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Special Needs

Please pray that my kids will return home full time. I have two girls and a boy. I have not seen my son in six years because of my ex-wife.  And now she is trying to keep my youngest daughter from me. Please pray that they will return to God, me and church. Pray for my finances need lots of help debt free. Pray for my diabetes and that I can stop taking insulin soon, lose weight and get in shape. I have a major unspoken request. Pray for removal of all fear and anxiety, for strength, peace, and victory in all areas. Pray for wisdom, courage, and help to get house work done. Pray for reconciliation, a Christian significant other, Dawn, that things will grow. – Doug

Family Concerns from Tennessee

Pray for my family, my sister, brothers, nieces and nephews. They have not been raised as followers of Christ, My nieces and nephews openly reject Christ and embrace Satan’s culture. My sister disavows any comments on Godly wisdom. I have struggled with this for decades, trying to reach her and her kids. Please pray that God works through this, that while I may not see them leading lives for His glory, that He works their lives to His glory. My heart bleeds for them; I don’t know what the right thing is to do any more.  I cannot deny God and His word? Should I back away and not put myself in their lives anymore?  I need God’s word on this.  Also, my one struggle, bondage, and failure is with finances.  I desire to praise God in all I do and say, yet I struggle with debt and failure to pay bills. As hard as I try, as hard as I pray, I still fail. Please pray that this bondage is lifted from me and I find a way to praise Him in all matters. – May

Family Concerns from Michigan

Please pray for my grandson, Trey; he has ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome. He has trouble concentrating and with memory. He has had three jobs and lost them all because he can’t concentrate or remember his responsibilities. He started a new job yesterday. Please pray that he can remember his responsibilities and keep this job, he really wants to work. He is 26 years old.  Also remember me in prayer, I have an appointment with my attorney next week, I have a lawsuit going on for over a year because of a worker’s comp claim from injuries at work, I am not suing anyone, all I want is my medical and dental bills paid. They are huge, and they are refusing to pay them. So pray that I have favor in this lawsuit. Thank you in advance for your prayers as I pray for you all at TCT. – Joan

Provision from Ohio

I am asking for prayer for my place of business for overflow in Jesus name and to have financial overflow to each and every family that we service in Jesus name suddenly and swiftly. – Derrick

Family Concerns from Texas

God, we touch, agree, declare, and decree Celeste freedom from bondage, in the name of Jesus Christ. We plead the blood of Jesus against the evil in her life. God bless them. God your will be done. The God we serve is not a God of confusion and God is not mocked. God bring her to her destiny with you and let the captive go free. No weapon formed against her shall prosper. – James

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

Please pray that I not be confused anymore, and that I discern what God wants me to do, Amen. That I do want God wants, not my wants, Amen. – Emily

Healing from United States

Please pray for me

Family Concerns from Singapore

Have been praying but almost each time I pray, there seems to be some kind of noise or something out to disrupt me.  I have been shunning my Dad to avoid clash and hurt, and I think he’s deliberately doing things to get my attention or even a reaction. Please help pray me that God would touch my parents and grant us salvation, good health, and let us find complete peace and rest in Him.  Pray for a certain miracle also needed badly. Thanks. – Ah Li

Provision from North Carolina

Without God’s help I am doomed and will lose everything. I am 55 and have always stayed home and cared for my 100% disabled husband. He has passed away with no savings just debt and very low life Insurance to help out in this great time of need. I am at the mercy of God and His goodness. I have been faithful in my tithe and offerings and, as much as possible, to God during my marriage. My husband did not serve God. But I have always put my trust in Him. I need an urgent financial miracle and financial anointing to help me at this time and to continue for my future. Please pray for direction, open doors and His divine guidance for me and my sons at this most difficult time.  Pray that my sons will also make the right choices for their future. – Karen

Family Concerns from Oregon

My family is being harassed by Betty and Brittany. Please pray for my family’s safety and that these women will leave us alone permanently! – Angela

