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Prayer Board

Healing from North Carolina

I was in a motorcycle accident four years ago. A tractor trailer pulled out in front of me and our Lord said that it wasn’t time for me to come home to Heaven. Please pray with me for the healing to be able to stand and walk again. –Ben

Provision Needs

Pray that I do not lose my job, and that I can preach the Gospel. –Li

Healing from Indiana

I am working in Dubai. After my delivery, my left breast got infected. I’m scared it may turn into another disease. I have two boys. The younger boy is 90 days old. Please pray for me. I’m very sure God will do miracle in my life through your prayer, in the name of Jesus, amen. –Anonymous

Healing from Illinois

Pray for a healing miracle in my whole body for several serious physical needs. Pray that my colon is restored and healed, and that it works, moves and functions. I need a new digestive system, all peristalsis restored and the ability to digest and absorb nutrition again. Pray that my hormones and cell sites are healed and function again. It is very critical; I need for all my body systems to work. This is life or death. Pray for a miracle. I need prayer for brain lesion pituitary. I have a lot of pressure and pain in my brain. This is very serious, there is no cure…please pray for a resurrection miracle breakthrough in my whole body, and for favor from the lord, hope, grace, peace, and the presence of the Lord to come in this situation. –Keri

Provision Needs from Cleveland, Ohio

I have financial needs; Lord, guide me to the right work and income, help me make ends meet and then pay off debt so I can serve others. –Jill

Special Needs from India

Lord, please help me forgive him for his cheating. Take away this pain and anger that I have and let us start communicating again. Please take away his stubbornness, pride, and
temptation, and surround us with those who offer loving advice. Please keep Paresh away from other women or distractions and help me lose all the excess weight I have. I pray that I don’t lose him because I am fat. Lord, intervene divinely in our relationship and bring a total positive change into it; renew our love as a couple. …I pray for a miracle, that his heart can be changed and that we can reconcile this relationship that was on its way to marriage…and let his family accept me and our relationship. –Karen

Special Needs from Northern Ireland

Please pray for Pastor Wilson, a Baptist minister in Northern Ireland. Pray that God will bless, guide and protect him, his ministry and his mother, May, who is elderly and very ill. …Pray for them. Thank you. –John

Healing from Cleveland, Ohio

Please pray for the healing of my mind, body and soul. –Chad

Healing from Mount Vernon, Illinois

I am running a fever and have pain in my abdomen. I think I am dehydrated. The pain in my abdomen is sharp pains. –Anna

Special Needs from California

Over this past month I have seen so many prayers answered before my eyes, absolute miracles. But even as they are answered, it seems as if the devil just attacks harder. I’m getting weary and feel like I’m losing the strength to pray because something happens right after one is answered. –Jeremiah

Healing from Florida

I suffer from deliberating anxiety, heart palpitations and ongoing fear of dying and sickness. I am never just present and living, always alone and scared, exhausted. This has robbed me of four years of my life, and being there for my daughter. Please pray for me to be free from this; please pray for a turn around. –Alexandra

Special Needs from Lansing, Michigan

I live-trapped a feral kitten five days ago, not realizing it was feral. It got in my heat vent which had no cover. I tore the pipe apart to release kitten into the basement…I’m guessing there is a hole to the outside. Two days later, I feel rather sure I saw the kitten three houses down in the backyard. …I need the Lord to first let the kitten find my food I’m leaving and then let it trust me enough in a few days to get it into a live trap again. …Please agree with me that I will have the kitten back in my possession soon, before weather gets worse. Thank You. –Vickie

Healing from Ohio

Keep praying for Bob and I. Pray I can get my MRI for my back. I am going to my pain doctor on December 7th; pray the insurance company says yes before the appointment. I know it’s up to God. Pray for Bob’s eyes in the morning…after he wakes up they are fine. God bless everybody. –Bob & Penny

Family Concerns from New York

Please pray for my daughter, Teresa, to come back to Jesus, and for reconciliation. Pray for Tom to rise up and be the man God wants him to be, and for boldness. Pray for me to be able to see my grandkids, protect them from any emotional abuse and witchcraft spirits. Pray for wisdom and direction and the right church for me. I am an intercessor and retired counselor. I want to be where He wants, to have a godly mate and financial favor. Pray for revival in all the churches. Pray for the blood of Jesus and angels to surround us. -Frannie

