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Prayer Board

Special Needs

Please pray for my friend Peggy. She is verbally abusive to me. She talks down to me, like I have no common sense. …Peggy corrects everything I say and do. …I suffer from depression and anxiety and this makes it worst. Pray she will be saved. –Anonymous

Special Needs

Heavenly Father, help me; You know my pain…You know how long I have waited a reconciliation and restoration. Please, God, soften and touch Damianus’ heart for me. …I surrender my life to you. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands; please make this miracle happen for me. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Michigan

Our Father, who is in Heaven, sanctify these prayers…in Jesus’ name. Amen. –Jeremy

Special Needs

My family, this is my continual prayer for us all: Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your arm of strength and power oh God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love and tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving in to the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love and we praise You! Amen. –David

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Caorlina

Please pray that God renews my relationship with my boys, Ben and Jo. Amen. –Emily

Provision Needs from New York

Please pray for me. I am facing eviction. I don’t have a Job, I don’t have finances and I don’t have help. –Lasonia

Healing from Greenville, North Carolina

Please pray for my nephew, Melvin, who has been in a nursing home for nearly three years; the staff mistreats him. We have discussed concerns but so far nothing has really changed. Please pray for his healing and favor with the staff. –Nancy

Special Needs

Please pray for a nice natured, ugly dog to get adopted from the pet shelter very soon! Thanks. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Salem,Oregon

Please pray that I can marry my girlfriend, Kacy, this fall, and that my new job will start out smoothly and stress free this coming week. Amen. –Michael

Healing from North Highlands, California

A few months ago, one of my mother’s friends was struck by a car and injured her spinal cord. She spent almost a month in the hospital and now is fully paralyzed from the shoulder down and in a wheelchair. My mom asked me to request prayer for her so God will touch and fully heal her. I believe that God will completely restore her spinal cord and make her walk again. Please, I am beginning to pray to Jesus, in faith, and He will touch and heal her completely; she is 58 years old. Thank you and may God bless you and answer your prayers. –John

Provision Needs from North Carolina

In Jesus’ name, I ask You, God, to bless and heal Miss Dot and her mom; they are both in the hospital with the flu. ...Pray that my disabled brother and I can move into the right apartment because the date for us to move out is March 31, 2017 and we are tired of paying our money to this complex. We need God to step in. …I just got hired at another job that pays a little more money, enough to move into the apartment we chose but I will not beg for an apartment no matter how close the move out deadline is, in Jesus’ name. God, You told me to trust you and You will work it out, that’s what I’m going to do. Thank You, God, in advance… –Renee

Special Needs from Michigan

Our Father, who is in Heaven, sanctify us in Jesus’ name. Amen. –Jeremy

Healing from Garner, North Carolina

I ask for prayer for our church family and one of our members, Jesse. She is in the Intensive Care Unit on life support. Pray for her and her family especially Nikki, her daughter. Pray for me and my family and my sister, Elna, who is dealing with some serious health issues related to diabetes. She may have to have surgery in the coming weeks to remove her feet because they have become infected and have poor circulation. I believe God is able and He is our Healer! Thank you! –Sylvia

Provision Needs from Michigan

Pray that I win the mega millions lottery tomorrow night. Amen

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying for spiritual strength from God, Amen. I am praying to get this breakthrough. –Emily

Family Concerns from Michigan

My husband and I are a newly wed couple that are trying to reunited after living countries apart. We got married in Pakistan, his home country. I grew up and live in Michigan but Tariq is stuck in Pakistan until his visa is approved.
I’ve only been with my husband for six days since our wedding day. We’re at a point to where we’re tired, we’re worn out. Tired and stressful, my husband has been to the hospital a couple times; he’s so stressed. Pray for us. -Stephanie

Family Concerns from North Carolina

My daughter, Anastasia, has been battling addiction and mental illness for 10 years. She was finally starting to turn around when she got back with an old boyfriend who has gotten her pregnant again, got her around his substance abuse and kicked her out knowing she is homeless.  Right now she is in jail but gets out on Easter and I need somewhere for my pregnant daughter to go and to be free from the charges this guy is pressing on her.  Thank you so much for praying. I know God has an answer for every bit of this! –Angela

