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Prayer Board

Provision Needs

Praying for financial blessings and provision. –Elizabeth

Family Concerns from United States

Please pray that God fully heals, delivers, provides for, protects, leads, and gives perfect peace to our Christian family. In Jesus’ name. –Peter

Healing from Colorado

My wife, Ashley, has chronic pain from endometriosis and digestive problems that limit what foods she can eat to practically nothing. There is no known sure for what she suffers from. She is only 34. We need a miracle. –Daniel

Family Concerns from Texas

Please lift Dee and Andrea in prayer. May God intervene, touch hearts and minds, and reconnect them to wholeness as one. –Anonymous

Special Needs

Abba Father, I cry out for Your mercy! Please, in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, help! Please bless me with Your wisdom, love, health, debt free life, direction and protection. Thank you! –Oleg

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

From my heart, I have given up on prayer. I keep praying for financial abundance and once again I am left with nothing, no help, and no abundance. I have been praying for years for this. I have reached the limit of my patience. Silence from God. This means either two things – 1) There is no God. 2) God does not care about me and prayer is useless. I am now an agnostic atheist. I have given God so many chances to help me but he abandons me. Farewell. –John

Family Concerns from Salinas, California

Pray for safety, traveling angels, traffic and blessings for my daughter, Katie, her husband Chris, and her baby Chloe. Please pray for them driving on a road trip to visit some friends. Please pray for safety, health and a wonderful Godly time. Also pray for my son, Nick, 42-years-old, for various health, emotional, mental and addictive problems. He has a very sore elbow he thinks is gout. Please pray for my daughter, Jen, her son Oliver who is 6-years-old with sensory and autism problems. Pray for Jen to restore back to our family. My family is all disjointed. Pray for my husband, Pat, for healing of Parkinson’s. Please pray for restoration, favor, blessings, healings, salvation, jobs, etc. God knows all. God bless. – Pattie

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Please agree with me in positive prayer that God will eternally bless and provide for me in my finances, with full financial abundance and security. Amen. Thank you. –John

Provision Needs from Mount Vernon, Illinois

I know God cares about trivial things but this is serious to me as I do not want a huge water bill. My toilet was leaking and I called my dad and he came by to put a new bulb on it and he adjusted something. Then he left. My toilet is still going on and off like it is trying to fill up more. I ask for your prayer that God would send someone to help me repair my toilet and is nice to me. I do not have much money. I live in poverty. My trailer is 52 years old and has tarpaulin over the roof. I am a widow and age 51. My dad is 77. I do not have a husband to help me, but I have Jesus and He can send someone to help me so I do not have a high water bill. –Anna

Family Concerns

I am kind of affected by a person I am no longer in contact with but tried contacting me a few days back. As a kid, I was bullied and used by her…seems like when she can’t have her way she resorts to verbal insults. I am no saint myself but I pray for her soul. I just hope she leaves my parents and me alone. Please help me pray for my parents and me, particularly for good health, peace and strength. Thanks. –Ah Li

Provision Needs

Please pray for me that I will have job assignments! Thank you for your prayer. May the Lord bless you mightily, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen! –Sean

Special Needs

A person I am no longer in contact with called and messaged me but I did not reply to which she sent some unkind and judgmental comments about me. It’s as though she wants everything her way without thought for others, to the point of insulting and hurting others. Please help me pray that she would leave us alone. Also, pray for my parents and me to be in good health, peace and joy. Thanks. –Ah Li

Special Needs from Indiana

There is a single mother fighting for a safe home for her young children. Please pray for her to have the strength she needs to protect her children from evil. –James

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Please pray for Jesus to intervene in my son, Shelton’s, behalf. He is having trouble with his ex-wife again…they have shared custody and she’s threatening to take him to court. –Carol

Praise from California

Last month, I asked for prayer for my dad, Roy, who had Stage IV Cancer. He had a tumor in his brain and one in his chest area. Well, the tumor in his brain is gone! Glory to God! God blessed my dad with wonderful doctors and nurses and he had brain surgery and the tumor was removed successfully. He is doing much better. He is going to be undergoing treatment for his chest area in the coming weeks, but I know everything is going to turn out for his good! Thank you for allowing me to submit my prayer request to you in my darkest hours; I know God heard all of our prayers and boy did He move! God bless you all! –Anonymous

