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Prayer Board

Healing from Clayton, North Carolina

This prayer is for my neighbor, Mrs. Tart. Please pray she is healed and that she gets to feeling better. Thank you. –Emily

Special Needs from Michigan

Sanctify us, Father, in faith and virtue for Your will and the lord Jesus Christ. Amen. –Jeremy

Family Concerns from Tennessee

My son’s ex-wife is going to let her husband’s grandmother keep my grandson, Ayden; this worries me so much. Please pray for Jesus to move on mine and Ayden’s behalf, and that I will be able to go back to being the full-time sitter. My heart is broken. –Carol

Healing from Ohio

Please pray for my 30-year-old mentally ill son, Alex. Please pray that God heals his brain. I just want my old son back. –Lorrie

Provision Needs from Ohio

Please pray for me, for financial breakthrough, for urgent needs, medical, car, property taxes, food, gas, utilities and phone too. Pray for open doors and rivers of finances. Pray for healing for my daughter and restoration. Pray for our mother-daughter relationship, for healing and restoration. –Anonymous


Please pray for me. I have panic attacks, sometimes a fever, and sometimes I feel like passing out. Please pray for my well being and for peace tonight. –Jen

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love & tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love & we praise You! Amen

Special Needs

I am addicted to pornography and I hate it. Please pray for me. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from NY

I am 83 years old and finally the doctor has said ‘no more driving’. This is difficult for me because I need to rely on my son who lives 23 miles from me. He has found an apartment for me close to him; however, he called the apartment complex but hasn’t heard from them. Please pray that they call and that I can move closer to my son. I really need his help. Thank you and may God bless you, Garth and Tina for doing this work for humanity. –Patricia

Healing from Buffalo, New York

I just got out of the hospital for pancreatitis. I was there four days. The pain I am experiencing now is bad in my back. Pray it goes away. Pray for a job for me very soon. Also, pray for my finances; they need a lot of help. Pray for my children to return to the Lord and me.  Pray for me to lose weight. Pray for my wife and I. We are doing well but prayer always helps. Pray that my worry, fear, and concerned will go away and that I will have joy, peace, strength, courage, wisdom and victory in all areas. –Doug

Provision Needs from Michigan

Please pray for me to get a Cooperative with Delta Airlines in the fall. –Justin

National/International Needs from Michigan

Abba, we praise and worship Your great name. Outside of Your faith, we fall and have no way to rise; but thank You Jesus, the light in the darkness! Sanctify us, Your children and prayer warriors, by Your holy spirit. Send holy fire and healing hands to all thirsty, hungry, and distressed. May God bless TCT and all affiliates. Amen. –Jeremy

Special Needs from New York City

Pray for healthy confidence and the ability to live independently (emotionally, spiritually, and career-wise). I was married to a non-Christian who decided on divorce. Pray for me to see beyond this past decision made in my youth. –Anonymous


Pray for blessing over me to have a good healthy digestive system, and for me to be healed of cataracts and problems in both of my ears, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Penny

Healing from Italy

Please pray for me, for salvation and healing. Thank you and may God bless you. –Pipetto

Special Needs from New York

I would like for you to pray for me that I can get my General Education Development diploma and find a job. Pray that I can get to know Jesus Christ and accept Him in my heart. –Khadijah

Special Needs from Serbia

Please, keep Dejan and me in continued prayers for: The improvement, development and deepening of our relationship, for the strengthening of our love, and that God leads and protects our future…so that we can grow into a strong Christian couple and get married soon. Thank you for all your prayers. –Katarina

Family Concerns from Texas

I am praying that God will deliver a spiritual breakthrough this week and resurrect, reconcile, and restore my marriage for His glory. I pray that He will reconcile my wife to Him, create in her a new heart and renew the Holy Spirit within her. I pray for God to remove any bitterness and heal her brokenness. Give her true discernment so she can follow God’s direction. Cleanse her from the enemy’s impact, influence, and presence in her life and break her free from any ungodly relationships or friendships. I pray God will restore the love, trust, intimacy, and friendship we had, beyond our imagination and to exercise His awesome power for His glory. I pray that God will do what only He can do, what is only possible by Him, and breathe life into our marriage. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. –Nick

