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Prayer Board

Healing from Casey, Iowa

I have a lot of anxiety and stress. I need prayer. I pray for anxiety to go away; it does work. I also need prayer to be strong and continue to ask God to get rid of my anxiety completely.- Ted

Special Needs

My friend has been dabbling in the occult and is very paranoid. Please pray. - Anonymous

Special Needs from North Highlands, California

Please pray for my Native American sisters in Christ, Linda and Petra. They have been under attack for quite some time now; physically and financially. Linda was hit by a car nine months ago. She has been suffering physically. They just discovered she has a blood clot. More tests are being done this week. She just changed lawyers; the first one was not doing the job. Linda does not have a car and is trying to get around. Her sister Petra has a bad heart. Both of these sisters are single parents raising their children alone. Pray for Petra. She has a meeting at her son’s school. He was born with mental problems. Both of these sisters love the Lord. So much is coming against them. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings to all of you! - Kim

Provision Needs from Ohio

I’m asking for prayer for my job. Pray that God will release an abundance of business. Pray that it will flow this week. We believe, in Jesus’ name. - Anonymous

Family Concerns from NC

Please God show me what to do about this custody situation, and what to do for school or job. Pray for me to have a closer relationship with my boys. Pray for God to fight this battle. Pray God helps me know His will in this situation. Amen. - Emily

Family Concerns from Toledo, Ohio

My youngest sister is visiting my oldest sister in California. They have both been sick and need healing. Because of the rain, they have not been out of their house for two days and now are under a flash flood warning. Please agree with me for their healing and safety. Thank you. - Genevieve


Please pray for deliverance from addiction for Anthony. He is also suicidal with anxiety and depression. - Crystal

Family Concerns from Kentucky

Would you please pray and get others who know how to pray and believe to agree with you in pray for my husband Levi. Pray for his liver and gallstones to dissolve. Pray for healing in his lungs. His condition is sincere; possible cancer. Also, please pray for my granddaughter Destiny. We raised her and her brother Christian from babies. Please pray for their eyes. Destiny just found out she is pregnant with her first baby. Please pray for health for both mom and baby. It takes both her and her husband Zachary to work to make it. I can’t help her in any way, physically or financially, but I know God can. I pray, but it seems like nothing happens. I lost my son, Destiny and Christian’s dad, 4 years ago in an auto accident. Ever since then, I feel sick and scared all the time. Thank you and God bless you for praying. - Lois

Special Needs from New York

Pray for God to touch Teresa and let her see his love. Pray that she sees that it’s important for me to see my grandchildren. Ask the Lord to protect them from her bitterness. Pray for her healing. Pray for God to touch her husband Tom and to save the family. Pray for God to send angels to break the chains. I need favor with unemployment. I lost my full time job because of physical illness in my eyes. Ask the Lord to heal me and give me a part time job.  Ask the Lord to teach me as I spend time with Him. My friends and family need protection. Ask Jesus to send revival. - Frannie

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

I have an update for a recent prayer request. I went to an appointment with an ear nose and throat specialist. He did some tests and found out that the mucus membrane down my throat was inflamed. So, that’s what has been causing all my symptoms (coughing, choking, not being able to eat, etc.) Please continue praying for healing of this problem for me. I really appreciate all of your prayers. It means so much. Prayer is what has kept my family going over the years, as we’ve had so many trials. Thank you so very much, TCT. May God bless you! - Lorna

Healing from North Carolina

I am asking everyone to please agree that my dad, Curt, is completely restored to perfect health. Pray that he lives and doesn’t die! He has dealt with colon cancer for nearly a year and is now in the very late stages of home hospice care. I can’t just allow this without a spiritual fight. This must be called out and agreed upon. Pray in agreement with me without ceasing! Thank you. - Lee