Family Concerns

Growing up, my dad was very abusive. Last year, he acted abusively toward my husband and me again. He’s coming to visit us for two weeks. Pray my husband and I will be emotionally and mentally strong, able to set boundaries with my dad. There will be other family visiting. Pray everyone can have a peaceful and blessed time, not having conflicts, tension or misunderstanding. Pray everyone respects each other. Pray Gods spirit and harmony be with us during their visit. Pray that God protects us from my dad’s unpredictable anger. Pray my parents drive safely, both be in good health and be safe while visiting. –Tiffany

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Pray for the finances of John M., a 33-year-old man in Northern Ireland. Pray that by the end of this week, his loving God will have made him eternally financially abundant, independent and secure. Amen. Thank You. –John G

Provision Needs from Ohio

I am trying to purchase a Windsor townhome…I need prayer that it will be sold to us for $84,000. I need favor for this home; it’s the desire of our hearts that God will supernaturally move. –Tony

Special Needs from Northern Ireland

Please pray for Caspar, a 24-year-old author, businessman and social media content creator from South Africa, now living and working in England. Pray that God will continue to bless, guide and protect this kind, talented young man, especially in his creative career. Thank You. –John

Special Needs

Pray for quick reconciliation and restoration of all situations and all involved. Pray for my strength, courage, peace, joy, and victory. Pray for my kids to return to God and me, especially my youngest son whom I haven’t seen for eight years and my girls don’t come around much. Pray for my finances and my real estate business, for a jump start. Pray I will have effective, productive days. Pray for me to lose 30 pounds, to get in better shape, for my diabetes, and I have been fighting other medical problems the last six months that produce major setbacks. Pray for strength, courage, fearlessness, and victory. Pray for my wife, for our protection, for the salvation of my neighbors, my brother and his wife and my sister. –Anonymous


Please pray for protection and healing for Elizabeth A., Elizabeth W., Anastasia, and Christine. Pray that they are delivered from every obstacle or block to doing God’s will. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from Michigan

My son-in-law, Jordan, had an interview for a factory job. I am praying he gets called soon and gets hired; it would help his family’s finances. Thank you for your prayers. –Michelle

Special Needs

Paresh confessed to cheating last month and yesterday told me he has realized that he loves me and wants us to try again. I’m devastated. After being together for nine years, I don’t know how to let go of this pain. I love him lots and do believe we can be happy together but this insecurity and fear is destroying us. I don’t know what to do. Lord, please take away his stubbornness, pride and temptation and let him realize the pain he has caused us all. Surround him with those who offer loving advice and keep him away from other women or distractions. I pray he doesn’t lie to me going forward. I pray for a miracle, that his heart can be changed and we can reconcile this relationship…I need help on my weight loss journey…Lord, restore my self esteem. God, You know the extent of debt I am in; please help me get the money I need to clear the debt and not incur any more. Please take away my insecurities. Also, help Christopher focus on his studies and keep away from bad company and habits. Lord, help him realize I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on his birthday. We need to celebrate at an affordable place. –Karen

Provision Needs from Texas

Please pray for me. I am in need of a financial breakthrough. I am a Tither and a Believer. My bank accounts are depleted from higher cost of bills. Please pray that God will favor me with another source of income suddenly and that all my needs will be supplied! –Yoshiko

Family Concerns

Please pray for my daughter, Elizabeth; she is having a really hard time with an addiction to opioids. She is really struggling to get clean. Pray for her to be strong and to finally be free of this horrible, horrible disease. Thank you! God bless! –Janice

Special Needs from Northern Ireland

Please pray for John M, a 33-year-old man from Northern Ireland. Pray that God will bring him peace, comfort, good health, perfect financial wealth and true happiness in his life from this day forth and forevermore. Thank You. –John

Family Concerns from Michigan

Pray that my daughter and family who is Native American will not move to the reservation that would take my grandchildren out of my care. All they know about Jesus is what I’ve taught them. Moving would totally immerse them in the Native culture. I am not Native. I’m a born again Christian and I rebuke the enemy’s attempt to get my family. My husband left us because of his gambling addiction and addiction to the traditional culture. Thanks for being in agreement with me. God bless. –Karen