National/International Needs

Please pray that God gives justice to and helps all the abducted. Pray that He blesses, helps and favors all His godly, obedient followers in Jesus Christ’s amen. –Peter

Healing from North Port, Florida

My brother Ricky is only 66 years old and has cancer. He is terminal with a rare cancer called Appendix cancer.  My mom will miss her son and our family will miss him. He is so young to die and just retired. His wife Diane needs prayer too. Please pray for him and us. –Kathy

Family Concerns from London

Please pray for my mother’s safe travel this week. Thanks and amen. –Emeka

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassions. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your arm of strength and power Oh God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love & tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love & we Praise You! Amen

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying to finally get through this, for spiritual strength and that I obey God and get the breakthrough I need, amen. Thank you. –Emily

Special Needs from Michigan

I am thanking God I was able to get another phone and help a suffering alcoholic get home after a night at the bar; I would like to pray for Daniel. I don’t have any water on in my house and was going to take a shower to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to keep me spiritually balanced and to fight against the calamity of alcohol and drug interactions since I’m currently on anti-depressants. I’m also praying for all of my friends and family. –Dorothy

Special Needs from Michigan

Our Father, who is in Heaven, sanctify your prayer warriors and servants, in Jesus’ name, we are thankful, amen. –Jeremy

Praise from Michigan

Thanks for the prayers! Everything is going better! God is providing and our finances are improving! I appreciate the prayers so much. May God bless you all. –Annie

Provision Needs from Winston Salem, North Carolina

I have been employed for six months. I am asking prayer for the Lord to give me more patience to wait on Him to fulfill my employment needs.  Pray that He helps me to totally depend on His word that He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. He gets all the honor and glory of what is going on in my life. Pray that God helps me to be strong and gives me the strength to go through with His help.  I pray for His will to be done. –Donna

Special Needs

I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after Effects. It has been a source of many of my problems. Also, I need prayer so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day. Also, pray that I can pay all my bills off and get out of debt so that I can give generously. I also have a court case coming up I have to get ready for. I would like prayer so that I can start talking to ex-girlfriend, Dyna, again and have a good relationship with her and her daughter, and that she would be on fire for God! If she is not the one, then pray for me to find a godly wife. Thank you very much. –Andy

Healing from Detroit, Michigan

Please pray for my husband’s doctor appointment to go well without further problems. We need a financial miracle. Pray for health and healing for our family members too. –Wanda

Special Needs from North Carolina

I am praying for a prayer group or church home, amen. –Emily

Healing from Illinois

Pray for healing of my daughter.  She had vision disturbances in December; she lost vision but regained it after she was admitted to the hospital and given steroid infusions. Her vision became blurry again a few weeks ago. She has Sarcoidosis; this is an autoimmune disease. She is 43 years of age.  This is a chronic disease that can cause death due to organ failure and at the least, blindness.  Pray also that she will totally surrender her life and will to Jesus. Pray that she will be healed, and for coping skills for the entire family. I plan to move to her town to be there to help her but she has a Pit-Bull that I am afraid of.  He does not know me, and he acts like he will bite. I also ask for protection. –Shereese

Provision Needs from Michigan

Pray that God will provide my brother, Adam, with the opportunity to make a down payment on their new house and move out of our mother’s house. Also, I trust God to allow me the strength to go to the dentist,  and the blessing of employment where I can keep my disability. Also, pray that God will allow me to find an apartment or house within my price range and budget, and allow me to start my new forever home with the help of my mother, Robin,  and my sister, crystal. Pray that I will be close to shopping, the doctor and on demand transportation. Also, pray that God will provide my mother with time off, where she can relax. Pray that God will allow me to improve my social skills, and will provide me with a new primary care doctor…amen. –Eric