Healing from North Caroloina

Pray that my cough will go away. I’m on my second bottle of Hydrocodone cough medicine. My chest x-ray is normal.  I also have been having female and colon rectal issues. I was due for a colonoscopy earlier this spring but they delayed it because of this lingering cough. Pray for my elderly cousin who has been in a nursing home for nine months.  She broke her right hip which has healed. She is suffering from dementia.  She knows her name and age and sometimes talks with good sense, and other days she talks off. Please pray that her mind can be healed and she can know the Lord as her Savior. – Anonymous

Praise Report from Michigan

I am thanking God for forgiveness in Jesus name. I am praying for thanks in advance to new laws created to protect my rights as a Christian. Luke 3:16 – Dorothy

Special Needs from Lynchburg, Virginia

Please pray for Dennis to be relieved of his alcoholism and any other affliction that would cut him off from the fruit of the Spirit and when he is delivered that he will help others. Bless him with the ability to set a good example for his son. Please pray for him to be relieved from his hurt after a long time friend stole things from his mechanic shop and Dennis had been helping him get on his feet. Dennis is always offering to help others and I ask you to pray that he has discernment about who to keep in close circle. Please pray that Dennis will be able to trust others and not to be suspicious of his close friends because of this. Please pray that God’s will be done at an upcoming court date he has and that he is covered with protection. Please pray that Dennis has happiness, health, and prosperity. – Sherry

Provision from North Carolina

I am unemployed and can’t seem to find a job. They’re always blocked for some reason.  I’m on the verge of having my phone cut off, and losing my internet connection to find jobs, and losing my apartment.  God has already gotten me out of debt so I need my basic needs met.  I will be able to retire next June, but need to make it until then.  $3500 would be all I need to do that and I am out of options.  I’ve cried out to God to help me repeatedly and now I am feeling discouraged. – Judith

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

I’m not sure if I should go back to my old job or not. Please pray that I get clarification from God in this area. Praying for God’s will not my will, Amen. – Emily

Family Concerns

Please pray for my husband and I, our marriage has been falling apart for the past couple of months and it keeps getting worse day by day. I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel very lost, lonely, and depressed. I’m in deep, deep need of healing, I need Jesus in my life. I know that only God can save and restore my marriage, I know that only He can heal me and my husband from this broken wound! I have faith and believe in God and that He will help me get through this storm. Please pray for us, our marriage and especially for my husband and his salvation. Thank you, God Bless! – Elizabeth

Special Needs


Please pray that my kids will return home full-time.  I have two girls and a boy.  I have not seen my son in six years because of my ex-wife. Pray that they will return to God, me and church.  Now she is trying to keep my youngest daughter from me.  Pray for my finances, I need lots of help. Pray for my diabetes and that I can stop taking insulin soon, lose weight, and get in shape. Pray that I can get house work done. – Doug

Special Needs from Russia

We planned a big trip ahead for October 5th and invested lot of efforts and finances. Now issues came up at work. Please pray that the trip stays as planned and management would not hold me at work over my work schedule. Thank you. – Michael

Praise Report from Illinois

I’m writing because I called and asked for prayer because I was facing being homeless a few weeks ago.  Since then God’s touched a long lost relative’s heart to allow me to stay with them rent free until I find a job and get on my feet.  God is rich in mercy and grace and hears and answers out prayers.  Thank you for interceding for me.  God Bless everyone at TCT. – Connie


Pray that God remove all hindrances that have blocked my finances and career.  Pray that every curse and stronghold will be broken and destroyed from me, that my children and grandchild be saved and blessed in their lives. Bless my children with good careers. Bless us in every area of our lives with love, peace, joy, the mind of Christ and the abundance of Jesus for the Glory of the Lord. Pray that the Lord will order our steps forevermore.  Amen. – Angela

Provision from North Carolina

I need a financial miracle. My husband passed away with very little life Insurance. I have always stayed at home and taken care of him due to his health problems. He was 100% disabled. I am doomed financially without God’s favor right now. I need a divine, supernatural, breakthrough this week, so I won’t lose everything. Everything is coming due as of October 1, 2016. I am praying for a steady monthly income that will have me in overflow in finances. Pray for a full financial anointing over me. Also, for the relatives that took joy in seeing me possibly suffer after my husband’s death, be put to shame when they see how fast and glorious God comes through for me with His urgent help. That God will also surround my two sons and I with his great protection and keep extra angels in charge of us at this time.  Pray for his merciful, gentle, guidance at this most hurtful, difficult time. Pray for peace and comfort. – Karen