Special Needs from New York

Pray for salvation, healing, deliverance and anointing. Pray for Teresa, Tom, Killian, Sean and Danika, for the Spirit of Truth to fill them, in Jesus’ name.  Pray for the blood of Jesus to cover Carol and mike’s mind. Pray against suicidal thoughts for Sean; he is eight years old. My grandchildren are visiting this summer; pray for God to bless our time and gives me supernatural strength, and for them to be anointed to be open to Jesus. Pray for warring angels to protect them as they visit.  Pray for revival for all churches, and for the spirit of Babylon and Jezebel to broken. Pray also for the spirit of prejudice to be broken, and for unity among brethren. –Frannie

Family Concerns from Ohio

Please pray for my daughter, Heather, for mercy, favor and protection for a meeting she has today. Thank you and God bless you! –Barbara

Family Concerns from Pennsylvania

Please pray for my marriage to be healed, restored, and reconciled according to God’s will. My husband of only 10 months filed for divorce because he said that our personalities are too different. We dated for two years before getting married and didn’t live with each other before marriage. I do not want a divorce. I love my husband with all my heart. Thank you so much and God bless You.-Laura

Healing from Detroit, Michigan

Miracles are needed for my entire family.  Pray for my sister to be healed of bedsores and have a desire to eat, and for her to come off of the peg-tube. My husband has high blood pressure; he needs healing from diabetes, too. My feet and legs need healing! Thank you. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from Australia

I would like to receive prayer for the provision of a full-time salary. I would like to work in the field of my chosen vocation of University Studies…Please pray that the Lord will open a door of provision and opportunity. Please pray for the Lord’s favor and blessing in Jesus’ mighty and powerful name. I seek to be able to support a wife and family and to build a home where the Lord is honored in all things. I also seek to support the Lord’s work through the church in tithes and offerings, and to bless the needs of others. Thank you. –Cameron

Special Needs

Please pray that God will cut off all distractions, fill me up with His Holy Spirit, Guide and help me in all concerns in Jesus’ name. –Peter

Provision Needs from Texas

I went through a bitter divorce five years ago. Due to lack of funds, I had poor legal representation and my three children and I were court ordered to move out of our home. One month after we moved out, he moved his mistress into our home. We are still displaced living in a one-bedroom. Please help me in praying that my children and I are back in our home and that God will give us peace of mind. Thank you and God bless. –Sheana

Special Needs

Please pray that God delivers me from this pit I’m in by lifting me out with His mighty hand and setting me firmly on His path. May I always walk the path that He laid out for me. Please also pray that God frees me from and protects me from my pit pusher permanently and very soon. –Jocelyn

Special Needs from India

II’ve hit rock bottom in life. Things have been going downhill for a long time. There’s nothing working in my favor. There’s isn’t an area that I can look at and be happy. … Nothing is working. I think this is an apt description of my situation. Kindly pray for a total turnaround. –Anonymous

Healing from North Carolina

In Jesus’ name, we ask You, God, to please heal our brother Charles of clogged arteries in his leg, groin, heart, and brain before he goes in for testing on July 31st. We need him to stop smoking. …we know prayer and belief changes things. We believe you will do this for our brother and he will never lose any of his body parts. We thank You, God, in advance. –Renee

Family Concerns from Mansfield, Texas

Please pray for my marriage; my husband, David, works far from home. Pray for finances, divine protection, health, and the ability to easily finish school by this September. –Aleia

Provision Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

Pray that I can get signed up for school and find childcare, amen. –Emily

National/International Needs from Michigan

Lord, please comfort and heal those found in the back of a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas. Amen. –Jeremy

Family Concerns from India

Please pray for my marriage to be restored…my wife filed for divorce. –Stanley

Healing from North Carolina

My Gastroenterologist said that I need surgery to remove my gallbladder because of recurring problems. I’m really stressed and frightened because I have a medical condition called a chronic neuroimmune disease which causes severe fatigue and weakness and causes me to be extremely sensitive to prescription drugs, especially anesthesia…I’ve also been suffering from severe dizziness. Please pray for God to calm my nerves, for protection over me and complete healing. Please pray that I don’t have any complications or side effects when I have surgery. Thank you so very much for your continued prayers and may God bless you. –Lorna