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Pray for God’s divine favor over me and my son Daniel. Pray for us to be able to start and own our own business by this summer. Pray that God would give us the idea, name, and funds to start it. Pray that it will start debt free and always stay debt free. Pray that it will be a fun and happy place to work. Pray that it will always have great financial gain. Pray for full abundance and overflow. Pray that God will protect us and our business. Pray that He will give us great open doors, and the right people to work for us. Pray that our employees will stay loyal to us. Pray for us, Billy, and Andie to live long, strong, and healthy lives. Pray for a life of love, peace, joy, and happiness for us. - Karen

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

I have an update for a recent prayer request: I’ve been sick since two days after Christmas with some bad viral infection. I’ve been to my primary doctor three times, Urgent Care once and last night, the hospital. I’m having a difficult time recovering from it. I had some lab work done which revealed a high white blood cell count and also elevated liver enzymes. The doctor is going to recheck my liver enzymes in two weeks. I’m also supposed to see an ear, nose and throat specialist Monday for some of the bad symptoms from the respiratory infection. Please pray that he can help me. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep much the past few weeks. Please continue praying for healing for me and that I receive good reports from any upcoming tests. Thank you so much TCT! May God bless you. –Lorna

Healing from Independence,Missouri

My sister, Pam, is having serious and complex abdominal surgery right now. The doctor told her that recovery would be very painful and last six months. She lost her husband and everything else this time last year. We know complex is nothing for our Father. God bless you! -Judy

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Thank You, God, for giving me a daughter like Ruth. I proclaim continued blessings to shower down upon her as the dew in the morning fields. ...You have blessed me with her; grant her divine leadership through the Holy Ghost. Enrich her and refresh her on a daily basis. Let her drink frequently of Your love. Thank you for making her one of a kind; she truly loves you and is bold as a Lion. Amen. –Muriel

Special Needs from Illinois

About two weeks ago, due to four degree weather, I let a homeless man stay on my couch. His name is Rick. I have been helping him find permanent housing. Everywhere he goes, he is turned down. He is in need of a low income or cheap apartment or mobile home to rent. He is on Supplemental Security Income. He was in prison. He also needs salvation. He cussed me out several times. He says he don’t want to hear about Jesus. Rick was living in his van. He had $700 but spent most of it on getting his van running. Also, I need prayer for protection. –Anna

Special Needs from Michigan

Our Father, who is in Heaven, sanctify us, your children, and servants in Jesus’ name, amen. –Jeremy

National/International Needs from Kentucky

Please pray and intercede without ceasing for God’s will to be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. …Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from Heaven and forgive our country’s sins and heal our land. God Bless America. Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America… and that President Trump, along with our leaders, is filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might…Pray for the peace of Israel, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Angela

Family Concerns from Highland, California

Pray for my granddaughter, Jaz; she needs deliverance from alcohol. Pray for my body to be healed. Pray for my business to grow. –Irvin

Provision Needs from Missouri

Please pray for me that I will be approved for disability. I have many things wrong with me medically. I have applied, and the determinations counselor is considering my case. I am unable to afford insurance. So my only hope is God intervening to help with the approval of my disability case. I am on medication that I cannot stop taking, and am in need of more medication. I hope and pray that God will help provide for all my needs. Thank you again. –Anonymous

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

I have a prayer request for healing for my mother, my son and myself. My mom was recently diagnosed with COPD and she’s been sick with a respiratory infection. My son has been suffering from severe rectal bleeding due to rectal prolapse and internal hemorrhoids. He also has anemia from the blood loss. He is having surgery in May.  I have been sick since right after Christmas with a flu-like respiratory infection and am having some complications. I’m also having some tests done on my heart. I’ve been suffering with anxiety from all the stress and have been unable to sleep or eat much because of it. Please pray for healing for all three of us, and that my son’s surgery goes well and that he has a full recovery, and also that we receive good reports from any tests we have done. Thank you so much TCT; you are such a blessing! –Lorna