Family Concerns from USA

Please pray for my granddaughter, she is 18. She lives with a man, not married.  This man is very verbally abusive and controlling to my granddaughter.  He is an ex-drug dealer and a lot more bad things. I heard him tell my granddaughter, I am here for you; you do not need your family.  He wants us out of her life, so he can control her.  He was cussing me and my family. God please stop this from happening.  God, please open my granddaughter’s heart to the truth about her boyfriend.  God please remove this man from my granddaughter’s life forever.  I want to see her happy and what is best for her.  This has put so much stress in my family.  I’m so stressed out, it’s affecting my health.  My granddaughter gives me the cold shoulder all of the time.  He puts her up to bad stuff.  I am praying for peace and love and respect to be in my family again.  I am praying God, for your miracles, in Jesus Name. – Anonymous.

Healing from Raleigh, North Carolina

Please pray for my friend Anna; she has knee injury and the doctors want to perform surgery in December. – Elizabeth

Family Concerns from Sialkot, Pakistan

I would like to request you to put me and my prayer in your daily prayers.  We have two daughters, and my wife is pregnant and her delivery will be in 10 October 2016.  We need a baby boy. I believe that Jesus can do everything and we pray for the same reason personally as well, but I believe it can be more powerful if God’s strong prayer warriors will put hands and voices together for the same reason of mine. Thank you and God bless you all. – Abid

Healing from Wilmington, North Carolina

I need a good healing prayer. I was sick with a cold and I’m still coughing nonstop on and off.  Every time I cough, my chest hurts.  I just want to feel a whole lot better and I really need your help. – Anonymous

Provision from Illinois

We need housing for my daughter and me.  We found a trailer that is perfect and we need the owner to approve of us staying there while we obtain financing. – Ayn

Healing from Carbondale Illinois

Please pray for our pastor’s wife Donna. Pastor Paul couldn’t wake her this morning. He got her to the hospital, they finally got her awake, her blood pressure and sugar are high and her kidneys are in trouble. Pastor Hicks is not well either; he has had three heart surgeries within the last two years. – Anonymous

Healing from Buffalo, New York

Please pray for my friend, Vanni, she has a lump in her neck and the biopsy came back positive for cancer. She is scheduled for chemotherapy in October. They still have to find out what stage her cancer is in.  I am standing in prayer and believing for a total healing for her, and there will be no more cancer in her body, by the blood of Jesus and in His name, Amen.  Thank you and God bless. – Edith

Provision from North Carolina

My prayer request is for my finances to get better to be able to pay off my debts and have some financial freedom and to get back on track and not have any money worries. Praise God that He can help in any way. – Jimmy

Special Needs from North Carolina

I am continuing to pray for clarification from God, and to know what to do in this situation. I am also praying for renewed relationship with God.  I am praying to know what career to pursue, and praying to be with my boys again. I am praying God helps me, Amen. – Emily

Family Concerns from Houston, Texas

Please pray for me, my back needs healing and I might have a cough.  Pray that my sister, brother-in-law, and I would get our money back from a scam that took place a couple of years ago. – Earl


I have lipedema which has caused me to be in a wheelchair for years. I have an appointment Monday that I have waited for 1 1/2 years to get.  I am now terrified to go.  My mobility has gotten worse and I will have to fly there.  My husband is going and is encouraging and helpful.  But I am afraid. I barely leave my home, let alone fly.  I now have incontinence problems and am afraid I will embarrass myself on the plane, there is no way I could use an airplane bathroom.  I am afraid for my two adult children and afraid we are wasting time and resources to do this.  Please pray for me.  I would love not to go. If I can’t get out of this, pray that my family and I are safe and we aren’t wasting money. – Becky

Family Concerns from Michigan

I’m asking someone here to pray for my brother, Alex. Pray that Jesus will save him and help him. Pray for Jesus to cover him and give him wisdom. Pray for the Lord to come into his heart. Pray for my finances. I’m having a tough time. My bills are due. Thank you and God bless. - Kenya