Special Needs from Texas

A year ago around this time, mine & Zach’s relationship began to unravel, but months before the storm hit, the Lord gave me a word: Restoration. I was unsure why I was praying for he and I to be restored when nothing was going wrong, but then it all made sense. A year later I am still standing on the promise of restoration knowing that God has a plan and no time is wasted in our Father’s hands.  I pray that the promise of restoration will overtake us in this season. Speak into Zach’s heart and guide him firmly back to us. I trust You through it all Lord and remain expectant. –Lesley

Special Needs

Please pray for me to get sound solid sleep the rest of Spring break. I need the rest, and have been waking up restless and tossing halfway through the night. Please pray I will sleep peacefully and soundly! –Anonymous

Special Needs from Hyderabad, India

Praise The Lord. I am not feeling well; my red blood cell count is down and my white blood cell count is up. Please pray for me. I also have financial problems; please pray for me. - Esther

Provision/Employment Needs from North Carolina

I am asking God to help me and guide me to pass my interview and to get a “yes” from our new home manager and get the lease and the keys this coming weekend. Only God can do it. Pray that I will not be taken to court by the apartment manager. I thank God in advance, in Jesus’ name, Amen. We love God, Jesus, and TCT! - Renee

Special Needs from Flint, Michigan

I need help to understand God’s will at this time in life. - Darryl

Family Concerns

Pray for mine and my dad’s relationship. Please help pray that God will touch and speak to my dad before my mum and I go insane. Pray that God grants us salvation, good health, peace, and a certain miracle that is needed badly. Thanks. - Ah Li

Healing from South Bend, Indiana

Pray for my husband, Larry. He has macular degeneration in his left eye. Thank you and God bless you. - Kay

Provision Needs from Grand Rapids, Michigan

I just wanted to thank you for the prayers. The situation with my home improvement dispute was not resolved in my favor. I cannot afford to pursue this issue any further, due to the cost of legal fees. The money I have will have to be used to completely remodel the bathroom. - Anita

Family Concerns from Parishville, New York

Please continue to pray for my daughter, Teresa. Pray that the Lord will soften her heart and she would have a safe delivery. Pray that I will be able to see my grandchildren and that the Lord will protect and save this family. Pray that my son-in-law will take his place. I have a new date for my unemployment appeal. I’m believing for wisdom, favor, strength, and courage as I send letters of character to the judge. - Frannie

Praise Report from California

Thank you for praying for my business several months ago. My business is really growing! Thank you so much! - Irvin

Provision Needs from New York, New York

Please say a prayer for me. I am homeless in Florida and it is spring break; things get really bad, really fast! - Danny

Healing from Highland

Pray for Pastor Mac; ask God to strengthen his body. Pray for Shirley; she is having a hard time breathing.  Pray for me; I need God to touch my body.  - Irvin

Family Concerns from Lafayette, Lousiana

Please pray for me while I’m testing. Pray that I know all the information and I am sharp. Pray that the supervisor, Shabby, is easy on me and makes sure I pass. Pray that other testers pass me. Pray that I am completely confident. Also, pray that my son, BJ, picks his grades up and does outstanding in track, bowling, and football. Also, pray that my daughter heeds to God and my wife gets joy and the best work schedule. - Bruce

Special Needs

Pray for my Joseph to seek God’s Word daily, which will not return void in his heart. May God grant him a great job and give him favor, wisdom, and peace in this process. May God order his path, according to His glory. May the Holy Spirit urge Joseph to be in daily communion with Christ in his heart and lead others who are seeking the Lord. May he not ever be deceived. Thank you. Pray for Christy and Will to receive salvation and open their eyes and hearts to see Christ as their Savior. Pray for God to grant them mercy, understanding, and His love. Pray they will have a deeper desire to read the Word and go to church. Thank you so much for lifting this up to the Holy Spirit. - Anonymous

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

Please continue praying for my healing and for protection. Thank you so very much and may God bless you. – Lorna

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Thank you for praying. Continue to pray for breakthrough I need to know if I should keep pressing on. I need to be reunited with my boys, Ben and Jo. Amen. - Emily