Special Needs from New York

Teresa got a new job where she can be home more with her children! Praise God. Please continue to pray for a Damascus Road experience for Teresa and Tom, and for their protection. Pray for my grandkids, for Sean and Killian to be free of anger and fear, and for God to supernaturally touch them. Pray God heals me of pneumonia, and gives me strength, discernment, Godly wisdom, direction and protection. Thank you. –Frannie

Healing from Badger, California

My husband needs an artery in his heart to be healed and total function of his kidneys. His whole body needs to return to normal because he has been shrinking. Thank you for your prayers. –Jane

Family Concerns from Tennessee

I’m carrying a terrible burden that I need Jesus to help me with when I comfort my son. His fiancé is not saved and is running his life. He’s under so much pressure, and there is more that God knows all about. Pray that Jesus will intervene. –Carol

Special Needs from Leyton,England

I want to work for the British Army as a Scientist; please pray that this will be successful. Also, please pray that I stop having itchy feet; it has been going on for almost two years. –Emeka

Healing from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Please pray that God will heal me of my allergies, and help me to never have a cold again. –John

Provision Needs from Indiana

I am praying for money for car repairs, and bills to be paid. I need to be gainfully employed so I can be self sufficient and live on my own. Also I have a decision that needs to be made about my mother’s care. –Becky

Special Needs from California

My daughter and I was invited on a trip by someone I thought was a friend…it ended up being a disaster of a trip on day two. I believe this all started due to the fact that she gave me $100 to go shopping with…I had no understanding she only wanted me to buy something for myself. The kids and me just went overboard and spent $100 each. …
I feel she set up a situation on purpose where she took off her diamond ring and left it in a room that only I sleep in and actually think that I would pick up her diamond ring to keep it. …I know I am a woman of God and truly appreciate this woman and her generosity towards my daughter and me, but this was too much. This has shaken me to my core to understand she would actually think that I am a person with very poor Integrity that would actually do something to humiliate my daughter and myself on a trip that I did not pay for… –Delores

Healing from United Kingdom

I suddenly have shooting pains in my left leg. I know the world may say this is a sign of heart problems, but I also know God is by far the best doctor and can heal me instantly. Please pay that God will heal me and remove the shooting pains from my left leg and also prevent any heart problems. Thanks. –Henry

Healing from Central, New York

Pray for me to be healed from severe fatigue and depression, and to have a lot of energy. Pray for my brain, neck, spine, eyes, wrists, fingers, and heart to be healed. Pray for me to have total peace, love and protection. Thank you so very much and may God bless your big beautiful hearts! –Anonymous

Family Concerns from Texas

Please pray that God will restore my broken marriage, that He will soften my ex-wife’s heart and restore her love for me, and that she will realize how much God hates divorce. Also, pray for my son who is also divorced. –Rick

Special Needs from Connecticut

I am asking for permanent growth in distancing myself from every person, place, thing, thought, fantasy, situation, or desire that will become obstacles, impediments, or weights to my growth in absolute uniformity to God’s most perfect will… –Charles

Provision Needs from Indiana

I am in desperate need of prayer. I am praying that the money that has been stolen from the bank account and a fraudulent check would be restored, and my bills are paid. I need gainful employment so that I can be self sufficient. I am mentally, emotionally and physically drained. I know God heard me the first time I prayed. Thank you for praying for me. –Becky

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Please pray for Jesus to intervene for me. I’m under so much pressure; I can’t handle this. My husband is mentally abusing me, and my son is under so much pressure with his fiancé. I need Jesus to intervene because this is causing problems with my grandson and me. –Carol

Family Concerns

Please pray that God helps, protects, heals, leads, empowers, favors, delivers and gives His perfect peace to my family and me always. –Peter

Provision Needs from Greensboro, North Carolina

Pray for God to open the right doors concerning my relocation to South Carolina. Pray for my son, Jonell, to secure employment and to move to a better area. He really wants to start out working for the Budd group and later obtain a city job. Thank you. –Yolanda

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Please lift up positive prayers to God for me, that this weekend I will be blessed in my finances by God and that I will become financially abundant and secure. Pray that my loving creator God will grant me this miracle this weekend. Amen. Thank you. –John