Healing from Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Please pray that my body stop aching and my cough goes away. - Anonymous

Special Needs from Michigan

Pray for me, Sandra, Joan, JacQueline, Ja’Kiel, Melissa, Patty, LaToya, Barbara, Domina, Barbara, Kent, Omie, Marvin, Kimberlyn, and Sylvester. - Dorothy

Family Concerns from Texas

Pray for Celeste’s freedom from bondage, in the name of Jesus Christ. Plead the Blood of Jesus against the evil in her life. God Bless her. Ask for God’s will to be done. The God we serve is not a God of confusion and God is not mocked. Ask God to bring her to her destiny and let the captive go free. No weapon formed against her shall prosper. - James

Provision Needs from Virginia

I need the Lord to move in my business and help me. I need a vehicle desperately! I’m unable to go to church or anywhere. Please pray with me. I’ve got to get my daughter back in church. Thank you.- Tammy

Special Needs from New Jersey

Pray for breakthrough. I want a Christian husband. I have prayed for 23 years and have been waiting faithfully, by God’s grace, for over 19 years. I would like to have a good man to share life with. I’m 50 years young, now. Thank you, prayer warriors. I thank the Lord for answered prayer! - Anonymous

Special Needs from Dearborn

I have a court date on 10/15/16. I need my doctor to file an appeal with my insurance and give me a diagnosis before that date. - Janie

Provision Needs from Detroit, Michigan

Our car insurance and Comcast bills are to post. Please pray that we will have money in our bank account to pay for them.  We need a financial miracle.  Thank you. - Anonymous

Special Needs from Clayton, North Carolina

Pray that I begin to know what to do, Amen. Pray that God shows me the way. I need answers. Thank you. - Emily

Family Concerns from Highland

Pray that our son Eric would quit seeking other religions, such as Islam. Pray that he seeks the Lord. Pray for our finances to increase.  TCT, thank you for all you do. - Irvin

Special Needs from Michigan

It was noted in grievances that my request for patient advocate was ignored. I’m on the verge of suicide knowing everyone is violating my rights with no concern for the damage it has caused and by illegally removing my children. I guess since this is hell, I’ll go with God. Maybe my death would free someone else just as Jesus’ was planned to do. - Anonymous

Special Needs

Please pray for my friend, Peggy. We used to be so close. We talk on the phone. She used to ask me to go places, but now she does not ask me. I live 15-29 minutes away from her. I do not drive and I sit in the house 24/7. I live on a small income. She has said stuff that hurts my feelings. I would settle for a $1.00 hamburger and a walk around Wal-mart. She says things that I feel are very selfish and rude. Please pray. I miss my friend. - Anonymous

Provision/Employment Needs

Please pray for me about my teaching job. I need help to know what to do with these students every day. Pray for my nerves and anxiety, because I will be observed this year.  Also, pray that God would open a door for me to move to an elementary position, which is more my speed than a high school position, if it be His will. If not, pray for His help to make do where I am and be happy. - Anonymous

Special Needs

I was watching Steve Munsey on Partnership. He said that by sending $77 for 7 months, I was claiming or releasing God’s power and the results would be the salvation or rededication of my children and salvation of my grandchildren. He also said an increase in finances and healing. It was already on my heart to increase my monthly giving, but I wasn’t sure how much; $77 never occurred to me. Please join me in prayer for the areas spoken by the preacher. I need help in all these areas. - Penny


Please pray for Jennifer and Nancy. Jen has terrible pain from cancer and its side effects. Nancy, her mother, has awful pain from a car accident. - Wayne

