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Provision/Employment Needs from Michigan

Agree with me in prayer that God will bless me with a career job with benefits. - Lawrence

Family Concerns from Shreveport, Louisiana

My sister needs salvation. - Michael

Family Concerns from Ontario

Please pray for our daughter and the removal of a serious rebellious spirit and ungodly influences by non-Christian “friends”. Pray for her to be freed from evil and ungodly influences. She also suffers from depression and anxiety; pray for her healing. Pray for her deep conviction, repentance, and transformation of heart and mind, and to seek the Lord urgently. Pray for her peace of mind. Beg the Lord to protect her, give her wisdom and provide godly Christian friends in her life. Pray that she will pursue Christian interests and activities. Please pray for the Lord’s grace. Thank you kindly. God’s blessings! - Roger

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

Pray that I stop engaging in direct sales. Amen. God keeps dealing with me to stop. I need His help to quit. Amen. Thanks for the prayers. - Emily

Family Concerns from Michigan

Pray for my children. - Dorothy

Provision/Employment Needs from GUJARAT

It is my life goal to go to Canada and settle there. Please pray that God gives me a chance and makes my efforts a success. Pray that my dream to go to Canada comes true. - Sanjay

Special Needs

Please prayer for each and every one of my family members to be brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Please pray that the desire for alcohol and drugs be taken away from my family members and friends. - Anonymous


Please prayer that my Dad’s body is whole and healthy.  Also, pray that there is nothing bad in his blood when he goes to the doctor. - Anonymous

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Pray for Jesus to help me get my boys back. Amen. - Emily

Special Needs from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

Please pray I can live a spiritual life full of Christ despite my residual schizophrenia, obsessions, being overweight, and my inability to concentrate and do what I need to do. Pray for God to strengthen my will to abstain from pornography and exercise regularly. Ask God to give my heart poise, my mind peace, and my soul salvation. Thanks! - Gregor

Healing from Arizona

I have melanoma. I need prayers for my biopsy results to be negative. I have an 11 year old son and am afraid; if something bad happens to me, who will support my son?. Thanks. - Sarah

Special Needs from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thank you for praying in response to my prayer submission last week regarding my bath remodel. I wish to inform you that God has been busy. I was guided to get supportive people involved for a meeting with someone in a high position within the company. I had the Shield of Faith. The arrows didn’t hit me; this enabled me to stay calm and stick to the facts. The owner’s son said they want to rectify the situation. We are waiting on a full resolve for the dispute and I would still appreciate the prayers. - Anita

Family Concerns from Surrey, England

Please pray for my Dad. He is coming to England from Nigeria this spring. Please pray for safety of the aircraft and safety of the passengers. Thanks and Amen. - Emeka

Provision/Employment Needs from New Jersey

I was supposed to submit my profile for a background check for my job, but I was late. When I tried to do it, the link had already expired. The HR manager has given me a deadline to submit it or else I will be separated from work. Please pray for a miracle; pray that God will make a way and give me the wisdom on how to do it. Pray that God will touch the hearts of the HR manager to give me a chance to have it completed. God bless and thank you. - Lee

Praise Report from Missouri

I have a praise report!!! My uncle whom you have been praying for, the one who has been having complications from surgery; he has been losing weight, but he recently ate his first meal! His biopsy also came back benign! He is doing better and slowly getting stronger now! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you so much for all the prayers. He isn’t out of the woods yet, but he is doing better. Please continue to pray for him and my aunt. I’m so happy about this! - Anonymous

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Please pray that I have a renewed relationship with my boys, Ben and Jo. Amen.  I need money to go see my boys and to pay for my schooling. I need guidance on what to do. Amen. Pray for favor in custody situation. Amen. Pray for angels to watch over my boys. - Emily

Family Concerns from CA

Please pray for my brother, Emil. Satan is trying to destroy him mentally and physically. He is suffering at the hands of satan. Only God, in Jesus Name, can and will heal and deliver him from demons. Pray for God’s will to be done for Emil and our family, in Jesus’ name. Thank You for all your prayers of faith.- John