Healing from New York

I am in need of healing, both physically and mentally. My joy has been lacking lately and I want to be who I used to be. Thank you so much. –Jonathan

Special Needs

Please pray for Janet. She is going through marriage separation and needs God’s grace and favor. –Anonymous

Healing from Florida

Ricardo was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer metastasis. Please support this family with prayer! We believe in miracles! –Vanessa

Family Concerns from Michigan

Pray for my daughter and family. They are in desperate need of housing. She has a husband and four children age three to nine. Her oldest is autistic. They need to be out of the place they’re staying at now in seven days. My husband and I have stepped in to bail them out of these types of situations and my husband is adamant that they stand on their own in this. As Grandma, I want to swoop in and take care of the situation. I have turned this over to God but I’m having faith issues trusting God to work this out. They are both over 30 and they need to have God in their lives every day, not just when things are tough. Pray that God shows Himself to them. Pray for family reconciliation. Thank you. –Ruth

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Jesus promised me that all I have to do is ask and I will receive it. I ask that during the course of the next 72-hours God will bless my finances and will make me become financially abundant and secure so that I can help others and live my life without financial stress. Thank you. –John

Special Needs

I pray for divine healing, restoration and growth in this relationship. Build us a firm foundation and trust to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Help me to know which actions to take and when to stay silent. Bond us together and guide us to strong communication and appreciation for one another. Don’t let any distractions come between us…. Give him a strong desire and urgency to pursue and value the relationship between us despite his fears. Heal his heart as well as mine. Heal us of the things that have come between us in the past or could in the future. Help us to be better communicators to one another and grow a strong dynamic. Grow our hearts and emotions to be equipped to deal with the ups and downs we will experience. Give us stability and emotional stability. Help us to forgive ourselves, one another and others for mistakes of the past and to grow stronger and more equipped because of them rather than scared and scarred. Heal my mind from superstitious thoughts… Give us quality time together… I separately lift up my family, their health, prosperity and wisdom. Be with them together and individually. Protect and guide them. Thank You for the opportunity I have to help them. Be with my sister. Give her wisdom to navigate any situations she is facing. Help me to know what I should do with a certain situation… I lift up a friend’s marriage. Heal them thoroughly. Let them be a positive example. Heal all those negatively affected… Heal me of my social anxieties… –Leah

International Needs

Urgent: Please pray for the temperature to drop in Seoul, Korea. It went up to a terrifying 39 degrees Celsius yesterday and is predicted to be the same today… Some are even dying from the immense heat which causes heart attack, etc. This is close to the temperature in Death Valley which is the hottest place on earth. My friends are there and having a real hard time as well. Pray for God’s mercy on the nation. Please pray that the temperature would fall soon, even today. Thank you. –SJ

Provision Needs from Missouri

I need a job. I am a senior but well able to work part time. I am a widow and my social security is not enough to pay my bills. Please pray for me to find a job. I am looking. –Joanne

Special Needs from Ontario, Canada

Thanks for praying for my needs I have 3 prayer needs below that I need you to agree with me in pray namely:
1. Healing for high blood pressure and healing for my defective heart.
2.  I pray that the repairs on our car where done professionally. And get it back this Friday
3. I pray for Divine protection for our family and car every time we are
on the road. Thanks.

Family Concerns

We’re bringing my dad home for home health care. He fell at the end of April, hit his head on a cement floor and had to have three surgeries to relieve the hematomas. Since going to a nursing home to recover, he’s going downhill due to poor care. Now he’s coming home from a stint in the hospital after sepsis and urinary tract infection. My step-siblings aren’t believers and they are the long term caretakers. Pray for this move to succeed and for my step-siblings to be honorable toward my dad. I want to bring him home with me but they don’t agree. I just need prayer for God to hold my dad in His hand. He needs salvation, too. Thanks. –Marie

Provision Needs from Indiana

Please pray with me. I am a teacher looking for a job and have not found one for this coming school year. I know that He will do exceedingly abundantly more than we can think or ask and He knows the need for a job. I believe that He is going to answer and that there will be an answer forthcoming for the job He has for me. Please also pray for clear guidance and wisdom for me, that He direct my steps in the path that He has called me. He has never let me down before and He won’t now. I praise the Lord in advance. Thank you! God bless! In Jesus’ Name. –Stephanie