Family Concerns

Please pray for my son and my granddaughter. Also, pray for my granddaughter’s boyfriend. My granddaughter and her boyfriend cuss at me. They do this a lot. My son does not cuss me, but he is mean to me. They treat me like I do not exist. That hurts my heart so much. My granddaughter’s boyfriend controls my granddaughter’s thoughts and   every move she makes. He puts her up to a lot of things. He tells her bad stuff about me and she believes it. My son does not tell them they are doing wrong. My son knows they live together and he does nothing to stop it. He does not tell them it is wrong. It may be because he is scared he will lose his daughter. My granddaughter is 18 years old. The man my granddaughter is with is an ex drug dealer and gangster. This is a very bad situation. Ask God to please remove all the bad people and things from my family. Pray for peace, love, and respect to be in my family again. Ask God to please help us. Ask God to please help me. I’m so depressed. I feel alone. I know God loves me. - Anonymous

Provision/Employment Needs from North Carolina

I need a financial miracle now, because my part time job does not pay enough for our bills. I don’t have enough money to pay tithes and our bills coming in. The light bill is due today and the rent and storage bills are due on the first. My disabled brother and I have to keep paying late charges on the late bills and the storage bills. Our phone bills are due, so we need God to supply our needs according to His riches and glory, and somehow give me all the money I need to pay our bills, in Jesus’ name. Please ask Him to give me 15 more hours of work every week, because I only work 15 hours now and I need more hours. Ask God to bless me with the $10,000 back in my income tax so I can buy my ticket next month to New York City and start working there. Working there I will never be broke or late with our bills. Pray for us to move into our new top floor, quiet, and safe 3 bedroom, 1-2 bath home in Manhattan by January. I thank God in advance for doing this. Amen. We love you, God and TCT. - Renee

Family Concerns from North Carolina

Pray for favor at my work and protection of my job. Someone is trying to get me in trouble. Pray for my family. - Phillip

Special Needs from Flint, Michigan

Please pray for my unspoken request.- Linda

Special Needs from Leyton, England

Please pray for the church I attend on Sunday mornings. Please pray that more new people will attend the service. Also, please pray that I memorize the Holy Scriptures. Please pray that God will look after me in my apartment. Thanks and Amen. - Emeka

Family Concerns

I’m asking for prayers that my family would see the goodness of God and they would accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Pray that they see He is a good God and that they see His work in my life. I love them, but I cannot open their eyes. God can. Thank you. God bless you. - Anonymous

Provision Needs

Please agree that the job I interviewed for last week will be offered to me today. I’m in great need of income coming and a home to live in. I need ways made by God out of seemingly no ways. I’m believing for the husband God has for me to be manifested after 23 years of prayers. I need to be able to have a place to live, so I can get to work and rest and get ready for work. Thank you for your prayers. - Anonymous

Provision Needs

Please pray that I come up with the money to pay my rent. I’m 2 months behind and court papers will be filed soon. I don’t get paid until the 23rd. I need help bad. - Kim

Special Needs from Michigan

Pray for my ongoing legal issues and court cases. Please pray for Ebony and her three daughters. They need God to intervene in their lives in mighty ways. Pray for healing, deliverance, protection, and provision. - Dorothy

Special Needs from Stokesdale

Please help me pray healing over my heart spiritually. I have been saved and I shouldn’t be feeling this way; filled with regret and despair. I want to serve God with joy and victory. I know that is what He wants. I’m struggling in my prayer life lacking the fervency and power I once had. Please pray for deliverance from the enemy’s lies and pray that God will still use me, again. Please pray that there’s still hope for me. Thank you for your prayers. - Scott

Healing from Dudley, North Carolina

Pray for blessing over me to be healed of leg pain, in Jesus’ name. Amen. - Hettie

Healing from Detroit, Michigan

My husband needs his medication. Please pray that his doctor releases it. Also, he needs healing from Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. - Anonymous

Family Concerns from California

God, we touch, agree, declare, and decree Celeste’s freedom from bondage, in the name of Jesus Christ. We plead the blood of Jesus against the evil in her life. God, Your will be done….God, bring her to her destiny with You and let the captive go free. No weapon formed against her shall prosper. –James

Healing from New York City, New York

Please say a prayer for me. I feel so weak and tired; I can hardly make it through the day. May God bless you.  –Daniel

Provision Needs from North Carolina

In Jesus’ name, I thank You, God, for returning us back to New York in December, and allowing us to start working there… I need money to pay my light bill that is due now, our rent and both storage bills that are due October 1, 2016….We thank you, God, in advance for doing it all now, amen. I pray for no more struggling once I get back to New York, amen! –Renee