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love and tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love and we praise You! Amen. -David

Special Needs

My boyfriend and I had been going through some insecurity. We’re both in our 30’s, and expressed much enjoyment together, talks of marriage and like-mindedness. We recently separated. Please pray for a full restoration of our relationship soon and the ability for us to be aware of our insecurities and to prevent them from getting between us. Thank you. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am still praying for answers, and for confusion to stop. I am praying to know God’s will. Please say a prayer. –Emily

Special Needs from United Kingdom

Please pray that the Lord will lift confusion and anxiety from my mind. I am born-again but I don’t understand why I could be in such a state of mind. –Emeka

Family Concerns

I am praying for healing, blessings and protection for me, my mother and my two sons. Pray that we are healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Pray that we are protected from evil and wickedness, and from demonic spirits. We need an emergency financial blessing immediately. Pray that Darryl and I are blessed to get married immediately, that we never divorce, and have a healthy baby. –Kathy

Special Needs from Michigan

Holy Spirit, sanctify these prayer warriors and servants alike, in Jesus Christ, amen. –Jeremy

Special Needs

I need wonderful leaders in my life…I need the right dream job, my cussing to go away and my righteousness and excellence to come back. I need to be transformed into a wonderful Christian leader and singer for the Lord. …I need my own gas money, my own car and to be treated wonderfully. I need finances.  I am a ministry person and I have not been able to be a Christian in my home in the past. I need this because I need to be able to say I am blessed without fear and with wonderful freedom. –Julie

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Please pray for Jesus to intervene as our ex-daughter-in-law, Megan, is very bipolar. …She didn’t let me keep our grandson yesterday. She wrote our son that she was getting her own baby sitter for her days. We went to Lowes, and the next minute Megan was calling wanting to know where I was, screaming out of control. I have always kept my grandson. I’ve provided all diapers, milk, food, clothes, shoes, everything for him. She told Shelton she was taking him to court to get child support. Please pray for Jesus to intervene and that she won’t take him to court and that I’ll be able to continue to keep Ayden full time.  My son’s girlfriend, Lakin, is very rude and mean to Ayden; please pray. –Carol

Family Concerns from Fort Wayne, Indiana

My birthday prayer for my precious 21-year-old daughter is that she will be fully healed and transformed from her past hurts and pain (that I inflicted on her) and that she returns to Christ. Let her see God started a good work in her and He is not finished yet. I am bi-polar and tried to raise her as a Christian but things went on behind closed doors when she was 17 years old. I abandoned the entire family, devastating her, her sister, and my husband.  She is very angry at God and at me. I pray her trust will be restored. I am back on the right path with God but feel guilty she is living in such misery because of me when she could be free with Jesus. I pray the Holy Spirit fills her as she once was when she was younger and God will send someone in her life to show her God never abandoned her or stopped loving her. I pray she does not keep letting the world try to fill this void in her heart, but that she lets Jesus back in and have a relationship with Him like never before. I also pray that this past trauma and genetics never cause her to battle mental illness of any kind. Please Lord, let every part of her brain and body function together perfectly, let her have complete peace and joy in her life and never battle depression or confusion because of what happened to her in the past. I also pray, despite what happened, that our relationship can be restore above and beyond what it ever was. As of now she does not speak to me, which I understand. I just pray she will one day see the changes God has made in me. –Shelley

Healing from Iowa

I have congestion, sinus pressure and allergies. I would like pure lungs and perfect breathing. I need food and my daily needs met abundantly in Jesus’ name. –Lori


Please pray for with me that God would deliver me from this nasty body odor which has been going on and off for the past 12 years. I have been prescribed different medication but no radical change. Some say bad breath is caused by acid reflux from the stomach. I have tried all I can to get rid of this problem. The Bible says’ If the Son therefore shall set you free, ye shall be free indeed.’ I believe this is beyond the physical realm. Saints, don’t take your health for granted. I want to be totally free, serve God holistically and live the rest of my life in God’s best. I pray more grace to you all. –Mike