Healing from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pray for healing and restored vision in mine and my daughter Kathy’s eyes. - Elizabeth

Special Needs from Detroit, Michigan

Pray for my husband to have a good report at the doctor. I need peace. - Wanda

Healing from North Carolina

Pray for my healing. I have thyroid issues and panic attacks. - Anonymous

Special Needs from Machias, Maine

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Pray for his salvation. Pray that God’s love will heal Eric’s heart, mind, and soul. Pray for God’s best for Eric. Pray God will teach Eric to be filled with happiness, joy, peace, and hope. Eric needs to be part of a good church; a place of prayer and faith! Thank you. – Alfred

Healing from South Bend, Indiana

Pray for Angie. She’s having her thyroid taken out in a few weeks. - Kay

Family Concerns from Indiana

Please pray for our family. We have had the hardest time of our lives during the past couple months; our home has been broken. We need a restoration from God! - Sarah

Provision Needs from Grand Rapids

Please pray that satan is overpowered, God’s justice reigns, and the issue with my home remodel is quickly resolved in my favor. Thank you. - Anita

Special Needs from Leyton, England

Please pray that I continue to get my medication and that they work properly. Please pray that I keep my apartment tidy. Please pray that my reading will greatly improve. Have a blessed day. Thanks. Amen.
- Emeka

Special Needs

Will u pray that it be God’s will to lead Greg back to me and my kids? He was the best thing that happened to us since my divorce. - Stephanie

Special Needs from Kentucky

Pray God is with me and my family. Pray we get along with our landlord and are never homeless again. Pray God helps me find a wife and career path. Pray He gives me revelation on what to do with my life. Pray God helps me understand and gives me passion for the right job and ministry. Pray my mom is healed. Pray Dorothy gets the right job. Pray we get along with family and they keep being here for us. Pray God blesses us with favor with Himself and man. Pray we are protected from evil. Pray for my elder brothers to get saved. Pray for Sunni to come back to us. - James

Special Needs

Please pray for me for my unspoken request. I will be praying for you, too. - Robert

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Pray for healing for my cousin and my boyfriend’s mother; they are not well. Pray for a release for my baby son; he’s facing 20 years in prison for a mistake. Pray for a return on investment that my children and I made. - Diana

Healing from Flint, Michigan

Pray that I can learn to love and care for myself. Pray that I lose this weight and feel great again. - Amy

Special Needs from New Britain, Connecticut

Please pray for me. I am in a nursing home. Please pray also for Sandy and her mother Dorothy. They need prayer for good health and that they both will have God’s love and peace in their hearts, in Jesus Christ’s powerful name, Amen. Thank you, Jesus! - Tom

Praise Report from Illinois

Hi. I’m writing to thank you for interceding on my behalf. I needed a job and am behind on my rent. God has blessed me with a part-time job! I’m believing to be blessed with another part-time job or just a good full-time job to be able to meet my financial needs.  God is so faithful! Thank you for always being there for me. I love you all. God bless. – Connie

Healing from Holly, Michigan

Please pray for my husband; he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He will be starting chemo and radiation in a couple weeks. He is struggling with this diagnosis. Pray for him to find comfort in Jesus Christ and to lean on Him. Pray for a miracle of healing. Pray that I can give him all my support and be strong for us both. Thank you. - Judy

Special Needs from Illinois

A family friend of ours just lost her brother. She recently lost her husband and has had a very hard time with it. Please pray with me that the Lord would put His hand on her and the family during this rough time.
- Luke

Provision Needs from Cleveland, Ohio

I’m asking for prayer through spiritual warfare for Strowder Funeral Home. Pray that every stronghold on the business will be loosed, broken, and destroyed today. Pray that the oil of God will flow for business and prosperity, in Jesus, name! We speak and believe it in Jesus name. - Derrick

Family Concerns from North Caroalina

My marriage has been under attack for the past year. I am standing on God’s Word for restoration. My husband, David, is going to Las Vegas on business and I feel a lot of anxiety about this trip. – Angela