Provision Needs from Illinois

I’m requesting prayer for a job. My current job is going to end in a few weeks.  I’m tired of always needing a job.  I just got my own apartment and I don’t want to lose it; I’m tired of living with other people. Please pray for me for not just a job but to do work I love doing. Thank you. –Connie

Special Needs

Please pray that my kids will return home and to God. …Pray for my finances; I need lots of help to be debt free. Pray for my diabetes, that I can stop taking insulin soon, Lose weight and get in shape. I have other physical issues, and a major unspoken prayer request. Pray for the removal of all fear and anxiety, for strength, peace and victory in all areas, and for wisdom and courage to get house work done.  Pray for my Christian fiancée, Judy, and I, that things will grow closer. God knows. Pray for a hedge of protection around us. Pray that the Holy Spirit will intervene and protect.  Pray for a miracle victory in all of these prayers, and that He may give me wisdom, courage, peace and joy. Pray that He will bind the evil one. –Doug

Special Needs from Michigan

Our Father, who is in Heaven, sanctify us your children and servants, in Jesus’ name. Lord Jesus, You have done all things; we are nothing without You. We await Your return humbly, and patiently. -Jeremy

Special Needs from Milwaukee

I have been born-again, but the Holy Spirit has since left.  My time on earth may be short and I don’t want to end up in Hell.  Please pray that I would be sealed with the Holy Spirit.  May God bless you! –Brian

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Dear God, the manager where I live is evicting us because he allows bad people to move near me and disturb me. I called the police and told him he that he doesn’t’ do his job so he put a notice on my door stating we have to move out by February 28th. We need to move back to New York but we won’t be ready until we get our income tax. We need more time at this present address so I am asking God for a financial miracle for me and my brother because we do not have another home to go to. …Thank You, God, in advance for this financial miracle. We love You, God. –Renee

Healing from Missouri

I still have many needs; my health is declining, I have no insurance and make little money. I have no one to help me. If I lose my job because of health reasons, I will lose everything, unless Jesus intervenes and helps me. I also have seizures. Because of this, I cannot stop taking my medication. If I do, I will begin to have seizures all the time. Seizures could be deadly. I am in a very bad place right now. I may need a different job. The job I have now is fast-paced at times. I have no idea how to care for myself or what to do. I need salvation also. Please pray for me! Thank you. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Please pray that my son Daniel and I will have our own business by this summer, that God will give us the idea and name with great wisdom, that He will give us the cash flow to start it and is always debt free. Pray that it will profit and prosper greatly, that God’s blessing, divine favor and protection will be over us and our business. Pray that we will have wonderful, loyal and happy employees that love working for us. Pray for health, wealth, and a long, joy filled, happy life for us, Billy and Andie. –Karen

Healing from Michigan

My dad is having minor heart surgery on Friday, to fix an Atrial Fibrillation.  I am believing for a complete healing and full recovery for him, as well as the doctors and nurses to have the wisdom and knowledge that they need to perform the surgery successfully. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless. –James

Special Needs

Please pray that Charles is not transferred out of state for his work. Please pray for God’s continued blessing and favor on our relationship so that it will lead to marriage. Thank You, Jesus, for bringing Charles into my life. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Buffalo, New York

I’m praying for God to open doors of full purpose…to give me something to do, and a desire and excitement for a fresh start. …So many transitions have been happening: We moved from Jamestown, New York to Buffalo, New York in October, we are attending a different church and my husband starts a new job January 30th. He is leaving his job of 25 years…h e is taking his 401K…we are praying there is enough left to pay off the car I pay for and enough to get me a car so I can volunteer as God leads at our church. I want more purpose. …I want so much someday to be off disability from a weak immune system and neurotoxicity; if that’s God’s will for me. …I pray that this legal matter of clearing my name is resolved. …God, train me, position me, position us, and open doors of opportunity. –Jennifer Father my desire is to go to Isreal this year. God please provide money to go to Isreal. I pray my husband and I can go to Isreal. My prayer is God open my father’s eyes and ears Rev. Kenneth Mullen from north little rock ar. That God allow him to see Isreal after ministry for 30 some years don’t let him not see. Prayers that God soften his hearts to his four daughters and ex- wife of true forgiveness and healing. That his wife now see Isreal. My prayers Rebecca Waite ex pastors wife and daughter be delivered and she see Isreal. My prayers are for dreams and answers and a mind to open to see God’s images his beautiful imagination of pure. Break off all depressive or depression off my life. I need more father a reason to live daily. I don’t want to just be locked in this house daily. It’s not healthy. I want a partner and friendship on a weekly bases and daily that helps in unity of prayers.

