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Prayer Board

Special Needs from United States

Thank You God for TCT praying with me and for me to get the money to pay for and pass my eye exam, and for me to pay for my renewed driver’s license before it expires on my birthday next week. I am looking forward to going to my home state next month to look for the right, highest paid, home health care job, and be paid for caring for my disabled family member. Pray that I find the right low cost, safe, quiet, affordable, two bedrooms apartment, and move my brother back with me this year before my lease ends beginning 2018, Amen. – Renee


Special Needs from New York

Thank you, Jesus, for favor with unemployment.  Please pray for favor in my ministry day job that God has for me for part time.  Pray for salvation for Teresa, Tom, Killian, Sean, and Danika, for the Spirit of Truth to fill them in Jesus name.  I plead the blood of Jesus over their minds, and a miracle healing for me and others, that the medication is right, with no side effects.  I pray that my grandchildren will visit again this Summer, and that God would bless the time, and give me supernatural strength, for them to be open to Jesus’ warring angels to protect them as they visit.  Pray for a financial breakthrough, and the Spirit of debt be broken over me.  Pray for the Spirit of Truth to fill me, and God to gather my mate. I pray for the women’s meeting to grow in wisdom and direction, for teaching God’s heart for what to study, for a revelation for me, inner strength, courage, and a fresh anointing in ministry. – Frannie

Provision from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying for this three bedroom house to open up.  I am praying God will deliver me and help me, praying that He restore me, and praying I find a church!  Thank you. – Emily

Healing from Texas

Pray for Mom, she is 86, to restore her health.  Amen – Vicky


I am asking prayers for protection over my husband’s job, that God will protect him from the plans of the enemy. Prayers that the Lord would vindicate him and let the Lord’s favor be all over him. I pray for the Lord’s peace as well. – Anonymous

Special Needs from Raleigh, North Carolina

Please pray with me concerning my family, emotional, spiritual and financial needs.  Thank you. – Ned

Special Needs

Please help me pray for uncommon wisdom, uncommon protection, uncommon favor.  Thank you! – Joan

Healing from Singapore

My mum has a certain condition. We are due for further checks next week and probably surgery on the same day. I know it’s a relatively low-risk day surgery thingy but as far as possible, I hope she doesn’t have to go through that at all. Please help pray for God to work out a miracle for us, grant my parents physical healing, good health, strength and peace. Thanks. – Ah Li

Provision from United States

Please pray for my son Jason. His boss is giving him a hard time. Jason’s boss wrote him up for no reason. Jason said his boss is very difficult and rude. His boss is from another country.  God please convict his boss’s heart. God please give this boss a kind understanding heart. My son has bills. My son cannot afford to be fired.  I am praying for God to do miracles. – Anonymous

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Please agree with me in prayer for my brother, Chris, that have prostate cancer, and for the favor of God to pay off my college loans. – Yolanda

Family Concerns from Georgia

Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I have been separated since June 28, 2013. I truly believe what God has joined together, no man can asunder. Due to adultery and sexting, our marriage failed and I could no longer stand with the cheating. But I do believe in reconciliation, healing, and forgiveness. I thank God that I can forgive him but now it’s just a matter of having our family whole again and having him rededicate his life to Jesus. Thanks and God bless. – Dannie

Healing from Winterville, North Carolina

I pray for the healing of my daughter, Stephani, mind, body and soul, and her son Markell. They do not get along and they both have mental disorders.  Please pray that they are healed, that God will heal their broken hearts, that they forgive each other and live a prosperous life through Christ. Thank you. – Debra

Family Concerns from Garner, North Carolina

Please pray for Gene. – Diane

Provision from Denver, Colorado

I ask God to give me the right job or purpose so I can be happy and help others. In Jesus name I pray amen. Thank you. – Robert

Family Concerns from Cambria Heights, New York

I am writing because I’m concerned for my Mother.  She is a member of a church in my area.  She has been unable to attend her church because she has moderate to severe arthritis, causing her to walk just very short distances. She hasn’t been in church for about five months.  No one from the church has called or made any inquiries of her, but a couple of days ago, my Mom received an envelope from the church. Inside the envelope was every envelope representing each week that she did not attend. They want for her to fill each envelope with the money that she would have normally sent if she was able to attend.  There was no note in the envelope they sent, all that was in the envelope were five months worth of tithing envelopes, and of course, my Mom assumed that they must want for her to return these tithing envelopes with the money that they believe she owes the church.  My Mom is almost 90 years old, and no one sent a note to say, ‘how are you?’ or ‘is there something that we can do to help you?’ or ‘are you well?’  All they wanted was their money. I am asking for you to pray for my Mom that she will judge a Church based on their heart for The Lord and for other people.  I ask that you pray that my Mom will find a place of worship that centers on loving the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.  It just breaks my heart to see my Mom so faithful to a Church who doesn’t care about her. – Veronica