Healing from Texas

Dear God, please heal my current health problem that is keeping me from working and functioning.  –Anonymous

Family Concerns

My heart is very heavy.  My granddaughter is dating a man that is verbally abusive and controlling. Her boyfriend had no place to live so he lives with us. They have broken all of my rules. They are supposed to sleep in different rooms but they sleep together….If I make him move, my granddaughter may move with him. My granddaughter gives me the cold shoulder everyday; this breaks my heart….He does not help us pay bills and we are financially stressed.  God, please help us.  God, please remove all bad things from my family’s life. I am praying for the best for my granddaughter.  I am praying for love, respect and kindness in my family again. –Anonymous

Special Needs from North Carolina

Thank you for always praying for me. Please pray that I get this breakthrough, amen.  I have been praying and pressing through. –Emily

Healing from Dudley, North Carolina

Pray for a blessing over me.  Pray for me to be healed of a rash on my neck, in Jesus’ name, amen.  –Hettie

Healing from Minneapolis, Minnesota

A man collapsed after his son’s wedding; I’m asking for prayers. Our friend is in the hospital right now.  This person needs prayer to wake up, come back to their family and for their family to be comforted as we all wait for this person to wake up and return to us. I believe in the power of prayer chains. They kept my father alive for 2 ½ years past his expected time left on earth.  Thank you everyone! –Anonymous

Family Concerns from London, England

Please pray for my mother to have a safe journey when she travels in several weeks time. Also, please pray for my father in Nigeria, that he may be able to sell his spare van. Thanks and amen. –Emeka

Special Needs

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, utterly and completely consume us in Your jealous love and compassion. Set us as the seal upon Your heart. Set us as the seal upon Your Arm of Strength and Power O God. And let us tangibly feel Your burning love and tender mercies over us. Forgive our sins, our giving into the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, because we forgive those who have sinned against us. We so love and we praise You! Amen

Special Needs from North Carolina

I need all of the TCT prayer family to gather together in an emergency prayer for my great friend, Leslie, who needs to stay with her cousin’s grandmother. Pray that she is not put out on the street….The court date is November 1, 2016.  Leslie has a big heart, helping every one she can, including this grandmother. She needs Your help, God, to change the grandmother’s mind and let Leslie stay until she is back in her home, in Jesus’ name, and we thank You, God, in advance for doing it all, amen. We love You, God, and TCT. –Renee

Special Needs from Michigan

…Pray for me, my rights are being violated…I have reached out…they are still allowing discrimination.  However, I filed paperwork to have it investigated yesterday….I pray the Spirit moves on someone to keep me encouraged. –Dorothy

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Please pray that I save money, amen. We really need to save. –Emily

Special Needs

I need prayer against un-forgiveness and for me to receive the Holy Spirit fully into my life. I’ve been feeling depressed and lost. Pray for Jesus to restore my relationship with my sister, Bruna. I’m asking for her forgiveness and for her to break her silence towards me, amen….I don’t understand. I feel pain in my heart all the time, missing her….The whole church and the pastors want me to leave the church so it will cover up the sin we both committed together. I’m worried they made Bruna report me to the police….Pray for Bruna please. She needs it more. She’s the one who won’t forgive and is doing horrible things against me, amen. May God bless you all. –Giselle

Special Needs

A year and a half ago I was powerfully and undeniably called to ministry….I declared myself called by God and declared my intent to follow Him. After this my life fell apart, family, friends, colleagues lashed out at me in hate and lies; my finances were destroyed; my health began to deteriorate….I was completely alone and fell into a suicidal depression, along with severe physical illness….I know for certain I am called to serve, called to minister to Native America, called as an intercessor and prophetic missionary….It seems impossible. I can’t afford my basic needs. I have no home. I have the same truck I’ve had for 14 years. I have very few clothes, items that I’ve kept for 10 years. I have the same trumpet I’ve had for 25 years. I often cannot afford to eat or buy medication. I can’t afford what most people take for granted. But I desire to help others….I need a mentor as I embark on this path….I need prayers for provision and miracles. I know God can and will make it happen. –Anonymous