Special Needs from Northern New York

Pray for salvation for Teresa, Tom, Killian, and Sean.  Pray that I would be able to see my grandchildren again soon. Pray for favor with an unemployment appeal. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and courage.  Pray for healing and fresh anointing in ministry, my day job, part time. I need revival and direction. – Frannie

Family Concerns

My Dad is nice to people who don’t bother or are even clearly using him yet takes it out me and at times, my Mum. I am kind of disheartened. Please help pray that God would miraculously touch and speak to my Dad and Mum and grant us salvation, good health, strength and peace. And a certain miracle also needed badly. Thanks. – Ah

Healing from Niagara Falls, New York

My liver was injured by taking a medication called Augmentin. Everything points to my liver now healing but still would like prayer as my anxiety level is high. God is good and God bless. – Steve

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying to hear God’s voice. I need to know which way He wants me to go, or if I still just need to take a step of faith. I am praying I make my mind up too. I am praying God will reveal to me if He wants me to stay or go. – Emily

Healing from New York

Tony needs healing for migraine headaches – Wanda

Healing from Missouri

Please continue to pray for my Uncle. He had surgery a few weeks ago. There were complications. He lost a lot of blood. He is in his 70’s. He is trying to mend. He is trying to eat, but is having difficulties. He needs to get stronger. Also, my Aunt isn’t in any shape to really take care of him like he needs. They don’t have a whole lot of people to really help them to provide for their needs right now. They live off in another state where family can’t easily get to them. Please pray that God will provide somehow for their daily needs. I know He can send people to them to help them. Thank you for every prayer. – Anonymous

Healing from Illinois

Please pray for my wife’s grandmother. She fell yesterday afternoon and my wife, Kati, had to do CPR on her and she came back. She was life-flighted to the hospital. Her condition is unknown at this time. Please pray everything will be okay as we are all very worried.  Thanks.  – Luke

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I am praying to know what to do to get my children back, Amen. – Emily

Family Concerns from Winston Salem, North Carolina

Please pray for my family. Pray that my son Kevin will be the Godly husband and father that God has called him to be. Pray that Kevin eats properly; he’s been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  Please pray that he will manage his finances much better.  Pray that my son, Marvin, will get his joy back and will be a Godly father to his sons and will be honest and forgiving, and that He will go to counseling for his mental health.  Please pray for my daughter, Jessica, to become the Godly woman she can be and that she matures and is willing to listen to the truth. – Georgia

Provision from Rowlett,Texas

I come today requesting prayer for my husband; he was laid off work last year after 33 years with the same company due to a buyout. He has put in many resumes and is getting so discouraged. He went to on a possible interview a couple of weeks ago, only the interview never happened and the man just blew him off, where he later learned that the position had already been filled. But we know that it was all for a reason and that God has something so great. He has been doing contract work for his old company, and they were talking about a rehire, now to learn that they will not. I told him that God was telling him he did not need to go back for he has something better.  Please pray with us for him, for he is very low. Our savings is almost gone, and we care for other members of our family. – Anonymous

Provision from Flint, Michigan

I have been trying to get the deed to my home for two years now and the owner hasn’t given it to me yet so I’m asking you to pray that he will do it now like he said in a couple days. It is in foreclosure and I need it as soon as possible. Thanks – Vivian

Healing from New York

I am under spiritual attack and have been for the past 2 years.  There is intense pressure in my head and I feel like people can see my life above my head without my knowledge. I have prayed for deliverance, worshiped and sang, and have not received my breakthrough.  Jesus, please help me, deliver me from these attacks. – Jennifer

Family Concerns from California

I am asking for your help in prayer for my brother, Emil. He is having chronic depression and the devil is trying to hurt him. Please pray that God will open up his heart to see that Jesus loves him and wants him saved at any cost. I believe that God will heal and deliver him from satan and demons, in Jesus’ name we pray together, amen. – Ione

Special Needs from Michigan

Thank you Lord for saving me from my sins. Wash me and cleanse me that your glory may guide the lost, strengthen the weary, and sanctify my faith and all who seek your word. Amen – Jeremy