Healing from North Carolina

I am having anxiety today and need prayer that God will help me deal with it. Also, I am having some allergy issues too. Pray for relief. –Justin

Provision Needs

Please pray for my friend who’s on business in Thailand but his cards aren’t working at the ATM. He has over $15,000 in expenses to pay for the business he does as well as living expenses and return flight tickets for himself and his six-year-old son. He’s already missed his flight over two weeks ago. …he forgot to let his bank know he was traveling overseas and they won’t unlock his cards and account unless he shows up in San Francisco where his bank is, but he doesn’t have money to leave Thailand. He’s been under so much stress from all of this and is becoming depressed. He needs God’s help! Please God send the answer he needs quickly, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Dawna

Family Concerns from California

Please pray for my son, James, who is trying to go back to his old company for a job. He’s had a difficult road to heal physically and mentally from the situation that caused him to leave. I hope he remains strong and succeeds with the help of prayers. –Audrey

Special Needs

Please pray for protection and healing for Elizabeth A., Elizabeth W., Anastasia, and Christine, and that they are delivered from every obstacle or block to doing God’s will. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from Fairport, New York

I need prayer for a financial blessing. Pray for my friends Tracy, William, Cathy and Elsie may. –James

Special Needs from United Kingdom

I’m going on a business trip on today. Please pray that God will protect me and bring me back home safely. –Henry

Family Concerns from West Seneca, New York

My husband, Bob, has ALS and is on the ventilator in a nursing home. My son Bobby, his wife, Crystal, and daughter, Dharma, are in Panama City, Florida. They have lost their jobs and homes; I need to be at peace so my blood pressure won’t go up. I need peace and a sense of His presence. –Norma

National/International Needs

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I now approach Your throne of grace boldly and with full confidence that You will hear my very special prayer. Father, as You already know, hurricane victims are missing; time is now of the essence. Father, I ask that You now take this assignment up and move as a Man of war to fully rescue and fully deliver missing hurricane victims. Father, I ask that You personally come against any delay. …bring missing hurricane victims back home safely, sound, and in one piece, with not so much as a hair on their heads being harmed. -Anonymous

Family Concerns from USA

Please pray that now that an official complaint has been made, that the police removes the thug who’s been stalking this neighborhood, and that God protects, helps and blesses our family, in Jesus’ name. –Peter

Healing from Michigan

Please pray that my dog will eat. Something got stuck in the intestines. Our dog is now eating grass, sniffs at food and walks away. I appreciate all of your prayers. Thank you. Amen. –Nancy

Special Needs

I pray to get better at my job, to have wisdom from God, and to be filled with the Holy Ghost and fire. I pray for leadership and confidence, and protection from my enemies. –Jair

Healing from California

I am asking for prayer for my dad, Roy. He has a tumor on his lung with Stage IV Cancer. He is in so much pain in his chest. He has been getting weaker because of the pain. He has lost a lot of weight and often struggles with eating. The doctors have given him very little time to live. I am asking God to completely heal him on the earth. I am asking God to destroy all cancer in his body and to completely restore my dad’s health and heal him from all sickness. I am asking God to bless and strengthen my mom, Ruby, during all of this. Also, pray for my grandma, Mattie, who is also helping to take care of my dad. I am asking God for a healing miracle for my dad. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I really appreciate every prayer you have prayed for my dad and our family. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from Michigan

Please pray for the salvation needs of Mike. He was ‘saved’ as a kid. I am hoping he will rededicate his life to Jesus, and not drink or chew tobacco. It’s sad and I do know God hears my prayers. Addiction of any type is not good. Jesus is a healer and a deliverer. Amen. –Nancy

Praise from Pinckneyville, Illinois

I had asked for you to join me in prayer for my husband who was having outpatient surgery. Thanks to our faithful God and the prayer warriors, the procedure to open an artery that was occluded was successful! Praise our wonderful God! Remember our faithful God and His word and always take your request to our God in prayer. Thank you all for joining me in prayer. May God bless TCT. –Jennifer

Healing from Michigan

Please pray for my grandson, Jake. He’s having problems with chest pains. Pray for healing. Also, I am praying for healing in the family. Thank you and God bless. –Michelle