Special Needs from New York City, New York

Please say a prayer for me, I hate to say it, but I just don’t care anymore. I have been hurt too much and the only way out is to trust in the Lord. The problem is, He knows how much I have been hurt and He allowed it to happen.  God bless. – Daniel


Please continue to pray for my sister, Regina, she needs total healing and restoration to her body. She has a bedsore, swelling and she is on a peg-tube because she is not eating.  Please pray for my husband to be healed from diabetes and high blood pressure. Pray for my sister-in-law and my brother’s healing, along with many family members.  Thank you. – Wanda


I have a job interview tomorrow and I am asking for prayer that all goes well, and if it be God’s will, that I will get the job. – SU


Please pray that my liver is totally healed. Pray that the tests return to normal and there is nothing wrong. Pray that I can deal with the anxiety. – Terry


Pray for blessing over me, that both my ears and eyes to be healed, in Jesus name, amen. – Penny

Provision from Houston, Texas

Please pray that the Securities and Exchange Commission would reverse their decision so we can get our money back that we lost a couple of years ago.  It is a long story. – Earl

Healing from Tennessee

Kimberly, our daughter, 39 years old, second kidney transplant patient, has to go to her ob-gyn doctor tomorrow for a pap smear.  Please pray and believe with us that it will come back normal, in the name of Jesus.  Also pray for God to protect her kidneys. – Carol

Provision from Illinois

We are praying for new income to flow from the new business. We are praying also that our former boss pays us what he owes us. He continues to ignore our request. He has yet to pay others who did the work as well. He quotes scripture but stands against righteousness. He has caused us great turmoil and taken so much from us. We pray against the demonic counsel he receives and any aid he receives to continue to hurt us. We need prosperity and guidance at this time. We need God to move mountains now. Thank you to the Lord of Host and all that believe. – Eldridge

Provision from Clayton, North Carolina

Pray the three bedroom apartment will open up for me and my kids, Amen. Thank you – Emily

Family Concerns from Connecticut

My mom used to be a Christian but never read the Bible. She believes in some false doctrines but is also a believer in Christ. It breaks my heart that she is so confused and I want her to be saved. I am so happy that she agreed to start reading the Bible with me! Pray for her to be bound from Jezebel spirit and all demons telling her the Bible isn’t true. Pray that the words of truth reach her and she repents of her sins. Pray that she may be filled with our Father’s Holy Spirit. Thank you. – Jeremy

Family Concerns

Please pray that my liver is totally healed and it functions perfectly. Pray my heart is healed. Pray that Denise and Brian are healthy and safe. Pray that we find a great vacation and I get a big new client. Thanks. – Terry


The landlord wants me out.  I have been there 24 plus years. He sends his lawyer to intimidate me and tells me I will not find anything. But thanks be unto God, who always causes me to triumph, touch and agree with me for speedy victory right in the face of the enemy. – Lisa

Special Needs from Raleigh, North Carolina

I asked to be saved when I was 13. I am 54. That means that every sin I have committed in my life has been since I asked to be saved.  I don’t feel saved anymore.  It seems that God doesn’t hear me anymore. I stay angry, stressed and lonely. I use profane language and I curse at God. Paul wrote that users of profane language will not be in the kingdom of God.  Please pray for my eternal salvation. – Ned


My husband, Jay, has a dangerously high PSA number. Please pray it will soon go way down and that he WILL NOT get prostate cancer! He also needs healing for his never-ending tinnitus! Lord bless.  In Christ alone! – Wanda

Family Concerns from North Highlands, California

Please, people of God, I am asking you in Jesus Name, to pray for my Mom. She needs deliverance from addiction and complete physical and spiritual healing. I believe that your prayers will be answered and my Mom completely healed. Thank You. – John