Special Needs from North Carolina

Please pray for Brian, whose wife passed away recently. Thank you so much and God bless you, - Lorna

Healing from North Carolina

I have a prayer request for healing for Natalie, a young woman from my church whose cancer has come back. Thank you so very much and God bless you. - Lorna

Provision from United States

God help me not lose my job. I was suspended once and should be fired, but I don’t want to start over at 50.  God Help me please and put a guard over my anger. Thank you Jesus – Anonymous

Special Needs from Greensboro, North Carolina

Please stand in agreement with me that God will continue to show my boyfriend and I wisdom and guidance to help us in our current relationship concerns. We have hit a bad spot and there seems to be a lot of turmoil, walking in the flesh and a huge disconnect. I continue to pray that God will restore our relationship and give us the knowledge we need to get our relationship back aligned with His will. – Lakeshia

Family Concerns

I have special prayer request.  My son’s ex-girlfriend, who happens to be the mother of my 4 year old granddaughter, has become engaged to a Muslim. She is also dressing as a Muslim woman. I am so worried, especially for my granddaughter, really for both. She is claiming the Bible was rewritten by Constantine, and that some of the books were removed and that is how we got our Bible. She also does not believe that God is a man. (Jesus). Your prayers are much appreciated, in Him. – Jane

Special Needs from Maryland

Please pray for Jason, Emma, Nora, Lindsey, Tom, Greg, Carol, for salvation, good health, and God’s protection. Jason, has a mental illness, sleep apnea, needs rest, deliverance from smoking, to be dependable, peace of mind, strength, endurance, and stamina. – Ira

Healing from Michigan

My father-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized pancreatic cancer. He is starting chemotherapy, but they told him it would only prolong his life, not cure it. It looks as though he is going downhill fast. Please pray for a miracle and that God’s power and Name is glorified and that this family (and even the doctors) come to know Him like never before. Please pray for his wife as she cannot even sleep because she is absolutely terrified. They have been married 40 years and she just keeps thinking the worst. Please pray for everyone to rely on God and His supernatural power, regardless of what the enemy is magnifying in the natural. Thank you so much. God bless you for your work for God’s Kingdom. – Sara

Special Needs from Mississippi

I have a special request for my sister, Beverly, for money to have her teeth fixed. She is 59 and can’t afford a dentist on her own or she doesn’t have dental insurance. I wish I could afford to have it done but I am on social security and with housing expenses I don’t have the money to help paying a dentist.  Her teeth that she has now are all rotted. I feel terrible to see her in pain with a tooth ache. I know I have been through it and was fortunate to have my teeth pulled while I was working. I will be 69 and can’t find a job to make some money to help Beverly. Need everyone to be in agreement for prayers. Thank you all so much. I am happy that I am a partner with TCT since 2013. Love all the programs. – Patricia

Healing from United States

I command whatever is on my granddaughter to be gone and removed in the Name and Blood of Jesus! Seren Allen is in the Hospital in England with a temperature of 104. Please pray in agreement. – Roy and Pam

Family Concerns from Clinton, North Carolina

We were told that it would be hard for us to have a child. I know that the Lord has the last say so. I just need a word of prayer to keep whole on in the name of Jesus and to keep the faith. – Tanner


Please pray for a financial blessing.  I have overdue bills that need to be paid now. – Lisa

Provision from Missouri

I need prayers to find work to take care of my family. I lost my job several months ago and so far haven’t had any luck finding work. I know God will take care of us he has so far. – Dorothy

Healing from New York

Please pray for me. I am a teacher of the Word and I am decreeing and receiving my healing daily according to healing scriptures. In December after cleaning my house I had an allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals and had infection on both arms and hands. Approximately four weeks later while the arms were clearing I developed a bad cellulitis infection with severe itching and pain in my lower left leg that has left me on bed rest and limited ability to walk, please pray for my full recovery and strengthening to return to active ministry as soon as possible. Thank you. – Darlene