Provision Needs from North Carolina

In Jesus’ name, I ask You, God, to bless me as soon as possible so I can move me and my disabled brother back to New York…I thank You, God, in advance for blessing me with all the money I asked for now to move safely and happily to New York, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Renee

Special Needs from Texas

Heavenly Father, we ask for divine intervention on behalf of Andree’. Lord, we are thankful that we can bring all of our cares before You, knowing that You hear us and love us. Father we are reminded that Your Word says, “The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; He is their stronghold in time of trouble.” All this we pray in Jesus’ name, amen. –Anonymous

Special Needs from Winston Salem, North Carolina

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You as humble as I know how, asking for prayer for my family, especially my grandchildren, Shaneka and Emmanuel. I pray for both of their minds, continue to give them the mind of Christ and the wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong and to do what is good and perfect, according to Your will. I also pray for a supernatural financial blessing in my life so that I can be a financial blessing to Christian ministries….Dear Lord, I ask you to put me where you want me to be in your ministry…All I want is to be in Your will and to have a more intimate relationship with you….I lost my daughter, Robin, October 10, 2015, which was very unexpected to me. I pray for peace and comfort during this time of mourning in my life. This and all other blessings I pray in the mighty name of Jesus, amen! –Linda

Provision Needs from Ohio

I would like prayer to secure a part-time job so that I can meet my financial needs. –Karen

Provision Needs from Phoenix, Arizona

I am asking the Lord for a breakthrough in my career. I am praying that if it is God’s will, that I will be able to get this position as Employee Relations Advisor….I am believing the Lord for a breakthrough that will help my family and also help my church. I believe; Lord, help the portion where I struggle, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Jamar

Provision Needs from Virginia

I have gotten myself into a business that I don’t know anything about. I didn’t know I was buying a business. Please pray that I can get myself out of it without paying any more money.  Thank you. Praise God. God is so good.  Also, pray for my grandson, that he will rededicate his life to God.  –Anonymous

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Please pray that I have favor at work so I can pay bills.  Also, pray that I will have favor with the landlord to work with me on our rent. I am stressed.  Pray for my son’s salvation.  –Phillip

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Thank you for this ministry! My need is for my finances and rent money! I don’t know if I misplaced it, or if someone is stealing money from me. Thank you for your prayers and ministry! I look forward to partnering with you when I get my finances in order! Thanks.  –Billy

Family Concerns from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Please pray for healing of broken relationships between my sons, Larry and Kevin, and their father.  I am praying for a breakthrough and for their deliverance from hurt, bitterness, and un-forgiveness.  They are each in need of giving their lives to Christ and coming to know the love of the Lord and love for one another. –Joyce

Special Needs from Stokesdalen North Carolina

I just want to be a part of God’s kingdom again. I feel as if I missed opportunities God gave me because of discouragement. I watch Christian television and my heart breaks within me sometimes because I see people working for God and looking like they have victory as I had at one time. There’s nothing I want more than to be in God’s will working for Him and loving Him; I want to feel accepted by Him again. Please pray there be nothing in my life that would hinder my relationship with a great and wonderful God and Savior Jesus Christ. Please help me find peace with my Savior. Thank you for praying.  –Scott

Special Needs from Dubai

Please pray for Edwin to get his visa and license to trade….I decree and declare that it is already done in Jesus’ name, amen.  –Fallon

Family Concerns

My nephew, Maurice, has been charged with murder. It is said that it was self-defense. They are threatening to kill family members. We need prayer urgently. Pray that God will protect us. –Anonymous

Healing from Stokesdale, North Carolina

Please pray for my dad, Charles, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is in treatment, but is very weak and can’t eat. Please pray that God, in His mercy, will come to him, save him, heal him and give him his appetite and strength back. Please pray. Thank you, in Jesus’ name, amen.  –Scott

Healing from New York

Please pray for my sister, Connie; at this time, she is at the hospital. The tumor she had on the side of her neck burst through her skin and started to bleed. They said they cannot give chemotherapy at this time. Pray for an answer that she will be cancer-free.  Thank you TCT ministry and thank You, Jesus, for prayers answered in Your name, amen. –Mariaelena