I have two job interviews tomorrow and would like to request prayer that all goes well, and smoothly.  I also pray for a full time job that I fit in at and can handle teaching. And pray for good sleep. – Ann

Praise Report

I thank the Lord for the tremendous healing received! Please pray for my complete physical healing especially my eyes, ears, and financial blessing, in Jesus name, Amen! Lord, please answer the desperate prayers of your orphan child in your most Holy Name, Amen! – Mary

Healing from Garner North Carolina

I am requesting prayer for a young lady in our church, Connie, who is having surgery today to remove two growths or tumors on her kidneys. We stand in agreement that the tumors will not be cancerous in Jesus name. Please keep me and my family in prayer. Thank you prayer partners.  – Sylvia

Special Needs from United States

God please keeping me and my brother, T. and our pet taking every chance to rest with no worries, just all faith in You, God, in Jesus Name Amen. God bless you all. We love you! – Renee

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying for God to move in this custody situation, and bring my boys back, and show me what to do for a job, Amen. Please pray I get the money to be able to see my boys often too, amen. – Emily

Praise Report from Michigan

I am thanking God for my children’s health. – Dorothy

Special Needs

Please pray that the Lord would guide my life in the direction it’s intended to go.  Since I was young, I have always felt I was called to be a musician for the Lord or to write music.  Please pray God will speak to my heart so I can know His desires for me. I only want to please Him. Thank you. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Serbia

Please, keep Dejan and me in continued prayers for the improvement, and developing and deepening of our relationship, strengthening our love. Pray that God leads and protects our future and gives us wisdom in dealing with each other.  Pray for God’s protection and blessings in our relationship so that we grow into a strong Christian couple. Thank you for all your prayers –Katarina

Special Needs from North Carolina

I need a little more Jesus. –Anonymous

Special Needs

Pray for a job for me very soon. Also, pray for my finances they need a lot of help. Pray for my children to return to the Lord and me. Pray for my diabetes to go away, that I can stop taking medicine and lose weight. Pray for my wife; we are doing well but prayer always helps.  Pray that my worry, fear, nervousness and concern will go away and that I will have joy, peace, strength, courage, wisdom and victory in all areas. –Doug

Special Needs from Michigan

Lord, please sanctify these prayers and servants in Jesus’ name, thank You and amen. –Jeremy

Special Needs from Santa Clara, California

Please pray for the Lord’s grace, mercy, love, help, complete healing, full-household salvation, leadership, truth and light, peace and comfort, presence and favor, impenetrable protection, and all that’s good from God above for all of the United States, Israel and all of the body of Christ. Pray for me, my mom, Patricia, my sister, Kathleen, and all of my family. Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually save, heal, and restore us all; forgive us of all our sins; write our names in His Book of Life; grant to us all our needs and desires according to His good will. And deliver us from all evil and the Evil One. Amen. Thank you. –Sean

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love & tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love & we Praise You! Amen

Special Needs from Lexington, North Carolina

I feel like my husband is cheating on me with girls on Facebook and other websites. Please help me get my husband and life back. – Crystal

Special Needs from Lexington, North Carolina

I have many needs but I don’t think everyone can help me with my needs, marriage, or my life, without my newborn baby boy or other children. My sister is running from the law and she has my brother running with her, and I feel like everyone is running out of my life because I almost died twice, and no one was there for me, and they are not there now. I ask myself why doesn’t anyone love me or want me, but I can’t get an answer. I feel like God hates me too, but everyone says that God loves me, but I can’t believe because of what I’ve been through for 33 years. – Crystal

Family Concerns from India

Thank you for the blessings both personal and professional.  Continue building a bridge of thorns between Paresh and other women or distractions and let us settle down as planned. Thank you for the placements at work. Let me continue to meet my targets, placements, and clear all debts. Help me save money and stop overspending. Please help my son, Chris, who has lost belief in You. Build a bridge of thorns between bad friends or distractions. Let him come on the right path and make good life choices for his education and career. I’m level 3 obese. Help me on my weight loss journey towards better health. Let me be a better person, mother, and partner. – Karen