Special Needs from Florida

A life or death situation has happened to a woman and her child and they both need severe and immediate prayer, as well as myself as I travel to seek to help them. This is very serious and involves a four year old. I beg you to pray that an evil person who is an atheist is brought to his knees before God. That his attack, both physical and emotional are blocked. Thank you. – Cathy

Family Concerns from Clayton, North Carolina

Please pray that the Lord frees me from guilt associated with not being with my kids, and that He helps me get my kids back, Amen. I am praying that the Lord helps me stop blaming myself. – Emily

Provision from Mississippi

Want thank you for the many prayers from the prayer team. I know that the Lord is working on my situation. I am praying for a part time job like before driving cars for a car rental agency. At my age that is a wonderful job to help out. – Patricia

Healing from North Carolina

Please pray for protection over my entire body. My immune system is weak because I’ve been very sick since December. I drank after my husband, who has cold symptoms this morning. I don’t want to catch anything else. Please pray for protection over me and my household and please continue praying for complete healing for me. Thank you so much for your continued prayers TCT and may God bless you. – Lorna

Special Needs from Missouri

Please pray for President Trump. – Anonymous

Family Concerns from Mount Holly, North Carolina

Please pray for me and my husband, Gary, blessings and favor in our jobs. Pray for our healing, financial restoration and breakthrough, debt cancellation, as well as, God’s will for our lives. Please pray for our daughter, Jordan, for healing of type 1 diabetes and every organ restored. Pray for blessings and favor in her medical career as a surgeon.  Also, pray for her financial breakthrough.  Pray for salvation for Kenny and his deliverance from depression and anxiety. Pray blessing in his medical career and favor with the Chief of Surgery and his medical schedule. Please pray healing for Casey from stage 4 cancer and sleep apnea. Pray for healing in his marriage and his wife, Elizabeth’s, healing, salvation, and deliverance. Pray blessing and favor for his daughter Makayla. Pray for protection for our new President and Vice President, revival in America and the peace of Israel. – Sue

Praise Report from New York, New York

Hi my brothers and sisters at TCT! Thank you so much for praying for me this past weekend. The park I sleep in was closed for an event so I had to go to a more dangerous park and then it started to pour rain so I had to go under a highway bridge where it was much more dangerous. So the good Lord, in His great mercy, had me ask way ahead of time for prayer and it saved my life.  Please don’t stop, I really need your help! God richly bless you! – Danny

Special Needs from Washington

My husband to be, Charles, is in jail, his release date is March 13, 2017.  We both are Christians. I live in an apartment building in another state, above a lot of bars. My building is full of heroin addicts, and homeless. I have been battling demons in this building. I can feel them.  My year is up and it’s time for me to move, it’s now, but I need money for a deposit, which I do not have. My car has been broken down since April 13, 2016.  I need prayer to move right now, no I haven’t found a place yet. I need my Jeep fixed, apartment found, money for deposit and the demons to leave.  I am on section 8 housing.  I get only $200.00 to live on for now, no family to help, my church is small, but I just told them.  I love my Jesus. I fell asleep last night with the TV on and woke up to this channel with the lady making wedding cake, a Christian channel. I didn’t know my fiancé was prayer for me yesterday in jail at 3:30 am. I woke up here right at 3:30 am, but I could feel this building. I thanked him, I needed that. The Lord brought you to me, thank you. This is my dilemma. – Pauline

Healing from California

I am asking all people of God to please pray for my Mom and my brother. My brother is going through difficult mental problems and my Mom is having depression and physical sickness. I know that God will heal them both and with your prayers, they will be completely healed and delivered from satan in Jesus Christ Name. Thank You, all who prayed for them in faith. – John

Healing from Sanford, Michigan

Please pray for me for healing of intestinal blockage. I know Christ Jesus died on the Cross for me and all humanity. I know His blood is my only salvation and that He died for my sins and that by His stripes I will receive my healing.  I know I am a sinner and am not worthy of these gifts but the love of God for me is true.  So I ask that you join me in my prayer that God will heal me and that this is to the glory of the God of Israel and to the glory of His son and my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I thank you so much for your help. God bless TCT. – Timothy