Family Concerns from Oregon

Pray for my family to have to the necessary finances so we wouldn’t struggle. We have needs in every area really. Pray for us to have well-being in every area of life: Spiritual, physical, emotional, environmental, interpersonal, intellectual, cultural, financial, and occupational. We want to live life and have happiness but it is very difficult for us. We are Christians. –Peter

Healing from Whatley, Alabama

I’m asking for prayer for my dearest brother, Woodie, who’s suffering with multiple illnesses.  He had a heart attack earlier in the year and had to have a pacemaker put in, but since that time he’s constantly having fluid buildup in his stomach that has to be removed, and he is having problems breathing.  Also, he is suffering with both knees with Arthritis; he is in so much pain that he can barely walk. His heart is too weak to have an operation on his knees. He had to give up his job as Police Chief and his finances are suffering because of the many visits to the doctor. He’s a very loving and giving person who will help anyone, and is a devoted Christian. Please pray for Woodie and his wife, Jean. Thank you. –Bobbie

Special Needs from Ohio

Pray for my daughter’s healing…for God to touch her body during this new treatment for Lyme disease and co-infections. Pray for peaceful, sound sleep tonight and every night. Pray for restoration in her life, and for healing and salvation for my mother and family.  I need financial breakthrough and miracles for my daughter and me. I need to pay credit cards, medical bills, living expenses, and student loans. –Shannon

Provision Needs

I am praying for financial blessings and provision for our construction needs and all areas of our finances. I am praying for divine intervention. –Elizabeth

Provision Needs from Salisbury Maryland

Please pray for me and my family because we are going through tough times. I just applied for a job in North Carolina two weeks ago with no response at all. Please pray for my situation, for God’s favor and blessings over my situation, in Jesus’ name. Please pray for me, for strength and renewed faith in the Lord. Amen. –Lloyd

Healing from West Seneca, NY

Please pray for my son that everything is okay with his liver, he’s not a drinker either.  In Jesus name I pray.  Thank you.

Healing from Derbyshire, England

Monica is critically ill. She has cancer and has developed a serious infection. Please pray for healing. I know God is able. –Sonia

Special Needs from Mississippi

I have an unspoken prayer request. –Patricia

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Please pray and believe with me that when my son, Shelton, texts his ex, Megan, about me picking Ayden up in the morning first thing, that she won’t try pulling something on me. It’s my son’s day and I’m supposed to pick him up. In the name of Jesus. She’s demonic and I’m praying each night for her to get saved. –Carol

Provision Needs from United Kingdom

Please raise up your prayers to my God for my financial situation; that during the course of the following 48 hours, my God will release financial miracles into my life, bringing me financial abundance and security. Thank you. –John

Special Needs from India

Oh Holy Lord, I surrender my mind which is quite obsessive of a female colleague. Although the person is not related, I have become too obsessive and this has led to mental disturbance in me. I am in dire need of all people praying for me to get out of mental obsessive behavior. I need this person as a friend but not anything beyond. Hence, help me cope with this and to be a friend. I pray for my mother’s health and give her good health, bring her back to normal, and help her be strong. I pray for my wife and child; help them in every way, guide them, protect them, and guard them. Good God, help with all my intentions, which also includes my work. Help me also with my studies. –Claret

Healing from Ohio

Please pray for my husband, Bob, for his lungs; for him to not cough so much and for him to get stronger. He got a shot for his back. Pray it helps him for awhile. Just pray for him in general. So far, he can drive and that means so much to me. We have been married for 32 years. He has had a lot of health issues, but praise God he is still here. Pray he makes it through the winter. Pray I can get my MRI for my back so I can get a shot in my back. Pray for us when we go to the brain doctor on November 29th. I just call Bob my gift from God. Just pray for us in general for anything that might happen. We know God is with us all the time through good or bad. We are going to the skin doctor on Wednesday the 17th of October. God bless you all. TCT is great. –Penny

Provision Needs from Madhya Pradesh, India

Hello. I am Shalem from India. I am again in big financial trouble. Please pray for my wealth and my family; because of these situations they suffered. Please help us with your prayers; we are in big trouble. I believe Jesus. He is my savior. –Shalem