Provision from Guyton, Georgia

I’m a by faith believer, and the job I’ve been on for the past 23 years I stand in jeopardy of losing because of a rule valuation. So my wife, Julie, and I are asking for the prayers of the righteous. – Bruce

Healing from Randallstown, Maryland

Please pray for my wife.  She misses lots of time from work because of health related issues.  We are both 53 years of age seeking to get our own house. – Lorenzo

Special Needs

I am praying for God to heal me of all un-forgiveness.  I just want to forgive, for my hair to grow back and to lose all the weight I gained.  I want to stop worrying. please pray for me. Thanks and God Bless. –Jacqueline

Special Needs from North Carolina

In Jesus Name, I ask you God to make a miracle for me to renew my driver’s license in my home state this month before it expires on my birthday. I’m caring for my disabled brother in where I live now and I cannot get my home state to renew my license or take the eye exam. I need you God, to make it all possible for me while I’m in here right now, to renew my license. I have had it since I was 16 years and I’m a great driver and never had it renewed late or suspended. God I don’t want to lose my driver’s license now or ever for any reason. I have to do all of the driver’s license renewing here now and I don’t have all the money for eye exam and the overcharging fee. So I need You God to do it all for me, now in Jesus Name, so I can keep driving safely and legally.  I’m a widow and I’m looking forward to moving my brother back to our home state with me as soon as possible. Please make it happen, God, Amen. – Renee

Healing from Randallstown, Maryland

My wife misses lots of time from work because of her health. We are both 53 years of age seeking to get our own house. –Lorenzo

Family Concerns from India

Please pray the Lord will bless my son, Joel, with spiritual and physical blessing. Pray the Lord will give him wisdom, understanding, and good memory so he will do well in his final exam and come through with flying colors. –Jude

Healing from Florida

My brother, Michael, is 50 years old, and two days ago, he had a heart attack. A stent was placed in his heart and he was sent home the next day. He was readmitted this evening with inflammation around the heart. Please agree with me in prayer for the manifestation of healing in his body that our Jesus already paid for. Amen! –Desiree

Healing from Homestead Florida

Please Pray for my eyes. Diabetes is affecting them and my vision. Also, please pray for my finances. –Enrique

Healing from North Carolina

I don’t have a job, and God and I need You to heal my teeth and gums… a piece of my tooth broke off on both sides… my mouth is beginning to hurt when the air hits it. I need total healing. …I have no access to Medical coverage and I can’t stand any kind of toothache. I thank You, God, in Advance for totally Healing my teeth and gums from all infection and pain, in Jesus’ name. I pray to get me back to my home in New York City as soon as possible so I can get medical coverage. –Renee

Provision Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying a door to a three bedroom apartment opens. I am praying I get this breakthrough. –Emily

Provision Needs from Kansas

I have a job interview on Tuesday and I need about $650 to go to there and back home. Please pray for me; it is urgent. Thanks. –Les

National/International Needs from Poland

God, please help us and teach us to build a wall of prayer around the United States, Canada and Poland.  Please pray that Poland, the United States and Canada will overcome. Pray for freedom from dead religion to the saving faith in God through Jesus Christ .Pray for the Church, for the repentance and cleansing of the church. Pray for God to stir up the hearts of my family for ministry. Pray God’s will and wisdom for me and my family. I ask God for great wisdom in school for Daniel, and for Edmund’s work situation, for Dorothy, Peter and Ann. She needs a husband. Pray for God’s order in my work. I ask God for blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. –Edmund

Provision Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray that I get a new job in the near-future. Also, please pray that I have good concentration in my present job. –Emeka

Praise from United Kingdom

Please pray that the Lord will visit everybody on my street. Thank the Lord for giving my dad a safe journey back to Nigeria. Have a blessed day. –Emeka

Provision Needs from New York

My house caught fire in September. I’ve been homeless since that time. Please pray that I can find a nice home to live in with my children. –Vivian

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Please pray that I know God’s will in this custody situation, that I discern God’s voice, and that He comfort me concerning my boys, Ben and Jo. Please pray God watch over my boys. Pray for spiritual protection for my family. Pray that I stop feeling guilty or begin to know if God is convicting me or if this may be condemnation from the enemy. Please pray I know the difference and begin to hear God more clearly. I pray that God helps me to know what to do. I’m tired of not knowing what to do. Thank you. –Emily

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love & tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love & we praise You! Amen

Healing from Texas

Please pray for a tremendous amount of revelation, love and peace for me. Pray against mental and emotional trauma. Pray for physical strength and healing for my leg, hip, joint, and muscle pain. –Sarah