Provision from Michigan

Please pray for my husband to be able to do his work travel in New Jersey where he will be able to get a lot of hours. He really needs hours. I would greatly appreciate it. – Annie

Provision from Illinois

I need God’s help in selling our home in another country so we can buy a home here in the United States.  I need God’s favor and direction in all of this, amen.  May God lead us in all we do for His glory, amen. – Robert

Healing from Missouri

Please continue to remember me in prayer. I still have a sinus infection. My left ear has an infection in it, has a lot of pressure in it and I cannot hear from my left ear. I hope and pray Jesus will help me! I need Him in so many different ways. I still need more money, but at this time, even if I didn’t have this infection, with all my other health issues, I would not be able to handle a second job. I need help! I need Jesus’ miraculous touch on my life in so many different ways. Jesus can do anything! – Anonymous

Special Needs from Ohio

Pray for Ashley’s right ear to be healed from drainage clogged.  Pray for Stacey a pay increase for her hotel, increased revenue, peace with the staff, no gossip.  Pray for Ashley and Stacey to have full custody of Journie, favor with children protection and the judge.  Pray for no hidden agendas, for changed hearts.  Pray for Holly Hamilton, Karen Oakely, Amy Fogleman, Christine Tailer, and Dr. Smiley. – Kathleen

Provision from North Carolina

In Jesus Name I ask you GOD for this miracle, to tell the apartment manager to trust me and my disabled brother to move in their apartment we picked out.  We already paid for the two applications and our deposit two weeks ago. We need to down size and we already told the management that we will be moving out April 1, 2017.  We need to keep our word and I need Your favor, God, for us to move that weekend with all the money for the moving truck.  I need to pay the driver and the extra person who will be helping us move. We are packed up and ready to move.  I need to finish the training to work at the hospital next week and start working as soon as possible to show the managers at the apartments that we do have the amount needed showing we can live there with no money problems. We pay over $800 every month, utilities not included, in this town house and have never been late with our rent, so we know we can pay their $640.00 every month with no problems. Thanks God in advance, for moving us in our new home with Your miracle blessings, Amen. We love You God, and TCT Network. – Renee

Praise Report from North Carolina

Praise God for you, TCT Network, for praying for me, asking God to clean up my name and background check because someone used my name to steal Insurance certificates to sell in another state I have never been to. And You God, heard all of us and cleaned and cleared my name and background check.  Now I can feel great saying again, no, I am not a criminal, and yes, you can do a background check on me any time as it always was all my life, Amen!  I am looking for great paying jobs and can go to schools and work in the school system, In Jesus Name Amen. Only You God, can fight all my battles and I thank You for doing it all for me as long as I am faithful and obedient. We Love You God! – Renee

Special Needs from Flint, Michigan

Please pray that the person below me will stop using me for pleasure, playing with my head. – Amy

Healing from California

Please lift my Mom up in prayer.  She is very sick and lately has chronic anxiety and depression.  She has problems with her kidney, heart, thyroid, liver, apnea and more. Let’s us beg God to fully heal and restore my Mom to full health. Thank you all may God bless you. – John

Special Needs from Michigan

Pray that God would sanctify me and my prayers for deliverance from Satan’s control and bring deliverance with Holy Spirit authority. Thank you, amen. – Jeremy

Family Concerns

Please pray for my brother, Yvon, who refused to see his mother in the nursing home.  She has been asking why he doesn’t come and we don’t know how to answer her. It hurts her. She has five great grandchildren that she has never seen. Please pray that he will come to see her. – Annette

Special Needs from Ohio

Please pray that Tom and I would get back together, and that he realizes that he loves me.  Pray that he realizes that he needs God more.  Pray that he realizes and changes the things he did wrong that caused me to break it off. I love him deeply but I cannot change him, only God can. Pray that he will get his ex-wife completely out of his life. He wants to keep her as a friend and it is wrong, because she still wants to be with him. I also need a good paying job in my field I am an Information Technology Technician (computer) close to home, one that I will do well at.  The last thing is that my Mother would stop being so mean to me, and controlling, and treat me with respect. She knows the Lord, but she treats me terrible at times. Her name is Delores. Thank you. – Toni