Special Needs from Ohio

I’m asking for prayer for myself and those in my immediate workplace at the Department of Defense. I have a lot of young people in my class that need salvation and guidance. A lot of spiritual warfare is going on in their lives. I’m praying for myself in the class as well because this is a new endeavor for me. I’m praying that they will turn to Christ and they enemy will be damned inside and outside the classroom for their sakes. Lord, help me to be a light to them. –Derrick

Provision Needs from United States

Please pray for me. I need a mighty financial breakthrough to pay off debts and get my business running. –Derrick

Provision Needs from Georgia/Florida

Please stand in agreement with me for Yahweh’s divine favor and blessings, especially today. I have a job interview and I pray that I am granted employment with this company. God bless! –Dannie

Healing from Raleigh, North Carolina

Hello to the TCT Prayer Team. Thanks for sending your email of prayer requests. Please join me in prayer for myself. Oh Lord, I pray that You would grant me a healing miracle of my health conditions. Help strengthen me towards believing and with faith in Your time, You would grant me that miracle…Thanks TCT for your prayers of concern and encouragement. –Wilbert

Healing from California

Please pray for the conversion; healing of mind, body, emotion and spirit; and deliverance of Vernon, Bayani, and Lourdes. Thank you. God bless you. –Anonymous

Healing from United States

In the name of Jesus, please heal my stomach from this weird nauseous feeling right now. I ate Frank’s at storefront last Saturday and I’ve been sick ever since. I need to keep going to my job every week; to my four assigned days, Tuesday to Friday. I need to move as soon as possible to my own affordable senior Brooklyn home…with my own keys. Thanks to God in advance. Amen. I love You, God, and TCT. –Renee

Special Needs from Las Vegas, Nevada

Please pray for the strength to care for a relative with dementia. I have taken care of her for one month and all my faith and strength are gone. I am to the point that I am believing I am going to sound as bad as she does at 76 and I am 58 right now. I know God has a better plan for my life than this current situation. Please tell me that God did not pass up my chance to get a degree or a small business opportunity for this. I am starting to believe that God does not have a better plan for my life at all and that He is doing nothing but blowing smoke. This situation is truly causing me to think that atheism may not be a bad thing after all. Rebellion is really making itself more and more powerful every day. I am missing a chance to get a four-year-degree or a small business because of this. I am losing faith that God does know what He is doing. Thank you. –Lisa

Healing from Slovakia

Please pray for my healing of cerebral palsy. –Daniela

Provision Needs from Detroit, Michigan

I need prayer for my situation. I’m a recent widow with three young children. I recently moved into a rental property that I found out is a scam. I also just found out that I’ve been with child (unknowingly). Pray with me that our Father in Heaven rains down blessings on my situation, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless. –Courtney

Healing from Michigan

I’m battling a nicotine addiction and I have several infirmities in my body, some related to arthritis. Please believe with me for complete wholeness, nothing missing, nothing broken. Amen. Thank you and God bless you. –Doris

Healing from Hamburg, New York

Thank you for TCT! My thyroid levels are hyper. I’ve lost weight, had to buy a wig due to severe hair loss, I’m exhausted and must pace myself and rest all the time, and my heart rate is higher than it should be due to this. To rule out other issues with my health, I saw a neurologist last week and had lots of blood work but haven’t received the results yet. I am having a test on my nerves Monday, October 15. While all of this has been going on, my osteoarthritis is spreading and becoming painful and I’m losing range of motion. Please pray for pain relief and energy and strength. I know that in eternity we will have no more pain or memory of our having it. Thank you to our precious Savior, Jesus. I appreciate so much you praying for me. –Sharon

Family Concerns

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for all the things you have done for me. Lord, I need a miracle and favor in healing and financial blessing. Please heal my heart and lungs. Give me strength with all the obstacles in my life. I need help with my mortgage and help in assisting my brother and family. Please, God, please give him another chance at life. –Barbara

Special Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray for Reverend Dr. James Hawkey, a Church of England/Anglican clergyman, who has been appointed Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey in London, England and is also chaplain to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Pray that his God will guide, protect and bless this kind young man of faith, in this important position in England’s truly historic abbey church. Pray also for blessings on his wife and family, as they all settle into his new position during this season. Thank You. –John