Family Concerns from Henderson, North Carolina

Pray for God to bind satan over any curses that are on my family. We are blessed going in and going out! My children are in jail but there will be no record of them ever being there!  Every charge that is against them is gone!! Pray for Ben and David. Pray that Ben’s children and wife will welcome him home!  No weapon that is against us shall prosper! Pray that Anthony and Christy will come to the lord and train their children in the lord! Pray that Frank will let me back in my home! –Karen

Special Needs

The devil is hurting me. Pray for me. –Daniel

Provision Needs from USA

Please pray for my husband to have an abundantly blessed sales day at work today, for God to flood the store with many buying, paying customers that will find things to buy today. The need is great. Pray for protection over the store as well as us trying to pay past due bills without hindrances. Pray for God to fight the battles. We are believing for $1400 in sales today. Thank you and to God be the glory. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from Phoenix, Arizona

Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead me to a solid church home for me and my family. Pray for my daughter, Brittany, to get a great paying career within the next 30-45 days. Pray for me and my wife to become completely debt free within the next 60 days, for the lawsuit that has been filed against me to be completely dropped, and for a multimillion dollar financial blessing for me and my wife to finance an end-time ministry. –Henry


My physical body is plague with a deadly disease, I feel like I am dying. My body is plagued with sickness and disease. –Lorenzo

Special Needs from Michigan

Holy Spirit, sanctify these prayers and servants through the miracle work of Your cross, amen. –Jeremy

Provision Needs

God has manifested healing in me regarding hypoglycemia and food allergies! Also, several months ago, God directed someone to give me a vehicle! I haven’t had one in four or five years!  I haven’t had enough of a financial income to insure, own, operate, and maintain a vehicle-so it’s been sitting out at the donor’s house until I do. Pray for the manifestation of healing in my daughter, Melissa’s, spine.  Pray for the manifestation of healing for my son Micah’s digestive tract. Thank you for your prayers! I believe and confess that He healed my knees at the same time. –Daniel

Special Needs from Michigan

Pray that everything goes well and right for Dianne.  Amen. –Kenya

Special Needs from Raleigh, North Carolina

I am a pet owner.  I have loved my dachshund for 14 years. Yesterday, I lost him and I am in heavy grief.  He was truly a family member. I hope little dogs souls go to Heaven because he was a blessing to me on this earth. Please pray that God will send special angels to minister to me in me in this time so I can peacefully let him go. His name was Chili. – Ned

Special Needs from New York

Please pray for me, I feel my mind and memory are being attacked.  I feel a presence against me. Father you said we are set free in you, who the Son sets free is free.  No more mind binding, no witchcraft bows or arrows attacking my brain. God set it free as I cry out and trust your deliverance. – Jennifer

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Pray God shows me exactly what to do to get my boys back, Amen. Pray that God guides me.  Do I stay here or go?  I am praying for the right lawyer from God. – Emily

Praise Report from Michigan

I saw Joan Hunter on Michigan Alive. She was ministering about an hour from my home for a few days. The Holy Spirit said to me that they are praying for me to come. I needed many healings. I went to a service the next day and went up to the altar when she was calling for someone to come with pain. A few of us came with the specific pain. She read my prayer needs. Then, she asked me if I should be taller. I said no to her and that I didn’t think so. The next thing I knew I was growing taller and received a new gallbladder. Praise God. – Kathleen

Healing from Michigan

I need miracles in my body. I am in agonizing pain. – Kathleen

Provision from Michigan

I need a miracle in finances. – Kathleen

Special Needs from Maryland

Praise the Almighty God. Please pray for me because my life is a big mess.  Ask God to fix my life that is broken into pieces and it hurt so badly that I cannot move forward.  Amen. – Anonymous

Special Needs from Minnesota

Emotional and mental healing is needed.  Please pray for Alyson to be delivered from pathological lying and manipulation.  Thank you! – Mary

Praise Report from North Carolina

Thanks God, for stopping 100% pain inside the hole of my right upper middle tooth and gums.  Please keep it and all the rest of my teeth and gums in my mouth painless.  Only you God can save them and keep them healed and safe no matter what I eat. I thank you GOD in advance Amen. – Renee

Family Concerns

Tonight I was afraid my husband would hurt me and he started tape recording me like he did in the past. I have been through domestic violence with him. I left home three times, but couldn’t stay gone because of money.  I have been to counseling already. I need God Almighty to rescue me right this second!  It is my suddenly!  I am supposed to stay at home and get rescued at home. It is so dangerous, and terrifying, and horrifying, of a day we are living in, and my husband is so oblivious of all of this and doesn’t even discern the seasons and times at all!  I need these prayers answered right this second!  This was supposed to be done in 2015! – Julie