Family Concerns

Pray for us to get along with landlord and never be homeless again. Pray that I find a wife and am able to fulfill the call to preach on my life. Also pray about an opening about a High School Bible teacher position at Riverside Christian School I have been offered.. This could be a great opportunity for me to meet other ministers and to hone my skills in teaching the Bible. Please pray for me that God shows me whether or not I should accept this position or not. Also pray for my brother, Kenneth, that he is healed and comes to know Jesus. Pray for his kids on drugs that they will stop aggravating him and get saved. Last pray for my Mom, Nellie, she was told she had foot drop and is very depressed. Pray for her healing and restoration. Pray also for Sunni to return to Dorothy soon and for God to help us. Pray God restores us four-fold and pray God protects us and keeps us save from evil. – James

Special Needs from Shreveport, Louisiana

My friend needs prayer. – Michal

Provision from Clayton, North Carolina

I am believing God for breakthrough.  I am believing for this three bedroom home for my family.  I am believing God is going to favor me. Thank you. – Emily

Special Needs from Dallas, Texas

I am going on vacation next week with my girlfriend to visit her parent’s home in Hawaii. Will you please pray for the trip to be amazing, blessed, and a great bonding experience? – Hunter

Provision from United States

In Jesus Name I come to you, God, asking you to please make the apartment building management turn our hot water back on and stop charging my family and the other families, two water bills in each apartment and we have to pay the light bill and rent also. We have been without hot water for the past five days so far and no one is answering the phones in the office. Please God give us the hot water back as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance, Amen.  – Renee

Healing from Clearlake Oaks, California

They found large polyps in my husband. He’s going back in for surgery again. Please help me pray that it’s not cancer. Also, pray for us that we get financial like for all your prayers. – Patricia

Special Needs from Alabama

Please pray for Mary. She is dishonest. God please open her eyes to the truth.  God please convict her heart.  Praying Mary will be saved. - Anonymous

Healing from Southern Pines, North Carolina

I need healing real bad right now for allergies and arthritis.  Thank you and God bless you. – Marie

Healing from Illinois

Please pray that the (biopsied) spot on my face is not melanoma or cancer of any kind.  I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen – Robert


Special Needs from London, England

. Please pray that the Lord will bless my apartment and also, that He blesses the people on my street.

Special Needs from New York

Please pray for salvation and healing for my family and me, for inner strength.  Pray for Teresa, Tom, Killian, Sean, and Danika, to surrender to God, and for the Spirit of Truth to fill them, in Jesus’ name.  May the blood of Jesus flow over their minds.  Please pray for a healing miracle for me, Carol, and my grandson, against depression and oppression.  Please touch Sean with healing and anointing.  Please pray for the women’s meeting for direction. – Frannie

Healing from Gujarti, India

My both hands and fingers little vibrates due to antidepressant medicine and fear. Therefore I cannot do perfectly my job function. Please pray that my hands and fingers remain stable and i feel confident at my job. – Sanjay

Special Needs from London, England

I am writing to say that I don’t wish to do a postgraduate degree anywhere in the world; this I believe is God’s will. Please pray that I memorize the Bible.  Have a blessed day. – Emeka

Special Needs from Flint, Michigan

Please pray that my apartment building would be a safe place. - Amy

Healing from Flint, Michigan

Please pray that my mother will lose the weight and that her broken rib will heal. – Amy .

Family Concerns from Flint, Michigan

Pray that my younger sister, Susie, will date and marry a faithful Christian man, not my ex’s, a good man her age she can get along with. – Amy

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Please pray that my kids stop fighting and being mean to me. They are here visiting. Please pray. – Emily

Praise Report from Missouri

I just want to thank God for being so merciful to me. I have more hours on the schedule to work this week! Since this is my only job and food stamp law in this state says I have to always maintain 80 hours to keep receiving food stamps, I need around 26-29 hours every week so I can pay my bills and eat. I have tried for a second job, but employers don’t want to work with each other on hours. So, I don’t know how to accomplish a second job. Other people are able to do it. So, how do they do it? Also, the place where I work needs a good Christian manager. We just had one. He was a pastor. Don’t understand why he left. We all want him back. If he doesn’t come back, that God would send another wonderful Christian person to be the manager. This place has a difficult time keeping managers for some reason. Please, I hope many will continue to keep these needs lifted up in prayer. Every week, I need my hours to be above 25 hours, even if I have a doctor’s appointment. I wish I could work somewhere where my hours would always be the same, like 30 hours and above. I need a job I will always be able to do successfully, a job I will always be able to have for as long as I would need it, and I would always be able to get to this job. I am just thanking God for always providing for me always somehow. Again, I am truly grateful to Jesus/God for helping me get more hours this week. Thank you Jesus! – Anonymous