Special Needs from Ohio

I’m asking for prayer for myself in a new job that I just started. I’m having a difficult time with learning the material in the classes that go with the job and procession the information. I’ve not been a quick learner but I’m believing God for His assistance speedily. Also, I am asking for prayer for those in the class, especially the younger crowd, that God would save and deliver them. They tend to use foul language and are not mindful of what they say. This is a government job. –Derrick

Family Concerns

Please pray for my son; he’s being attacked by his daughter’s mom. She will not accept the fact they are broken up. She keeps trying to bully him into living with her because they have a baby girl…She is mentally unstable and violate…I need God to sever all ties of communication, cause them to go their separate ways, and for my son to get visitation…Also, I need prayer for me; I am believing God to bless me to marry. I need to marry for God’s purpose and be equally yoked spiritually and education-wise. I would like for the man to ask me out to start the dating process. –Anonymous

Healing from Kentucky

Please pray for Linda who is battling cancer that has invaded much of her body. The chemo treatments are wicked and last up to six hours. They make her so sick. Thank you so much for praying for her miraculous healing. –Barbara

Special Needs

I have a special prayer request for my youngest son, Doug. I have not seen him in eight years because of a lot of parental alienation. Also, pray for my mother kids and their return to the Lord. Pray for myself; for quick reconciliation and restoration of the situation and all involved, for my strength, courage, peace, joy, and victory. Prayer for my oldest son, Ryan; he has turned against God and he has manipulated others to leave their church and beliefs. Pray for my finances, my real estate business for a jump start and to get it going, for me to have productive days, for me to lose 30 pounds and get in better shape, for my diabetes, my blood sugar is a bit high and I have been fighting other medical problems in the last six months that produce major setbacks. Pray for strength, courage, fearlessness and victory. Pray for my wife (no problems, just prayer) and for our protection. Pray for the salvation of my neighbors and brother. Also, pray for the salvation of my brother, sister, sister-in-law and my friend, Mark. –Doug

Special Needs

Please pray for the following needs: BK, MNKA and Richard are desperately seeking employment opportunities; Martha, Rebecca, Juliana, Sherry and Phyllis need healing; Benny is seeking a breakthrough in getting back his litigated land so that he can start building; Eben, Barnabas, Jones, Rosina, Miguel, Alvia, James, Enoch, K., Moises’ brothers, Kevin’s brother, Zabdi and HD all need to come back to Christ; and Lydia and her siblings, along with their children, are seeking intervention in satanic attacks. –John

Healing from Central New York

Hello! Would you be kind enough to pray for me to be healed from severe fatigue, depression, and to have a lot of energy? Also to heal my brain, eyes, neck, heart, kidneys; to have total peace, love, and protection; and to heal my relationship with my girlfriend. Thank you so very much for all of your help! –David

Healing from Slovakia

Hello, my name is Daniela, and I have spastic cerebral palsy. I pray myself for my healing everyday but I would like to ask other people to pray for me also. Please pray for my healing from cerebral palsy and for healing my brain and whole body. Thank you very much. –Daniela

Healing from Raleigh, North Carolina

From 2015 cervical surgery and infection: physical therapy three to six months a year, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, weakness daily, had to retire and unable to work. I’m requesting to accept these burdens, heal from this pain and weakness so I can help the church. As a nurse, my childhood dream is to be a missionary; asking God how can I be used, giving me clarity and peace. –Nancy

Special Needs from Bedford, Ohio

Please pray that I recover soon from surgery two weeks ago. Pray that I will be able to handle the upcoming doctor’s report. Pray that negative thoughts will not fester about God not answering my prayers. I also need prayer against the demonic spirit that has entered into my world because of strange individuals who are in some type of cult that targeted me to try and make my life miserable. I also pray that the blood of Jesus covers me and my children, and that they come back to the Lord in these last and evil days. I need to hear from God. –Carla

Family Concerns from Ohio

My grandson and his new wife are leaving their new home because of the hurricane. I pray the blood of Jesus over them wherever they go and over their home and property there in Florida. Thank you. –Genevieve

Healing from Michigan

The family dog went to the vet and there are three objects showing up in the x-rays. She needs the objects out, but the authority of Jesus’ name I pray. God will provide. –Nancy

Provision Needs from North Carolina

I am in need of a major financial blessing. I am in process of filing for disability but it’s going to take a long time to receive. I am in desperate need of money now to pay all my monthly expenses. Pray I have more than enough and not be lacking. Thank you and God bless. –Tammy