Family Concerns

I desperately need prayer for my husband’s drinking. He is becoming mean as he becomes drunk. My son is very concerned that he has a problem, a serious problem. Pray for us as a family as we face this in the next upcoming days. Thank you and God Bless. – Tammy

Family Concerns

My husband’s drunkenness is a problem. – Tammy

Family Concerns from Wisconsin

Dear Lord, There is a war going on for the souls of my family. I will not be silent about this! Lord, I pray for the salvation of my family- Tim, Naomi, Darrel, Noah, Darren, Paul, Helen, Ashlee, Adam, Austin, Darrelyn, Erin, Keith, and so many others I know and love. I pray that they will learn to crave You without me talking with them first. I pray that they will learn to stand strong in the face of the storms in life. When people knock them down, I pray that they stand up even stronger in You than before. I pray that they show love instead of revenge on those who hate them. I pray that their lives will show Jesus to this dark world. We are in a battle and I will not back down! I commit this day to You, Lord. Give me strength to persevere through any troubles that come my way, bless me and my family with your peace, in Jesus name, amen. – Kayla

Healing from North Carolina

I have an update on a recent prayer request for healing of my liver and gallbladder. I’m having another test done on them this week. Please pray that I receive a good report from upcoming test. Please pray for complete healing for my son, “Joshua”, and me. Please pray for protection for my family. Thank you so much TCT and may God bless you. – Lorna

Healing from Illinois

Please join me in prayer that God continue to heal my hips and lower back.  I declare victory over them in the Name above all names, the name of Jesus.  I also ask you to join me in prayer for God’s strength in overcoming the lies of Satan being told by Child Protective Services and the police. – Anthony

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

Lord, help me make up my mind, Amen. Praying the Lord helps me do something and helps me be with my kids, Amen. – Emily

Praise Report from Michigan

I thank God for the scriptures of God’s Word. Praying I get some donations to help my company out; and no muting my requests by the wicked ones in high places, but answers from the High Priest commands for his daughter in Christ. (Hebrew 6:12-21)  Paul may have got revelations sent after opportunities missed during Christ walk on Earth. However, each Church should be informed of the hopeless that helps by way of prayer. (John 3:14) – Dorothy

Healing from Finland

Lord Yeshua, heal me, please! Save me and my family. - Jenni

Healing from Kentucky

Thank you so very much for your prayers. They are so very much needed. The pain has calmed down some in my husband, Levi’s stomach, but please would you continue to pray and get others who know how to pray and believe to agree with you in pray for my husband, Levi, for the dissolving and full elimination of liver and gallstones. Also, healing for severely bad lungs. He has Black Lung from coal mines and possible cancer, also his heart.  Also please pray for my granddaughter, Destiny, and her pregnancy and baby.  Thank you and God bless you in every way in Jesus name. – Lois

Healing from North Carolina

I have a prayer request for healing of my liver and gallbladder. I received results from my abdominal ultrasound and it revealed fatty infiltrative change of the liver and mild thickening of the gallbladder wall and sludge in my gallbladder. Please continue praying for complete healing of my son “Joshua” and me also, as we’ve both been through so much with our health. You’re prayers mean so much to us. I thank God for prayer partners. May God bless you. – Lorna Lovell


Heavenly Father, our company, who supports youth, needs Your guidance, support and help. Please help us to achieve our goals of supporting 100 million youth and 20 million adults by 2023. Help our passions, purpose, objectives, wants, desires to line up with your will.  Help us to trust you, be patient, and know that you are with us. Please help these contacts, techniques, campaigns, what we know as continuous-flashing get to the right people who will say yes especially in the realm of funding this great cause as we are currently struggling in this area. Guide us with decisions and make our path your path. Not our will, but yours. Let your kingdom come! Give us our daily bread literally and figuratively. Forgive us as we fall short and allow us to have the heart to forgive others. Lead us not into temptations, but deliver us from the evil one. Either way we are excited to be your children. This is ultimately your kingdom, for your glory and for your power. Thank you in advance, in the name of Jesus, Love You amen! Psalm 128:2 you will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours. – Ryan