Provision from Tennessee

I have a teacher job interview on Friday and am praying for God’s favor in the interview and getting the job if it is His will. I have been emotional a lot lately and not sure why and would just like prayer for God’s comfort and peace to sleep well. - Stephanie

Provision from Tennessee

Please pray for God to intervene, my daughter, Kimberly, a second kidney transplant patient, is to be checked on about her SSI in July.  Please pray for God to protect it, she needs is for her medicine and doctor appointments.  She got sick 11 years ago.  Also pray for her neighbors taking advantage of them, putting stuff on their property and the child playing on it. – Carol

Healing from Randallstown, Maryland

I ask for your continued prayers regarding my physical health, I have a very dry cough and disease in my physical body. I don’t sleep well at all; the death spirit comes on and attacks me. I feel that I am not going to live long. - Lorenzo

Healing from New Britain, Connecticut

Please pray for me, for my health and for help with my life at this nursing home that I am in. Pray that things will go better for me in my life. Pray for Pamela, the manager, Anne, the head of nursing, the aids, residents, nurses, social workers, and for Michael, my roommate, to all have God’s love, peace, and understanding In their hearts, in the Holy and powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen! Thank You dear Lord Jesus Christ, amen! – Tom

Healing from North Carolina

I have a prayer request for healing of dizziness, weakness, and head and neck pain. Also, please pray for protection over me. Thank you so much TCT and may God bless you. – Lorna

Healing from Bakersfield, CA

Please pray for me. I need healing. I have an autoimmune disease (ulcerative colitis).  I am in remission; however, I have constant stomach pain (20 years). I also have glaucoma. I have never accepted these things, but I see my doctors. I have an urgent unspoken request. Thank you so much for being there and for your prayers. – Gloria

Family Concerns from Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

Pray for me, I have pain in my hip and leg, also headache. Pray for my daughter’s strength to be delivered totally and completely of alcohol.  She knows the Lord. Pray for my granddaughter, Jessi, living in a bad situation.  She needs to come back to Jesus. – Jean

Family Concerns from Randallstown, Maryland

I ask for your continued prayers over my blood brothers and cousin, Tyrone. Darkness has taken over and victimized my whole family. I am afraid that the worst will happen.  Please continue to pray for me.  It’s a very bad family ordeal. – Lorenzo

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Praying to obey God and take this step of faith, amen. Praying to not be double minded anymore and to follow the Lord.

Special Needs from Akron, Ohio

Please help and pray for God to forgive me of all my sins and set me free. – Lori

Family Concerns from Renton, Washington

My son, Jeremiah, has been struggling with chronic back and neck pain. He is in such pain that he can hardly work. He also has depression. He doesn’t believe that God cares at all about him. Sometimes I’m afraid he will do something to himself because he has made remarks about not being alive. He has no hope. Please pray. – Sharon

Family Concerns from North Carolina

God, watch over my boys, Ben and Jo, Amen. – Emily

Healing from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Kindly offer up your prayers to God for Martina - that God will bring her perfect healing from acid reflux, stomach illnesses and that she will gain perfect health from this day forth. Thank you. – John

Praise Report from Tennessee

Since I gave my heart over to the Lord, things seem to be falling more into place. I am loving life. I simply need continued prayers for guidance to make a living, on how to reach my simple financial goals, how to find love, and how to just be happy with life once and for all. Only God can help. I have faith, so much faith. I pray hard. But I need help praying please. My depression seems to be better, and I need to keep it that way! – Erin

Healing from Randallstown, Maryland

I am battling sickness and disease in my physical body. It’s been going on for a week now. I don’t sleep well at night. I ask for your continue prayers. I pray that it all be naked before God’s eyes. – Lorenzo

Family Concerns from California

Please pray for me to succeed and get better in my ministries as wife, mom, a homemaker, and homeschooling teacher. I am struggling so much lately in all these ministries, especially homemaking and homeschooling, and I am trying to get back on track in my life, but often times, the trials I experience give me so much anxiety, I can’t concentrate on being effective in all my ministries. Thank you for all your prayers. Love your sister in Christ. – Dianeen