Special Needs from Illinois

Dear fellow Christians, I humbly ask for your prayers to ask God to allow Amy and me to communicate with one another so we can resolve issues. Thank you for your prayers. –Tom

Family Concerns from ca

Please pray. My mom is a senior new believer and is sick with dementia, Parkinson’s and glaucoma. Her husband is an unbeliever with a hard heart against Jesus. He and my mom are being manipulated by her evil atheist son, Amir. He’s doing everything within his power to take control and advantage of my mom and their home, bank, everything. We don’t have the money to fight him legally. Only God can stop him and my faith is very weak. I don’t see the Lord doing anything….I have prayed non-stop, have had tons of people pray, yet the devil and his servant, Amir, is winning. I truly can’t take this anymore. I need a breakthrough from God to deliver us from all of these horrible problems. –Mike

Provision Needs from Ontario, Canada

Thanks for praying for my needs. Please pray that our Lord shall provide me $300.00 to buy a ticket to attend a Catch the Fire conference here in Canada. I need an impartation from the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Thank you. Amen. –Armand

Provision Needs from Wisconsin

I was terminated from my job and my rent is due tomorrow. I’m trusting my Lord and Savior for provision. He has never ever failed me. His grace is all sufficient. As I pray for this manager, Lord please touch her heart and show her the error of her ways. I can file a lawsuit but I choose to rise above it all and seek the kingdom. I truly believe that Your will is best for me. Poverty, doubt, despair, you have no place here! I plead the blood over lack. I trust the Lord to show up mightily in this situation and do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I ask and according to His riches, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you to all who will intercede on mine and my children’s behalf. –Faith

Special Needs from Santa Clara, California

Please pray for the Lord’s grace, mercy, love, help, healing, health, household salvation, leadership, truth, light, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, peace, comfort, rest, joy, freedom, liberty, righteousness, justice, safety, protection and all that’s good from God above for all of the following: The United States (Washington, D.C.), California (North California Bay area region, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, city and county of Santa Clara), Israel and Jerusalem, all of the Lord’s churches, groups, denominations, ministries and gatherings worldwide, all of God’s people, me, my mom, Patricia, my sister, Kathleen, and all of my family and relatives, Marie, Jackie, Rich, Larry, Walter, John, Doe, Darlene, John, Judy, Janice, Toni, Cleda, Roger, Jack, Kipp, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally and spiritually save, heal, strengthen and restore us all; forgive us of all our sins; write our names in His book of life; grant to us all our prayers, needs and the desires of our hearts according to His good will; grant us eternal life and fellowship with Him; and deliver us from all evil and the evil one. Amen. Thank you. –Sean

Family Concerns from Michigan

Please pray for the success of the trip my uncle is going on today. May he have a better day than yesterday. Amen. –Jeremy

Family Concerns from Michigan

Our son, Ryan, is born again and Spirit-filled, but during this season of business and purpose challenges and crises, Ryan is questioning everything. Pray that he draws closer to the Lord and discovered Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha and Jehovah Shalom on a whole new level. Also, Ryan urgently needs a live-work space in the greater Chicago, Illinois suburban area immediately, preferably in the Elmhurst area. Thank you. –ShaRon


I’m moving to another country soon and they only have one type of glaucoma eye drop medication available. I’m switching to this new eye drop. Please pray my eyes will adjust to this new eye drop called Travatan, and that it will work successfully to effectively treat and control my glaucoma in both eyes. Pray the Lord provides excellent doctor, specialists and medical professionals to treat me and my family’s medical conditions in this new country. –Tiffany

Family Concerns

Please pray for marriage restoration for Michael and me; that he will be saved and completely delivered from lust, sexual immorality and addictions. –Karen

Special Needs from Merrill, Michigan

Pray that my girlfriend, Jennifer’s, heart will be filled with love for me again by the Holy Spirit and she would come back so we can be married and raise our child. Pray for my heart to be filled with love for Jesus and Jennifer so we can walk together in faith and do it right this time. I pray God forgives me for not doing it right the first time He blessed me with her and my two-year-old son. Pray that he gives me a second chance. Amen. –Patrick

Provision Needs from Huntington, Indiana

I am praying for money for car repairs, bills to be paid and insufficient funds charges to be paid. –Becky


Pray my mom loses weight and keeps it off. –H.