Special Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray that I will read more, and that I will memorize the Holy Bible. Have a good January. –Emeka

Special Needs from Michigan

Our Father, who is in Heaven, sanctify these prayers and servants in Jesus’ name, Amen. -Jeremy

Provision Needs

Please agree with me in believing for the preservation of my job through this season of very trying people and times.  No weapons formed against me shall prosper. –Kevin

Healing from East Concord, New York

I am retired, and I am also a diabetic with many health problems. I need God’s help in my life. Please also pray for my dog because he also has health problems. –Dan

Special Needs from Michigan

Our Father, who is in Heaven, sanctify these prayers and servants, in Jesus’ name, amen. -Jeremy


Two people I know need liver transplants, may God provide. –Anonymous

Special Needs

A Pediatric Nurse gives and gives and now is seeking help in this stressful career, and her devotion to her friends often places herself last in getting the rest she needs. May she be strengthened by the joy of the Lord as she serves others in her nursing shift. She asked for prayer for joy in her job; she feels overwhelmed at times. May God help her with every patient. May God grant some ease in the load by blessing her patients with best health. Thank you. –Anonymous


Please pray for Peggy; she had cancer several years ago, and she is having issues again. God, please stop the bleeding.  I am praying that Peggy will be cancer free. Please pray for her. –Anonymous

Provision Needs

I keep praying constantly and asking for prayer for my finances!  I am close to losing my health insurance and almost everything.  I am so worried all the time. I have a heart condition and arthritis, and need my insurance!  My car is in need of repair and I still owe the garage that fixed my brakes. I am being sued by a credit card company that I had to use to pay my bills.  I had to retire from my job of 17 years in 2009 because of my heart. I have always made a point of paying bills before anything else and was NEVER behind on any bill. But my social security does not cover my mortgage payment and health insurance, or even food. I was getting food stamps but January 1, 2017 Social Security went up by 3% so they reduced the food stamps because my gross check went up by almost $8, but they increased the cost of Medicare payments so now my check is actually $10 less than before the 3% increase. Please pray for me!  Thank you and God bless you! –Rosemary

Provision Needs from New York

I would like prayer for financial need and for healing…Thanks. –Jonathan

Healing from Centre Hall, PA

I need prayer for total healing from a transient ischemic attack three years ago. I want to be able to drive anywhere.  I pray for my husband to be able to have a MRI without fear, and for my granddaughter, Jessi, and my daughter, Sherri’s, relationship to be healed completely. Also, pray for healing for my husband, Tom’s, back. –Jean

Special Needs

Please agree with me to be freed from depression. –Derek

Healing from USA

My Father shall not die but live and declare the works of the lord; although he doesn’t believe in God. I am praying he is healed of COPD and is off the ventilator. He was moved to Hospice. Pray the blood and name of Jesus for miraculous healing that he cannot doubt. Amen. –Roy

Special Needs from Shreveport, Louisiana

I need prayer. –Michael

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power Oh God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love & tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love and we praise You! Amen