Provision from Cleveland, Ohio

I am asking for prayer specifically for my workplace today, that God would grant us an overflow in business. It’s been slow although we know this happens in this industry. We really need to reach out to more families in this area. Please pray for those in leadership to make better choices when it comes to advertising. However we do thank God what he has done thus far. – Dennis

Family Concerns from Michigan

Pray that God will provide me with a new house or apartment within my price range and budget that will also provide me with employment where I can use my God-given talent and give me a miracle. Pray that I will be given the strength to go the dentist and find a new primary care doctor, and do more in-depth testing for diabetes and if diagnosed, he will lead me to the caring hands of my diabetes team. Also, pray God allows me to improve my social skills. Pray for God to bless my mother, Robin, with a new house or apartment that is a duplex with me on one side and her on one side.  Also, pray that God will allow me to have a safe reliable vehicle in my name.  Pray that God will provide my brother the means to make a down payment in their new home, amen. – Eric

Special Needs

Please pray with me for healing of an upper respiratory infection and acute bronchitis.  Pray also for marital restoration:  My husband is a minister/pastor. He left me, packed his clothes and moved out. Pray with me that my husband will come home and our marriage will be restored in Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen. – Ollie

Special Needs from London, England

Please pray that I have favor with my employer; and also that I have good concentration at work. Also, please pray that I remember the Bible at all times. Please pray that my medication works properly. Thanks and aAmen have a Blessed day. Yours faithfully. – Emeka

Family Concerns from London, England.

Please pray for my Mother who is travelling next week. Please pray that she will have journey mercies in the air, and her destination. Also, my Dad is travelling next month. Please pray for him, and the aircraft he will be travelling in. Please pray that my younger brother finds a wife. Thanks, and amen. Have a Blessed day. Yours faithfully. – Emeka

Special Needs from Michigan

I need God to tell me what career to go into. I am currently in Law School, but I don’t know if it’s going to work out. Last semester my grades just missed academic probation, and this semester I am still struggling. Please pray that God will lead me in the right direction. Please pray that I memorize all that I need to so that I do well during finals week on April 10. – Geoffrey

Healing from Missouri

Please remember me in prayer. I have a bad sinus infection. I have a lot of other medical problems along with this. I really need more money, but I don’t think I’m well enough for a second job. I need Jesus!  And please remember my Dad, he has the flu right now. He also has other health issues. Thank you for your prayers for provision and healing. – Anonymous

Family Concerns from Mount Pleasant, Tennessee

I have sent in several prayer request for restoration in my marriage and bring my wife back from sin of adultery and the dark place she is in right now. I need a miracle from God concerning this that His will towards marriage be done and the Bible says that if anything be bound here on earth it is also bound in heaven. I am binding our marriage here on earth. Also, the Bible says where two or three come into agreement in prayer God will hear that prayer and it will be given to them their request. Me and my wife’s Father, who is the Pastor of our church, are in full faith agreement on her coming back to God and the marriage. Please pray in agreement with me and several others, including my wife’s parents, that this miracle happens. This is urgent, as my wife is living in sin with this man and has filed divorce papers.  I am asking God to bring her back to Himself and open her eyes and stop the divorce before I receive papers in the mail that I do not, with an ounce of my body, soul, and spirit, want to sign for any reason whatsoever! – Kevin

Special Needs

Please pray for Christy, Will and Chris to open the eyes of their hearts to see and accept Jesus as their Savior. May God provide wisdom to me, my son who soon graduates college, and my husband as we are seeking job opportunities.  Pray for God direct and lead and guide our paths through His sweet provision for His sheep.  Pray that our heater in our house begin to work again as a testimony to God providing our needs through faith. Thank you. – M