Family Concerns from Lexington, North Carolina

My husband is in poor health, and I would like some spiritual healing as well. I want God to dwell within me and make me new and born again. I truly believe that with this all things will fall into place in and around my life through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Glory and praise be to God in Jesus Name I pray. Thank you Father. Also, my husband and I don’t agree on paying tithes. I greatly need to help in some way, but I don’t want to go against my husband, so please pray for Gods Will to be done in our home. – Christie

Healing from Depew, New York

My niece is having her first baby on February 5th. Baby Tucker has Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus. Also, his brain is set lower in his head. We are praying for miraculous healing that would happen in such a way as to lead the whole family to Jesus. – Kathy

Family Concerns from North Carolina

I am praying to trust God with the custody situation, Amen. I am praying that I discern what God wants me to do, Amen. – Anna

Special Needs from Illinois

I need prayer for protection, safety and peace. I let a homeless man stay on my couch due to the cold weather and tonight he is intimidating and threatening me. He threatened to stab me. He was living in his van and his van is in my driveway. I need prayer for him to leave my home and his van leave my driveway and for my protection safety and peace. Today he went to talk to another homeless friend and they called me but i did not answer the phone because i was taking a nap and he was furious and mad when he came back to my home and it is 3:02 am and I am afraid to sleep he is sleeping on my couch now. i asked him to leave and take his van but he will not leave. He watched me tonight so I could not call the police. I need your prayers. I didn’t know it at the time but know now that he has a prison record for assaulting a Police Office and putting the Police Officer in the hospital. His name is Rick and I need prayer for protection, safety and peace. Thank you.  – Anna

Family Concerns from North Highlands California

Please pray for our son, Bryce, who is almost 39 years old. He is mentally ill and homeless. His son whose name is Bryce also, 16 years old, has mental problems also. Our grandson Bryce keeps running away from his home and going to where his father is. Pray for a huge miracle. We have done everything we know to do. Thank you and blessings to all of you there. – Kim

Healing from New York

I need healing in my eyes.  Mike needs healing in his ankles. - Wanda

Healing from California

I am asking you to pray for my Mother. She is lately suffering from depression and many physical alignments. Lately, she has gotten worse and I need all you who believe in miracles to ask God to touch and heal my Mom. I know that if you have faith and pray for my Mom (Camela), God will completely heal and deliver her from sickness and depression. I pray that God will bless all of you, who can pray for her at this moment. Thank You. – John

Family Concerns from Missouri

Please pray for me. I really don’t know what to do. I need a lot of help. I’m all alone. I have no one to turn to. Today has been really horrible. Please pray that Jesus holds my life together. I feel so helpless. I keep feeling like my life could totally fall apart any moment, then I’d have nothing. My health is not good. My life is a huge mess and I don’t know what to do. I need Jesus to take care of me and be my friend. Please pray for my parents. They will be traveling 4 hours away tomorrow. Pray that God will keep them safe while traveling and God will bring them back home safely. They are going to go help take care of my Uncle for awhile who just had surgery. My Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle are elderly and they all need help taking care of each other. Thank you for praying for me. – Anonymous

Praise Report from Ohio

I am thanking God for what he has done for prayer requests sent up in the past for my job and the business that he has provided for us during this month.  He is meeting our needs and more. I thank him for that. I am asking that he will continue to pour out divine provision for the business over the weekend with an overflow in Jesus name. That we will do more than we have seen in this last month. I also pray he will give us strength to handle it. We thank him for what’s to come. – Derrick

Healing from North Carolina

I have an update for a recent prayer request. I had an ultrasound done on my entire abdomen today and was told at the hospital that there was a lot of sludge in my gallbladder. I haven’t gotten the rest of the results yet. Please pray that God heals my gallbladder and that the rest of the results will be normal. Please continue praying for complete healing for my son “Joshua” and me. We’ve suffered so much. We’re so grateful for your continued prayers for our healing. We’re also so very grateful for prayer partners, who are such a blessing!  Thank you so very much and may God bless you. – Lorna