Special Needs from New York

Can you pray for Khadijah, 24-years-old? She is starting to bring the wrong men around her kids. Ask God to renounce these men out of her life. She doesn’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She’s meeting the wrong men and people from her past keep coming back into her life. –Khadijah

Provision Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray for me, that this week of July 30th to August 5th, 2018, God will kindly bless me in my finances, my health and with overall happiness, peace and contentment. Thank you. –John

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Please pray for my husband who is incarcerated. The justice system is corrupt. They are trying to frame him for something he did not do. –Anonymous

Healing from Pennsylvania

My friend, Steve, collapsed while golfing. There was no heart problem. He was put in a coma and brought out over the weekend but there is no response and now he has kidney failure. The cause is unknown. He is 75-years-old. Please pray for full recovery. His wife has lupus and needs her husband here. Dear Heavenly Father, heal Steve and return him to us! –Barbara

Special Needs from Ontario, Canada

Please pray that the body shop that will repair….our Nissan Sentra….shall do an accurate restoration and do a good job. I pray that it shall look and drive just as good as the day I bought it at the dealership. Thanks for your prayers – Armand

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Please pray for Jesus to intervene on my behalf. I have raised my grandson, Ayden, during the day (free clothes, food, shoes, milk, everything). My son, Shelton divorced his ex-wife, Megan, and I kept Ayden full time until about eight months ago. Megan took Ayden away from me to hurt me. She knew that was the only way she could hurt me. Now she’s paying a babysitter, whereas I was free and furnished everything. Ayden is now four-years-old and she is starting him in Pre-K…. now, on my son’s four days per week, when I could pick Ayden up (after Pre-K)…. this morning my son told me I can only pick him up one or two afternoons. I need for Jesus to intervene in my situation. I’m 68-years-old. I cried and cried over this today. Please pray Jesus will intervene for me and Ayden. He wants to be with me! –Carol

Special Needs from Manila, Philippines

Please help me pray for uncommon wisdom, uncommon protection and uncommon favor. Thank you! –Joan

Provision Needs from Indianapolis, Indiana

Pray for our finances to cover our needs for this next month. We have been given a week of vacation but have insufficient funds to go, besides not having enough in our account to pay for bills or groceries. The vacation is not our priority. Thank you. –Enocencio

Family Concerns from New York

Please pray for a Damascus Road experience for Teresa and Tom. Pray for protection for my grandkids, Sean and Killian and for God to supernaturally touch them. Pray for healing for me of pneumonia and for strength and discernment. Also pray for a Godly mate, fresh anointing and revival in the United States. Thank you. –Frances

Special Needs from Greensboro, North Carolina

Pray for God’s direction and for God to give me wisdom. –Yolanda

Special Needs from Ontario

Please pray for the ministering angels of Heaven to assist in bringing all the necessary parts ordered for my car to the collision car shop so that they can start to repair my car and finish it as soon as possible. We need God’s intervention in this situation. Thanks again for your prayers. –Armand

Special Needs from New York

Pray that God blesses me with a godly wife. –Anthony

Special Needs from Colorado

Please pray for my mom, Bernadette, and me. We are going through a lot at this moment, nothing seems to be working and so many issues are popping up all over. We are mentally and physically tired and lost. –Danny

Family Concerns from Ohio

Pray for peace and quiet in my subdivision.  Pray for protection and safety for me and my daughter and family. Pray for financial miracles and increase for my daughter and me. Pray for peace in my home, for the joy of the Lord, peace, calm and quiet for my daughter. –Shannon

Provision Needs from Ida, Michigan

Pray for my financial blessing and for God’s hand of blessing, protection, and provision on my life. –Stephen

Family Concerns from Merrill, Michigan

Pray for God to fill mine and Jennifer’s heart with the Holy Spirit so we can reconcile our relationship that was on its way to marriage. Pray that we can get married and raise our child together in God’s eyes. My son is only two years old and she left me three months ago; I haven’t seen them in two months. I pray for a miracle, that God brings them back. –Patrick

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

I will keep asking God to bring me eternal financial abundance…agree with me in prayer for this to be granted from my loving God. Thank you. Amen. –John