Special Needs from Missouri

I need as many prayers as possible. I’m deeply concerned I have sinned too much in my life, and that I am irreparable. I’ve known about God, Jesus and the Bible for over 40 years, just always lived for myself. Sin separates one from God and His love. I don’t know how to stop sinning…this has kept me filled with hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment towards all the stuff that happens over and over for over 40 years. …Sometimes I think I would be better off if I was never required to get up. I need intensive spiritual healing and deliverance to be set totally free from every sin. This is why I also really hope people will pray for me to be placed in a Christian structured environment for awhile. Going to church three times each week isn’t enough. …I need to be secluded with God for awhile so my sin and confusion can be healed. I need to be saturated by God & freed forever from myself & my ways. I need Jesus to please save me! The longer I go on like this, without help, to myself and confused, the worse things get for me. Please keep me in your prayers for a long time. Thank you. –Anonymous

Special Needs from North Carolina

I am praying against confusion, and to know what God wants me to do, amen. –Emily

Healing from Arizona

Please pray for me. I had breast cancer in August of 2016. I believe God has healed me, but the devil is relentless as you know. Please agree with me that I will not have fear and that I will make healthy food choices, plus get into exercising. You are a blessing! Thanks. –Peggy

Healing from Lockport, New Yook

I have grade 4 head and neck cancer. I start my treatment Monday, chemo and radiation, Monday through Friday, for 17 weeks. Please pray for me that God will heal me. –Christopher

Healing from North Carolina

Please pray over my friend Tammy as she will have surgery soon. Also, pray over her family in this time of stress. Thank you. –Fulson

Healing from Buffalo, New York

Pray that God would heal me. I am partially paralyzed on my left side from a stroke; even my right sided is turning bad. I also have internal problems I need God to heal. I mostly pray for my family’s salvation, and my mother needs to be healed. –Steven

Healing from Bedford Heights, Ohio

Please pray for my brother, Emmett, who is having problems with his heart. He is retaining too much fluid throughout his body. He was placed on total fluid restrictions this morning by doctors. He has various medical problems including diabetes, gout and he survives cancer. He has a diaphragmatic hernia, and reflux. Recently, he has been unable to get anymore than an hour of sleep per night due to his heart problems. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you so much, and may God bless you! –Debra

Family Concerns from North Carolina

We have a situation where my granddaughter’s dad has just come out of prison.  He has another child by another woman that he intends to get joint custody for.  I ask for prayer for that family and for the outcome. I am leery that he is not ready for that responsibility, and many are scared of him as he tried to kill his dad with an ax (the reason he went to prison).  I pray he would not try to take custody from me as well since I have his daughter.  My daughter is in rehab and I ask for prayer for her complete recovery and future legal issues as well as her husband’s legal and substance abuse issues.  I need guidance about seeking a better job and for my financial issues. Thank you so much! –Angela

Praise Report from Saginaw, Michigan

I am thanking the Lord for better transportation, safety, savings, security, training, education, dedication and TED Talks. I thank God I’m in my right frame of thoughts and vigilance for my future.  – Dorothy

Family Concerns from Minnesota

I’m so alone - my husband, whom I love left. I think I am at my brink and really need your prayers. My husband left me last night and wants to take a break. I desperately want to work on our marriage and love him very much.  Although he admits there’s still something there (albeit small), but he is so dreadfully unhappy he couldn’t stand being in our home with me any longer. He says he is coming back Monday (5 days), but I suspect it’s just a visit based on what he took with him. My husband has been extremely unhappy for about 2 years (not at all due to abuse or infidelity) and I’ve been trying to fix our marriage on my own - and have been very unsuccessful. Please lift me up with your prayers. I have had 7 miscarriages over the years and nothing has made me feel so devastated than hearing him pack up and drive away. Any prayers or advice/message you can give me is truly appreciated.  May God bless you! – Anonymous

Special Needs from New York City, NY

Hi my brothers and sisters, I am asking prayer for traveling mercies traveling all day tomorrow and Saturday, am asking prayer for a safe and peaceful trip! GOD richly bless you. – Brother Danny