Provision from Clayton, North Carolina

Thank you for praying. Praying God helps me make up my mind about school. Also, I am believing God for a home, husband, and provision, Amen. Thank you. – Emily

Provision from India

I completed my Bachelor of Education in Mechanical and also my Master of Business Administration in Operations Management and graduated from college in the year 2016. Immediately after graduating, I got my first job in a very reputed company through campus placement by God’s grace.  But after completion of only a year, I was forced to put my papers and was asked to leave the organization citing a reason of non-performance. I did extremely hard work and showed sincerity towards my work, but that didn’t come to anyone’s notice. I finally had to relent in front of my superiors and put my papers, So as of July 1, 2017 I am jobless and frantically searching for a new job. I request you to please pray for me and let me know what God’s plan in my life is. I surrender my life completely to Him. - Santosh

Family Concerns from Finland

Lord, please save me and my family! – Jenni

Special Needs from Michigan

Holy Spirit, sanctify us in Jesus who died to make all free. Cleanse me, dwell with me, and never restrain Your Holy Spirit from me. Renew my heart and thoughts always, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Jeremy

Healing from Michigan

Please pray for 21-year-old Kenneth who has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. He is a brother in the Lord and recently got married. Please agree, in Jesus’ name, for his complete healing.  Amen and thank you! –Renee

Special Needs

Father God ,by the blood of Jesus, hear in Your holy temple us Your saints prayers this day. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. We forgive those who have sinned against us and unleash Your glory and power mightily in and through us. Scatter every satanic work coming against the name and fame of our Lord Jesus, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray and love and praise You, amen!

Provision Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying and believing to get moved into a three bedroom apartment for me and my kids. Amen. –Emily

Healing from Michigan

My sister is not eating or swallowing. She has a bedsore. She is in the hospital. Pray that she doesn’t have to get a peg-tube in her stomach. I want her healed, whole and delivered. Thank you. –Wanda

Special Needs from Michigan

Holy Spirit, sanctify us in Christ who died to make all free. Amen. -Jeremy

Family Concerns from Bronx, New York

My dad won a lawsuit with his brothers over land but it is in India to face a counter-suit. This affects the fact that I have not seen my cousin in 25 years. She stopped responding to my attempts to contact her after she got married…she hung the phone up on me. …it gives me headaches sometimes thinking that I may not see her before I die. Please pray that I can be reunited with my relatives that I have been separated from. –Jorge

Provision Needs from Massachusetts

Pray that doors will open for CM’s family to purchase the property they feel led to buy and that the Lord will use them mightily in their new community. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from Michigan

I am praying for financial security. …I am praying this fast goes well and helps me get rid of things unneeded in my diet and life. I am praying for Pastor Smith and the entire Mount Olive Institutional Missionary Baptist Church, Garth and Tina Coonce and the entire staff. I am praying for the prayer warriors also. –Dorothy

Family Concerns from Kentucky

Please pray we get along with our Landlord and are never homeless again. Pray God restores us, and my mom is healed of physical problems. Pray Loucreasia gets her disability and pray we get along with family. Pray for me to begin preaching again, for God to open doors for me, that I get boldness and a strong anointing to preach. Pray I meet the right people and get in full-time ministry soon. Please pray I also find a wife soon…for my family to be restored four-fold and for Sunni as well. Lastly, pray we are protected from evil and that my elder brothers will be born again. –James