Praise Report from South Bend, Indiana

Praise the Lord that I am healing from surgery. I almost died. I had a pulse of 20. A histoscope clamp tore a hole in my uterus and I bled a lot and had a blood transfusion. Jesus loves you. We love you. God bless all of you. –Kay


My husband is having surgery Friday to find out why he has some obstruction near his dialysis graft that is causing his hand to swell. He’s had so many surgeries in the past two years and they have taken a toll on him. He’s nearly 79-years-old with lots of arthritis and he struggles to walk. He struggles to believe the power of God and how He’s provided healing for us today. I believe and I’m asking for believers to join with me to give him successful results with this surgery and make it his final surgery. He just had this same surgery one month ago by a different doctor. I’m thanking God in advance for blessing us with success. Praise God! Thank you! –Jennifer

Healing from Rhode Island

Please pray for a healing miracle for my son, grandson, daughter-in-law, and eight-month-old baby for food poisoning, severe stomach and intestinal infection. Pray for my grandchildren, children, husband, me, my mother, sisters and their families. Thank you. –A.

Healing from Detroit, Michigan

I need to walk! I have aches and pains in my legs, feet, and arms. Pray that this will go away. I need peace, too. Pray for healing for my husband. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Our family is broken. Please pray for healing and strength for my husband and me to live out our days without the love of our children. Our hearts are broken and we don’t know why we have been discarded. –Bonnie

Special Needs from Hazel Park, Michigan

Please pray that God gives wisdom to me about that man I am now seeing. He said he feels like he knew me longer than a year. We met in August of 2017. He is a Christian like me and he even said we have things in common. He is five years older than me. I am 55, never married, never had children, and he does not have children either. We both have trust issues and we have both had our hearts broken. Thank you. God bless. –Anonymous

Healing from Redford, Michigan

Dear Friends, my wife, Cindy, is under attack from the enemy. He is trying to put depression and paranoia back on her. She has been free from these things for almost two years. Please pray for strength for both of us to be strong in the Lord and the power of his might, that she can stay free from this junk! Thanks for your time. May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry. Be blessed today! –Rod

Family Concerns from Michigan

I ask that you get into agreement: Lord You said to train up Tyrone Jr in the way that he should go and now that he is older he shall not depart from it. He has been trained Lord, continuously! I thank You Lord for opening Tyrone’s heart ❤️ and mind to do Your ways Lord. Send Godfearing disciples across his path to befriend Tyrone Jr and who will sharpen him in the things of You Lord.Tyrone Jr is and will act like the Psalm 112 man of God Always and forever in Jesus name


Two prayer requests: Artie is facing surgery for cancer of female organs, and Ron is going for tests for possible colorectal cancer. –Walker

Healing from Raleigh, North Carolina

Hello to the TCT Prayer Team…I would appreciate you all joining in with prayer for my financial needs and healing of my health conditions. Also, I am asking you to pray for my family and my friend, Kesha’s mother’s sister, who is very sick, that God would heal her from sickness in Jesus’ name. Amen. –Wilbert

Healing from Michigan

Pray for Tom; he is hospitalized with a blood clot between his heart and lungs, plus problems with kidney function. Thank you. –Anonymous

Healing from Michigan

My 11-year-old grandson, Jake, is having chest pains and can’t eat or drink without pain in his chest. I took him to Emergency Room two nights in a row they can’t figure out what’s wrong. Pray for healing for Jake please. Jesus, heal Jake so he can feel good again. Thank you for your prayers. –Michelle

Special Needs from Clio, Michigan

I need God to deliver me from oppression of the devil. He has been in my home, and in my body tempting me to sin and attacking me. –Brandy

Provision Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray in agreement with me for this as I call to God and say: Please bless my finances, enable me to become financially wealthy, independent and secure so that I can live my life to the fullest without financial worries, and be able to help others. Thank you for agreeing with me in positive prayer. –John

Provision Needs from Missouri

We are really having financial problems. We need God to intervene on our behalf with trying to get house insurance and with our energy assistance. Please pray that God’s will be done in our lives. Thank you and God bless! –Mark & Rhonda

Provision Needs from Salisbury, Maryland

Please pray for me and my family because of the extremely tough circumstances involving my employment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Please pray for me; I have applied for several new positions in North Carolina. Please pray for favor and blessings over me and my family here in Maryland because we need new employment soon. Amen.