Healing from Liberty, North Carolina 27298

Three or four months ago I broke out in a rash in about seven to ten places on my body just below my waist clear to the top of my head. Sometimes it itches so bad that I have scratched parts of it to the bleeding point.  After being asleep for only two hours last night the rash woke me up once again and I finally woke up enough to realize that I had to do something different. I began to pray out loud for God to please help me and let me know what he wanted me to do.  The dermatologist has been treating me for the past three to four months with two types of creams. The cream would sometimes relieve the itching but the rash would only retreat a little. During this time I went to see my regular doctor and he gave me a steroid shot. The shot relieved the itching rather quickly and over the next two to three weeks the rash almost went away.  However, the rash later reappeared worse than it was originally. The dermatologist then put me on a second stronger cream. It helped some but the rash is still there and still itching.  Please pray for healing.  I also need to know if God wants me to marry again.  (It is one of the desires of my heart like in Psalms 20: 8.)  However, I need to know if it is His will for me.  Secondly, if He does say “yes” then do I know her already?  This is my prayer request. Thank you for listening to my request, and thank you for praying for me. – John

Family Concerns from Texas

Please stand with me in the agreement for restoration in my family. I pray that God will continue to go ahead of us and make our paths straight and that He will give back everything the enemy has stolen. I pray He will speak deeply into Zach’s heart and give back all those dreams, plans, and hopes of the future we had together. Let Your love be infused into our brokenness. I invite you Father to step into the time, distance, and silence and to have Your way within our situation. Hear me Lord and return by the path of Your promise. – Lesley

Special Needs

Pray for President-elect, Donald J. Trump. – Anonymous

Family Concerns from North Carolina

I want to have you stand in agreement with me for my household being saved, healed, continued blessings, and be covered in the Holy Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  (Matthew 18:20)  Amen and Amen. – Donald

Family Concerns

Please pray for my daughter, she is going through anxiety and refuses to go to school, we have talked to her and she says she doesn’t know why and that her stomach is in knots. She feels like she is going to die and can’t get the thoughts out of her mind. We have prayed with her but, still no change. We are believing for the touch of Jesus on her mind and body and rebuke whatever is attacking her spiritually, Amen. – Edith

Special Needs from North Carolina

I am searching! I love You Jesus! – Scott


I ask for prayers for a surgery that I m having on Wednesday, January 25th.  During that time, I will have a corneal transplant on my right eye. I am so anxious and worried about it even though the doctor has explained it to me both times that it has been brought up.  I also worry about the IV going into my arm because doctors tend to have a hard time finding my veins.  I also would ask for prayers for me to be able to listen and discern the voice of God while I am praying or reading the Bible. Thank you! – Anonymous

Special Needs from North Carolina

I’m tired of being confused. Please keep praying for me. – Emily

Special Needs from Michigan

Lord dwell in me and renew me in your will, Open my ears and my heart for Your Word. Speak to and for me father. Amen – Jeremy


I recently lost two sons, one to a heart condition and the second in a traffic accident.  I am having a difficult time missing them. I am also being sued by a credit card company for not being able to make payments. I was fine till I developed congestive heart failure and had to retire. I now live on social security and it’s not enough to cover my bills. I’ve had to use all my savings to keep up with my bills and then had to use credit cards but have reached their limit. I need prayers that God will help me somehow. My roof leaks and my water heater died last February. I have to heat water on the stove and I have no money. I’m so worried and I pray constantly—-almost every waking minute and I miss my sons so much!  God has done so many miracles in my life that I’m afraid I’ve worn out my miracles. I first started requesting prayer in 2013 and things just have seemed to go downhill ever since. Thank you for your prayers.  God bless you all! – Anonymous

Speical Needs from Texas

Please pray for me at my workplace. I seem to be attacked on all sides from my coworkers.  I pray for their deliverance and healing of a manipulative spirit.  They are intentionally trying to fight and start wars with me. – Henrietta

Provision from New York

I am in need of a job. If I do not have a job by February 28th once unemployment runs out, I will be in a horrible state. I really need God to open up that mighty door for me for a job and especially finances. – Lasonia