Family Concerns from California

I am asking for prayer for me and my family. We have been going through trial after trial lately and I need your prayers so that we will be able to withstand these fiery trials. I am also requesting prayer for my husband, Walter, who has been drawn to a false religious teaching called the Black Hebrew Israelites. Please pray for him to be delivered from this false teaching. My heart aches because of this and I don’t know what to do. I just want to thank you for all your prayers in the past. Love your sister in Christ. – Dianeen

Provision from North Carolina

I ask you God, to let my letter of complaint get to the right people in the Goodwill Company and they put me back to work this week and let whoever is in charge, see that I’m right telling what has been going on. I thank You God, in advance, for giving me back my job in this industry so I can pay my tithes, pay all our bills, and save the money to move to my home state soon as possible.  – Renee

Family Concerns from Ohio

My daughter struggles with depression and anxiety, please pray for her. – Pamela

Special Needs from California

Please pray. I’m 45, never been in a relationship, and have been praying for relationships for over 22 years. Please pray God sends me a life partner real soon, in Jesus’ name. – Phil

Family Concerns from Riverbank, California

My oldest son was born with autism and now he is almost 30, well, my daughter was doing good until she got hooked on pain killers, my youngest son is having bad company, and I pray every day for their souls, my wife too, but I feel more compromised because I had an experience with the true Jesus and I am a witness that he is real. So please pray for this dysfunctional family. Thanks and God bless. – Javier

Special Needs from North Carolina

We are having problems with the neighbors slamming their doors at midnight, disturbing us, and their animals and kids are on our apartment door and window all the time.  – Renee

Special Needs from Missouri

Jesus HELP! – Anonymous

Special Needs from Michigan

Thank you God, for waking me up.  Please help me face the day again. Amen. – Dorothy

Family Concerns from Surrey,England.

Please pray that the Lord strengthens my Grandmother, who is over 90 years old.  Please pray for my Dad, who is flying home on Wednesday; that he and the other passengers will be safe.  Thanks and amen.  Have a blessed day. – Emeka

Provision from North Carolina

Please pray that God would bless me and direct me to the right job starting next week.  It needs to be on a running bus route during the weekdays.  We are so ready to move back to our home state. I am on medication and I don’t want to keep working in warehouses with no windows and standing on my feet for 7-9 hours a day and being disrespected by staff members. I need money to move and find an affordable home, pay for care of Dot and for medication, storage bills, and money for daily bills. – Renee

Family Concerns from Singapore

My dad was saying bad things about me in the living room while was in my room and so, I went out and sat beside him. To which, he went to his room and I, back to mine. A few minutes later, he called out to me nicely and things were ok for about a week. Then blah, he started hurling insults at me all over again. He just doesn’t see the hurt he has caused. I hope to trust God but can’t help feeling disheartened and unjustified. Please help pray that God will touch my parents, lead us to salvation, heal our bodies as we have not been in the best of health and keep us at peace, and for a certain miracle needed badly too. Thanks. – Ah Li

Family Concerns from Kentucky

Pray for protection of my family. Pray for God will to be done in the situation with Sunni and God to protect us from evil. Pray we get along with our landlady and never homeless again. Pray God lets us live here in Kentucky in this area. Pray we have peace and God restores us four fold. Please also pray for Kenneth, Delbert, and Wayne to come to faith in God and pray for my mom. Pray things get better and finances and life gets better. Pray for me to find a wife and get a job.  God bless. Pray God be with us and my ministry takes off. - James

Special Needs from Georgia

I pray that windows of opportunity with spring open pouring out favor mercy and grace from God and man, through my career, ministry, and sponsorship. I pray that not only windows open but I’ll have the wisdom and discipline to carry out all things. I pray that I will have more financial opportunities and be able to secure/take it. May God favor my prayers and open the door for me to prophesy miracles to all in Jesus name. May my gift make room for me. – George

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying God helps me with my struggle to obey Him. I am praying God helps me make up my mind and be obedient to Him, amen. –Emily

Healing from Texas

I am believing God for a complete healing of an inoperable colon mass and complications. I am underweight so I opted out of the chemotherapy and radiation option. I pray for wisdom. I have researched nontoxic treatments which I take orally. The digestive symptoms and now bladder symptoms have rendered me housebound. I truly see with the eye of my faith for complete healing, and I trust God for the soon manifestation. Please agree with me in prayer for this. You are a blessing. Thank you for your ministry. –Bernadette

Special Needs from Michigan

Holy Spirit, sanctify me in Your light. I’m lost in sin and destruction. Make a way, Father, so that I may hear and understand Your will. Prepare my steps and cleanse me from all unrighteousness, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Jeremy

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love & tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love & we praise You! Amen