Provision Needs from Michigan

I need to find a place to live; I am currently living in a hotel. –JoAnn

Provision Needs from North Carolina

I go through a lot in spiritual warfare. I’m 18 years old and really need a job to get my life on track. I ask that you please pray with me so the doors can be opened by the Lord. Thank you and God bless you all! –Joseph

Special Needs from Northern Ireland

Please pray for Zoe, a 28-year-old author…content creator and businesswomen from England. Pray that God will continue to protect, guide and bless this kind, talented young woman, and bless her family and her partner, Alfie, especially during this autumn/winter season. Thank You. –John

Healing from California

Please pray for our family’s dog, Yang. Something is wrong with her and we do not have the money to take her to the Veterinarian. It is as if she swallowed something foreign. I am praying for a healing miracle for her. She is a part of our family. Thank you for all of your prayers. –Anonymous

Healing from Mount Morris, Michigan

Please pray to the Father for healing for my feet. I have something sticking out of both feet on the outside. I don’t know if they’re big cysts or what but the swelling is way out of control. I live alone and I do not have anyone… in my family to help. Please pray for me as I’ve needed this healing for a very long time. Doctors continue to push me off to the side. I believe God has sent me to an orthopedic surgeon and I pray that he will know what to do. I agree with anyone praying for me in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. –Faye

Family Concerns

Please pray for my brother. He has found himself in some trouble. Please pray that angels surround his life, and God gives him one more chance. Also, pray for healing for my head, heart and lungs. Pray for my strength with all my adversaries on my job and in my family, and for life obstacles. –Barbara

Provision Needs from Bellevue, Washington

I am requesting prayer for financial blessings and provision for our construction needs and all areas of our finances. –Elizabeth

Healing from North Carolina

Please pray for the swelling of my brain which is putting pressure on my optic nerve. The doctors are having a difficult time figuring out what is the cause. Thank you so much. –Kimberly

Special Needs from New York

I a have mental illness and have been doing drugs. I don’t know anymore; it is like things are getting worse, from sex addiction, to watching pornography and not respecting anyone in the spirit. I really do need help. Pray for me, for my spirit to be healed and for me to focus more on being successful and appreciative of the Lord. Thank you. –Eric

Healing from Indiana

Pray for Margaret; she is in 24 hour pain. –Larry

Healing from Indiana

Please pray for me, for the macular degeneration in my left eye. –Larry

Healing from Indiana

My wife will have surgery and Botox Oct 5, 2018; please pray for her. –Larry

Provision Needs

Father, bless me to move in to my affordable Brooklyn home before Thanksgiving 2018. I’m tired of my family hiding food and my brother and niece talking to me like I am their child. I never thought any of my family members would treat me with so much disrespect in my life. …I need You, God, to bless me to never have to live with anyone else except my brother and our pet! I want and need to live on my own in Brooklyn New York. …Thanks in advance God. Amen. –Anonymous

Special Needs

I’m feeling very depressed…please pray that God fixes my suicidal thoughts and depression. Please pray that God doesn’t send me to hell…I have mental problems. Please pray that God will deliver me. God bless you. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from California

My dad is back in the hospital today for his bad kidney and a cut on his arm that is infected. Please also pray for healing for my mom, Ophelia, and my aunt, Judy, both are seniors and new Believers. Pray for their poor health and finances. My mom’s evil son is taking advantage of their situation; he is so greedy and manipulative. I’m asking God to stop him from continually doing evil things to our family!  Lastly, I’m still in big trouble with health, finances, legal troubles, discouragement, and despair. Pray for my beloved pets! Thank you to all who is patiently praying for us every week! –Mike

Family Concerns from North Carolina

My family needs prayer. God knows all about it. Thank you. –Louise

Provision Needs from Michigan

Pray that God and His angels will interfere with my life and will solve the problem of me moving out of my mother’s house. Pray that God will solve the problem of me signing a lease on an apartment and vehicle that is within my budget. Also, pray that God will bless me to be hired and employed where I will not lose my disability, and also to find friends   who will walk along the same path, and for me to find my true love. –Eric