Praise Report from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Please pray for me as I started new job glory be to God, let it prosper and be successful in Jesus name. I entrust all my plans into God’s Mighty hand.  Let the Holy Spirit direct my steps. – Victoria

Special Needs from Dubai, Untied Arab Emirates

Please pray for Faham, that the web, witchcraft, and chains in his life will be destroyed by the great power of our Almighty God, and he’ll see the Light of Christ and understand and accept the truth of God in God.  Amen. – Anonymous

Family Concerns

Please pray that our family will have financial breakthrough, that I’ll have a debt free life, money that we’re expecting will be given to us and that me and my children will be away from harm issues and diseases. – Christina

Family Concerns

Please pray that my children Angeli and Caleb will be away from harm and bad influences, will become matured Christians, they will excel in studies and will be granted scholarships. – Christina

Special Needs from Dehli, India

Please pray for my healing from Hemorrhoids. Pray that I have no disease and am healthy.  Please pray for me to get married. Pray for provision of finances.  Pray for God to deal with those who have done me harm. Please pray for my protection, I live in an unsafe neighborhood. Pray for favor on my job in the way of promotion and wage increase. – Anonymous

Special Needs from London, England

Please pray that I have good concentration at work; and also, that I do the work excellently, yours in Christ. – Emeka

Healing from Alabama

Pray for supernatural healing for my mom, who is 81 years old, and getting ready to have a second hip replacement surgery, and for her sister-who is in the hospital with liver disease, and prayer for my son who has court tomorrow. His mind needs restoring also. – Shirley

Special Needs from Michigan

Open my ears and give me a feeling heart again Father. – Jeremy

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying the Lord shows me the way to go in this situation, Amen. – Emily

Family Concerns from N.C.

In Jesus name, I ask you God to please stop and block my husband’s family from taking his Social Security money that I am owed the $255.00 from the Social Security office from his death January 2016. Open all the doors to be the only person getting all his money because we never divorced and his family has told lies on me. I have four more years before I can start receiving his social security and I plan to get it all because I am still legally his wife. I thank you, God, in advance for doing it all for me now Amen! We love You God, and Your Son, Jesus. – Renee

Healing from Michigan

Stephanie is 19 years old and in a group home.  Pray that she will be healed and made whole of kidney problems, seizures, and liver problems. – Kenya

Special Needs

Please pray that my kids will return home full time and to God. I have two girls and two boys. Pray for my finances. I need lots of help to increase income and be debt free. Pray for my diabetes and that I can stop taking insulin soon, lose weight, and get in shape. Pray for my Mom’s health, and job related issues, and other physical issues. I have a major unspoken request and removal of all fear, anxiety, and worry. Pray for strength, courage, wisdom, peace, and victory in all areas. Pray that I can get my house work done. Pray foe my Christian fiancée, Judy, and me that things will grow closer. God knows. Place a hedge of protection on us and that God will protect all who go to my church, and that the Holy Spirit will intervene and protect.  Pray for a miracle victory in all of these prayers. and that God will bind the evil one. Pray for work.

Special Needs from Michigan

Father, strengthen Phil’s mental focus and prepare him for Your great work. – Jeremy

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Please pray for Jesus to intervene.  My husband had to go to his mental health doctor this morning.  She asked if anything else was bothering us.  When I mentioned my grandson, she then said she was getting involved, when I have no proof.  Please pray for Jesus to intervene in this situation. – Carol

Special Needs

I need a lot of help. What I am in dire need of is someplace I can go that will keep me in a Christian/Church environment for a length of time every day to make things right with God. Being out in the world isn’t working. But I have to work to eat. I do have a job, but I have a lot of health issues going on where it is getting harder for me to go to my job. I don’t have insurance and I have a difficult time making the money I make. I’m very tired and unhealthy. Please pray for me. – Anonymous

