my savings and I don’t have anyone to help my daughter and me. Also, I have health needs. –Sandra

Provision Needs from New York City

Please say a prayer for me. I am homeless at 71 years of age and don’t have the strength to go on! May God richly bless you. –Danny

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

Please pray for healing for Frank. He has Stage III Lung and Esophageal Cancer. One of his lungs has collapsed. Please pray for his wife, Gail, who has health issues and is trying to take care of him. Thank you so very much for your prayers and may God bless you! –Lorna

Healing from North Highlands, California

Please continue to pray for my husband, Michael. He is a disabled Veteran. Pray for his platelet count to rise. Pray for his digestive system to work right, his liver, stomach, etc. He is very weak. Thank you. I am praying for you also. –Kim

Healing from Slovenia, Europe

Please help my friend, Irena. Pray for her mind and emotions to be healed. …Pray for her room to be tidied, and restore her relationship with Jesus Christ. –Gregor

Special Needs from Michigan

Lord, sanctify us, Your prayer warriors and servants. Amen. –Jeremy