Healing from Alabama

Please pray for Peggy. Years ago she had cancer.  The treatments she had did damage to the lining of her bladder. Now she is passing a lot of blood. God I am praying she will be cancer free.  I am praying that Peggy will be healed. – Glenda

Healing from Centre Hall, Pennsylvatnia

Pray for my husband, Tom, he is in pain.  Pray that the doctor wil give hm his epidural in his back on his Monday appointment.  Pray for me, I have hip pain.  Pray for a total and complete healing for both of us. Pray for our daughter, Sherri, and her daughter, Jessie’s, relationship to be completely healed and whole. Pray for the relationship between me and my husband will be healed and whole again. – Jean

Special Needs from Michigan

Please pray for our nursing unit that we may be successful everyday with our patients and with all interactions with others. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen. – Marsha


Recently, my mother has been struggling financially and it’s been difficult for her to make ends meet, but today she got a call from a temporary agency that wants her resume for a potential job with Toyota paying $30.00 an hour.  If she could get this job, it would really change everything for her financially.  Please pray that the Lord would show her favor to get this job.  Thank you and God bless. – Brandon

Special Needs

Pray for favor in an appeal to return to school. – Darlene

Special Needs

Thanks be unto God Jesus Christ. I completed my fast for the Lord’s will. Pray for family unity and communication. Please keep Martha, her church, Marcelle, his family, and my family in your prayers. Pray for forgiveness for lack of faith and trust. I believe today is our day for the body of believers. Thanks for coming in agreement with the promises of God, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen. - Dorothy

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Pray the Lord shows me what to do about my custody situation. Amen. - Emily

Provision Needs from North Carolina

My current job is almost over. Please pray that I will have a new job before this one ends. Pray that the new job will be even better working conditions, with even better pay than my current one. Pray for full time hours and great people to work with. Pray that it will be a joyful place to work at and I will have the weekends off. Pray that it will be close to my home. Pray for God’s protection, favor, and blessings over me.
- Karen

Healing from Sacramento, California

I’m writing a prayer request for my Mom. She is suffering from depression, anxiety, and fear. She also has many other physical ailments: liver, kidney stones, back pain, arthritis, and more. I know that if we have faith and pray for my Mom, Jesus Christ will heal and deliver her from the afflictions. Please, if you have time, pray for my Mom so God will listen and fully heal her. Thank You. - John

Special Needs from South Africa

I have met a new friend named Gerrit. I would like prayers to strengthen our friendship, for us to grow in God’s love, and to be blessed with love, peace, trust, and happiness. Thank you! - Gabriela

Provision Needs from California

Pray for our company who supports youth. We need guidance, support, and assistance. Please ask God to help us to achieve our goals. Pray for our passions, purpose, objectives, and desires to line up with God’s will. Ask God to help us to trust Him, be patient, and know that He is with us. Ask Him to help our contacts, techniques, and campaigns get to the right people who will say “yes” to funding this great cause; we are currently struggling in this area. Thank you, in advance, in the name of Jesus. - Anonymous

Healing from Casey, Iowa

I have a lot of anxiety and stress. I need prayer. I pray for anxiety to go away; it does work. I also need prayer to be strong and continue to ask God to get rid of my anxiety completely.- Ted

Special Needs

My friend has been dabbling in the occult and is very paranoid. Please pray. - Anonymous

Special Needs from North Highlands, California

Please pray for my Native American sisters in Christ, Linda and Petra. They have been under attack for quite some time now; physically and financially. Linda was hit by a car nine months ago. She has been suffering physically. They just discovered she has a blood clot. More tests are being done this week. She just changed lawyers; the first one was not doing the job. Linda does not have a car and is trying to get around. Her sister Petra has a bad heart. Both of these sisters are single parents raising their children alone. Pray for Petra. She has a meeting at her son’s school. He was born with mental problems. Both of these sisters love the Lord. So much is coming against them. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings to all of you! - Kim

Provision Needs from Ohio

I’m asking for prayer for my job. Pray that God will release an abundance of business. Pray that it will flow this week. We believe, in Jesus’ name. - Anonymous