Provision Needs from Missouri

I need more hours at my one and only job. …The only way I can make ends meet and pay my bills and eat is if I continue to receive my food stamps. I wish I didn’t have to rely on them. Here in Missouri, by law, a person has to work 80 hours a month to continue to receive them; that averages out to 20 hours per week. This first schedule “acting” assistant manager did, he only scheduled me for 20 hrs. With mandatory breaks figured in, it comes out to less. …Please pray that I will begin to receive my 25-29 hours each week regularly. I need these hours anyways because it is my only job. I am also on medication that I cannot go without. Please keep praying that God will soften this assistant manager’s heart towards me. We all need God’s divine help. We are all crying out to God. God, save us! God can change hearts and minds. God can do anything. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from OH

Please pray for the finances to take care of my daughter’s medical expenses, for debt to be paid off. …Pray for all living expenses and home needs to be met too. Our home needs a central air unit, a new furnace, and a new deck and fence. Pray for the complete healing and restoration of my daughter. Pray that her 9th grade year will be totally restored too, and into her 10th grade year now. She needs miracles for healing neurologically, from her mind to her toes. Lyme disease and Babesiosis affects the entire body. Pray for me, her mother, for strength and peace to help my daughter. Pray for finances for classical conversation for her education, and I feel led by God to get my certificate in plant studies nutrition for all I have learned and am learning in the healing of my daughter. Pray that God will open up doors for me for pastoral counsel so that I can counsel people out of my home. Thank you for your prayers for me and my daughter. Pray for the salvation of all my family. –Shannon

Healing from Okemos, Michigan

I am sincerely requesting prayer for a friend, John, who will be undergoing surgery for laryngeal cancer.  Pray for the doctors’ hands to be guided by the Lord and to protect all surrounding tiny organs like the thyroid, parathyroid, etc. I am believing God for a creative miracle and restoration of full function of his larynx.  John is living with his wife and children in the Philippines, and has resigned from his job due to his health.  He has applied for a medical assistance loan in order to support him and his family during these hard times.  Let us pray for complete healing and financial breakthrough for him and his family.  Thanks so much for your prayers and caring thoughts.  His scheduled surgery is July 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm. …I will also agree in prayer for this petition, to speak to the spirit of laryngeal cancer and cast it into the sea, and leave John’s body. I plead the blood of Jesus over him. Thank you so much. –Irene

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Thank You, God, for money overflow. …Bless me, God, to always drive safely in any state. I need You to bless me to get the right Job in New York and to find our new affordable home there. …thank You, God, in advance. Amen. –Renee

Special Needs from Michigan

Father, sanctify us in Jesus who died for all. Amen.

Special Needs

I ask Jesus to save, heal, deliver, free, enlighten, strengthen, protect, provide and meet all the needs of Porter for the rest of his life. I pray that God gives him His love, joy and peace for the rest of his life. I pray for God to give him good and perfect health, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and revelation…in the name of Jesus! –Graham

Special Needs from West Palm Beach, Florida

Please pray for Charles and Stacy’s marriage and family. Pray for Delmont to seek God more, and for him to have a visitation from God. Pray for Lee, Alice, Roland, Arland, and Phil for God’s protection and blessings. Pray for healing for Karine, and for my ministry. –Charmaine

Special Needs from Houston, Texas

Please agree with me in prayer:  God, in Jesus’ name, bless Ms. Linda with a great job. Bless her to prosper, be in excellent health, and cause her soul to prosper in God’s Word. Heal her teeth. Bless her with the strength, spirit of obedience, love, and the desire to always obey Your Word and will for her life.  Bless her to always walk in faith, not fear, and to walk in agreement with Your Word. God give Your angels charge over Ms. Linda to guard/ protect her from all evil, hurt, harm, accidents and dangers. Let no weapon ever formed against her prosper. God, be with her like a mighty awesome warrior and cause her enemies to stumble, and not prevail.  God, deal with her neighbors Your way, which is the best way. Deal with their hearts and put a stop to all their evil plans against her. God, honor this prayer today and for always… Amen! –Anonymous

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love & tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love & we Praise You! Amen

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying to know God’s will in this situation. Please pray that I discern God’s voice in this situation, amen. –Emily