Special Needs from Flint, Michigan

Pray that I will pay off all my bills and improve my credit. Pray that my neighbor below me will stop causing problems.  Pray that I will live my life peacefully in my apartment. – Amy

Healing from Flint, Michigan

Pray that my brother, Terry, will go to the doctor more often to better his health. – Amy

Family Concerns from California

I am asking you all, please pray for my Mom. She is very sick and lately has been depressed.  Please ask God in Jesus Name to heal and deliver her from all the sickness and depression.  Thank you. – John


I could lose my home and business. I need $50,000 by April 6th.  Please pray. – Annette

Family Concerns from Cedar Springs, Michigan

I have a nephew, Donnie, who has a girlfriend in Norway. He visited and the girlfriend became pregnant. They had plans of marriage and raising the baby here in the states.  She lives with her parents, they kicked her out and said “You have to have an abortion to have anything to do with us again, and we will not help you”.  She called my nephew a couple of hours ago, and informed him that she made a doctor’s appointment to abort the child.  He begged her, “let me have my child and raise him or her.”  She said, “No. I have no help; I have no place to live.”  He’s so depressed.  He lost his first child at birth, a little boy named Jack. I told him things could still change.  He said, “Maybe, or maybe God just does not want me to have children.”  Please pray for the protection of this unborn child. Thank You. – Terri

Provision from New York

Please pray for our financial situation.  My husband and I would like to go on a trip to Israel with our Bishop, but we need the money. Pray for God to have the money coming forward and that satan gets off of our finances.  I am seeking a breakthrough for rest in my spirit, soul, mind, and body.  Pray that God would deliver me from fear, anxiety, worry, and over my active though process of over thinking things. – Jenifer

Special Needs from Tennessee

I am in need of prayer in a touchy situation.  My neighbors got a dog a year ago and it recently has taken to barking very loudly for long periods of time in the yard.  It has my nerves shot all to pieces, and I am going to have to say something to them about it.  I am requesting prayer over it.  Thanks. – Anonymous

Special Needs from Forth Worth, Texas

I need prayer in all areas, my health, for family members, finances, salvation, also safety and protection for us. Pray for favor with God and man. I lost my position with a part time job because of lies that were told and believed by supervisors. I am waiting on God to vindicate me or open another door. I am trusting in God and His awesome goodness. – Cheryl

Speical Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying God brings me out, and that chains break!  Thank you so much for praying. - Emily


Special Needs from Niagara Falls, New York

I am 55 years of age and very lonely and financially poor. I need a miracle and that is it. Please keep me in prayer. – Dominick

Special Needs from United States

Please pray for me.  I am praying for and need a financial miracle.  Also please pray for my sister, Dean, and her husband, Cub.  They beat me out of family estates and more.  Dean and Cub are very wealthy. They know I struggle, but they do not care.  God please convict Dean and Cub’s hearts, also praying they both will be saved. – Anonymous

Provision from Flint Michigan

I’m one of those who God spoke to me through Dr. Coy Barker for a reversal in my life for financial and family. I need a home and salvation in my household. I have been through so many struggles and I know God is my only answer. Thank You for your prayers. – Vivian

Healing from Michigan

I’m standing in need of prayer for healing from the constant chronic pain and weakness I have in my body. I have been suffering with this for 18 years now. – Tammy

Special Needs

Please pray that my kids will return home full time and to God.  Pray for my finances need lots of help to be debt free. Pray for my diabetes and that I can stop taking insulin soon, lose weight and get in shape, and other physical issues. I have a major unspoken request and pray for removal of all fear, anxiety, and worry, and for strength, peace, wisdom and courage.  Pray that I can get house work done. We have a house to paint, and it needs to be done soon to sell. Pray for my Christian fiancée, Judy, that things will grow closer, God knows. Place a hedge of protection on us, and that God will protect all who go to my church and that the Holy Spirit will intervene and protect.  Pray for a miracle victory in all of these prayers. Pray for new job and my existing employment and businesses and that God will bind the evil one. – Doug