Healing from North Carolina

My mother, Senora, is in her 90’s. She is suffering from memory lost and now from arthritic pains in her hands. I realize she is elderly; but she is still here and needs healing.  Please pray in agreement with me that the Lord will have mercy on her. She asked me to send this request; thank you. – Anonymous

Provision from Texas

I’m praying that my husband will find and keep a job soon. He lost his job in October. Since then he has been having trouble staying with a company for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Our finances aren’t that great. My job doesn’t pay all of the bills. We will be homeless soon. Please pray for us. - Marnie

Special Needs

Please pray that my uncle, Melvin, would have a sound mind and that he would stay away from alcohol. – Anonymous

Special Needs from Tennessee

I don’t want to backslide anymore. I need prayers for strength, encouragement, and for the Lord to free me of my addictions. I want to give my whole mind, body, and soul to our God and turn from sin! – Ashlyn

Provision from Illinois

I’d like to request a prayer on behalf of an acquaintance of mine, Brian.  Around the middle of December, his house caught fire and more or less burned to the ground, with his cats inside. Now, I’ve found out that he didn’t have insurance.  Moreover, before he could even attempt to scour the remains for his personal belongings, the city demolished what was left. And if that wasn’t the worst of it, someone broke out the windows to his car.  If you could pray for Brian, I would greatly appreciate it. - David

Family Concerns from North Carolina

. I am praying for God to let me know if I should stay here or move, Amen. – Emily

Healing from Casey, Iowa

Edith is in the hospital.  She’s got anxiety and stress, not good on her COPD. She cannot come home unless she gets muscle in her legs. If she doesn’t come home, they’ll probably just put her in a homestead. She is 74 years old. Pray that God can keep her healed from anxiety and stress for maybe a week that would be great.  Thank you and God bless you, amen. – Anonymous

Provision from North Carolina

Please pray for me. I need a financial breakthrough of a million dollars to get my business going. – Derrick

Family Concerns from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My family has not yet been saved. Please pray for the salvation of my Mom, Dad, brother, and two of my nieces. Their names are Mary, Roger, Dave, Ellie and Amanda.  May God bless you! – Brian

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying that the Lord helps me fight to get my boys back, Amen. – Emily

Healing from United States

I fell back in my chair and hurt my back. I cannot hardly get up and down or walk.  I have a sick husband and disabled granddaughter to take care of. I am in a lot of pain. My husband has bleeding on the brain and my granddaughter was born with a spinal deformity having pain in her hip, knees, ankle, and shoulder.  My husband falls a lot and had a broken neck.  I am praying my back will not hurt, and that I can get to where I can walk and get up and down to help them. – Alice

Provision from United States

Please pray. I am trying to get a debit card closed. They will not give me any information. I lost the password. This company is giving me the run around. I am trying to rent an apartment. I need this card closed. The card is holding up me up from getting this apartment. – Anonymous

Provision from Ohio

Please pray that God provides the income so we can turn on our main heat. We live in an old apartment with electric heat. We can’t afford to turn the heat on!! We use a little electric heater to keep from freezing up. – Douglas

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

I have been sick with a bad flu-like infection for a couple of weeks and am not getting better, so I went to the doctor yesterday and he prescribed some antibiotics and said to take Mucinex, which I’m not tolerating well at all and I’m having bad side effects.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m not sleeping much and I’m having some anxiety. The doctor prescribed some anti-anxiety medicine, which I don’t tolerate well either and it’s addictive, which also concerns me. I’m really in a bad situation and in desperate need of prayer. Please pray for my healing. Thank you all so very much! May God bless you. – Lorna

Healing from Flushing, Michigan

Please pray for total healing of potential breast cancer for Marina. She recently had an abnormal mammogram and is very anxious. Please pray also for the Holy Spirit’s presence and peace. Please also pray for baby Callen regarding needed healing for kidney issues and other health ailments. – Erin

Special Needs from North Carolina

I am praying the Lord helps me make up my mind, Amen. – Emily