Praise from Florida

I am happy to report that since I sent the prayer request for my son he went to church and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior! Please continue to pray for us. May God bless the ministry. –Arlene

Special Needs from Louisiana

Please pray for Curt, Heather and their unborn child. May God’s will be done in their lives and family. Pray for Heather to get a good job and reliable transportation and for Curt to get a job or skill and be home for the baby. Thank You Father for Your favor, blessings and all answered prayers, in the name of Jesus, amen. –Anonymous

Special Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray for Brother Casey, a Roman Catholic Franciscan Friar in Chicago who was ordained a deacon this year and will be ordained a priest in the coming year. Pray for God to bless, guide and protect this kind young man who has dedicated his life to his faith and serving others. Pray for him as he prepares to be ordained a priest. Thank you. –John

Family Concerns

My oldest son, Ryan, and his mom are causing problems again…pray for quick reconciliation and restoration of all the situations and all involved. Pray for my strength, courage, peace, joy, and victory, and for my kids to return to God and me especially my youngest son whom I haven’t seen for eight years. Pray for my finances and my real estate business to jump start. Pray I will have effective, productive days. Pray for me to lose 30 pounds, to get in better shape and for my diabetes; I have been fighting other medical problems the last six months that produce major setbacks. Pray for strength, courage, fearlessness, and victory. Pray for my wife and for our protection. Pray for salvation for my neighbors and brother. –Anonymous

Healing from Oklahoma

I have a very urgent prayer request for my friend, Angela, who is near death due to cancer. I believe that as long as there is breath in her body, that God can still work His healing miracle. Please pray for Angela’s miracle healing. So many hearts are grieving for her. We would all appreciate it so greatly! Thank you and may God bless you! –Linda

Healing from Bogart, Georgia

I’m concerned about my health. I thought I was getting better, but I had a setback. I’m afraid it might be something serious. I am so worried. I don’t feel God’s presence or think He hears me. I’m scared not only for myself but also for my family. I want to improve so I can do things with them like I once did. –Apryl

Healing from Arizona

Please pray for my teenage cousin, Kyle. He’s having kidney problems and the doctor wants to remove his kidney. He’s in a lot of pain. –Shannon

Special Needs from North Carolina

Please pray for protection and healing for Elizabeth A, Elizabeth W, Anastasia, and Christine.  Thank you and God bless you for your prayers. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from Welland, Ontario

Please pray for my brother. John. He needs Jesus. He is also being very mean to me; I didn’t do a thing to him. He puts me down thinking it’s funny but it’s not. –Annette

Special Needs from Houston, Texas

Someone stole five shirts and a pair of pants from me at a hotel and I am not very thrilled at this time. Pray for restitution and for that person would be convicted of stealing from me. I feel violated. –Earl

Provision Needs from Northern Ireland

Please pray for my finances today, that from the power of God I will become financially blessed, abundant and secure…amen. Thank you. –John

Provision Needs from Saginaw, Michigan

I am going to call the employer with humility about the interview and receive the good news! Please pray with me in Jesus’ mighty name! Thanks. Amen! –Dorothy

Special Needs from Highland, Michigan

I am very worried about my job and what will happen if I don’t have one. …I need your help with prayer to help me lessen this burden that I find with me at this time. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. –Marsha

Special Needs

My husband and I are getting ready to move overseas to serve the Lord and follow God’s calling. We have found ourselves under intense spiritual warfare lately. Please pray for God to help us: replace very confusing thoughts with clarity and a sound mind, bring our focus back from people who oppose us to God, deliver us from this severe attack of the enemy, protect us from all schemes, lies, intimidation, temptation, harassment and division in our marriage from the enemy. Ask the Lord to fight for us and bring us victory and deliverance in this warfare. –Tiffany

Family Concerns from Halls, Tennessee

Pray for the salvation of my family members. Thank you. –Joyce

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Please remember my grandson, Ayden, in prayer. My ex-daughter-in-law is starting him in pre-k (which Ayden’s dad didn’t want him to start this year) which starts in August. Please pray for him as this will be a big change for him; he can’t even wipe himself. –Carol

Provision Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

Pray that God opens the door to a three bedroom apartment. Thank you. –Emily