Family Concerns from NC

Please God show me what to do about this custody situation, and what to do for school or job. Pray for me to have a closer relationship with my boys. Pray for God to fight this battle. Pray God helps me know His will in this situation. Amen. - Emily

Family Concerns from Toledo, Ohio

My youngest sister is visiting my oldest sister in California. They have both been sick and need healing. Because of the rain, they have not been out of their house for two days and now are under a flash flood warning. Please agree with me for their healing and safety. Thank you. - Genevieve


Please pray for deliverance from addiction for Anthony. He is also suicidal with anxiety and depression. - Crystal

Family Concerns from Kentucky

Would you please pray and get others who know how to pray and believe to agree with you in pray for my husband Levi. Pray for his liver and gallstones to dissolve. Pray for healing in his lungs. His condition is sincere; possible cancer. Also, please pray for my granddaughter Destiny. We raised her and her brother Christian from babies. Please pray for their eyes. Destiny just found out she is pregnant with her first baby. Please pray for health for both mom and baby. It takes both her and her husband Zachary to work to make it. I can’t help her in any way, physically or financially, but I know God can. I pray, but it seems like nothing happens. I lost my son, Destiny and Christian’s dad, 4 years ago in an auto accident. Ever since then, I feel sick and scared all the time. Thank you and God bless you for praying. - Lois

Special Needs from New York

Pray for God to touch Teresa and let her see his love. Pray that she sees that it’s important for me to see my grandchildren. Ask the Lord to protect them from her bitterness. Pray for her healing. Pray for God to touch her husband Tom and to save the family. Pray for God to send angels to break the chains. I need favor with unemployment. I lost my full time job because of physical illness in my eyes. Ask the Lord to heal me and give me a part time job.  Ask the Lord to teach me as I spend time with Him. My friends and family need protection. Ask Jesus to send revival. - Frannie

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

I have an update for a recent prayer request. I went to an appointment with an ear nose and throat specialist. He did some tests and found out that the mucus membrane down my throat was inflamed. So, that’s what has been causing all my symptoms (coughing, choking, not being able to eat, etc.) Please continue praying for healing of this problem for me. I really appreciate all of your prayers. It means so much. Prayer is what has kept my family going over the years, as we’ve had so many trials. Thank you so very much, TCT. May God bless you! - Lorna

Healing from North Carolina

I am asking everyone to please agree that my dad, Curt, is completely restored to perfect health. Pray that he lives and doesn’t die! He has dealt with colon cancer for nearly a year and is now in the very late stages of home hospice care. I can’t just allow this without a spiritual fight. This must be called out and agreed upon. Pray in agreement with me without ceasing! Thank you. - Lee

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Pray for God’s divine favor over me and my son Daniel. Pray for us to be able to start and own our own business by this summer. Pray that God would give us the idea, name, and funds to start it. Pray that it will start debt free and always stay debt free. Pray that it will be a fun and happy place to work. Pray that it will always have great financial gain. Pray for full abundance and overflow. Pray that God will protect us and our business. Pray that He will give us great open doors, and the right people to work for us. Pray that our employees will stay loyal to us. Pray for us, Billy, and Andie to live long, strong, and healthy lives. Pray for a life of love, peace, joy, and happiness for us. - Karen

Healing from Asheboro, North Carolina

I have an update for a recent prayer request: I’ve been sick since two days after Christmas with some bad viral infection. I’ve been to my primary doctor three times, Urgent Care once and last night, the hospital. I’m having a difficult time recovering from it. I had some lab work done which revealed a high white blood cell count and also elevated liver enzymes. The doctor is going to recheck my liver enzymes in two weeks. I’m also supposed to see an ear, nose and throat specialist Monday for some of the bad symptoms from the respiratory infection. Please pray that he can help me. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep much the past few weeks. Please continue praying for healing for me and that I receive good reports from any upcoming tests. Thank you so much TCT! May God bless you. –Lorna

Healing from Independence,Missouri

My sister, Pam, is having serious and complex abdominal surgery right now. The doctor told her that recovery would be very painful and last six months. She lost her husband and everything else this time last year. We know complex is nothing for our Father. God bless you! -Judy