Family Concerns from Maryland

Pray for my wayward Christian daughter who is 24-years-old and used to sing solos in church.  She was a great testimony to her peers in middle and high school, but has thrown away her faith.  She refuses to attend church, read a Bible or respect our family mealtime prayers.  For over three years she has been in a serious relationship with her former university music professor who is a non-Christian and is 46-years-old.  Please pray that my daughter would experience remorse, and repent and return to her faith in God.  May this unequally yoked relationship soon end.  Thank you. –Chrystal

Family Concerns from Washington, District of Columbia

My son and I are being falsely accused. Also, my brother is married to a witch. She, along with others, have done many satanic things to him and his son, as well as to me and my son….We are in desperate need of a financial breakthrough, generation curses broken, and sicknesses removed especially off of my son. Our home needs to be set free from witchcraft and assigned spirits.  –Eveldeen

Special Needs from Dudley, North Carolina

Please pray for a blessing over my mind, that I will have the mind of Christ, in Jesus’ name, amen. –Hettie

Family Concerns from North Carolina

I am praying to be with my boys again and that God shows me what to do, amen. –Emily

Special Needs from North Carolina

I am praying for God to send me a prayer group and a church, amen.  –Emily

Healing from North Carolina

I ask You, God, to heal our brother from clots in his body and from COPD. Pray that he stops smoking so we can enjoy his life with him when we move back to New York….Thanks, God, in advance, amen. –Renee

Provision Needs from New York

Every once in awhile the spirit of the Lord will lay it on my heart strongly to ask for prayer a little early and this is one of those times….Please say a prayer for me this week.  I am homeless in New York.  Just pray for the basic needs to survive. May God bless you. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your prayer support. I never want to take it for granted.  –Danny

Special Needs from harwich

I just lost a close and dear friend to suicide; I am so devastated. I can hardly sleep….I only wish I was there to stop him from hanging himself….It hurts me so much that I am actually in a state of shock….He is gone but I know my friend, Kevin, was created by God to be a good soul….this is a life changing event in my life. I am going to be 54 years old this month….I don’t know what I need prayer for, have the Holy Spirit lead you to pray for me. Thank you TCT folks! –Anonymous

Provision Needs from North Carolina

Prayers for us; we are in middle of settlement negotiations from an accident. We want to finally have enough for a down payment for a home large enough to include my parents who are elderly & in failing health. We need to be together. I could never forgive myself if something happened to either of them and I am 45 minutes away. Please pray for an amount large enough to get us started. Thank you so very much; this means a lot to me. I have been praying so very hard. Thank you.  –Anonymous

Family Concerns

I need prayer for my marriage, that my husband and I could learn to love and forgive each other again. Pray for strength for us and our kids as well. We need direction for our future and a renewed marriage. –Anonymous

Family Concerns from Florida

God, I give You thanks right now because I know You’re moving in this situation. Through the authority of Jesus Christ, this storm in our marriage is done and over with….I was putting Shawn before You and she is putting our 20-year-old daughter before You. Jesus, I pray she will humble herself before You and put You first today.  Remove the pain and hurt, knowingly and unknowingly, that I cause over the years in her heart….Remove the ungodly counsel from around her, remind her of the love in her heart for me and remind her how much I love her. Father, restore the communication between Shawn.  I bind the enemy that is stirring up all her past hurts and using it to attack our marriage, in Jesus’ name. Father, restore and renew our marriage according to Your Word for we are one, In Jesus’ Name.  –David

Family Concerns

We need urgent prayer for a college meeting for our son.  Pray for resolution for him to stay in school and find friends in church.  May God cover this situation. We ask for prayers of forgiveness, mercy and favor, knowing God is with our hard working, dean’s listed, Christian college son with only eight months until graduation. He made a mistake. 
He is charged with “simple assault”. He defended himself but now faces court and the school conduct committee; May God’s mercy be with him during these meetings.  May God handle this for our son and put him back on track with better friends who want to honor the Lord Jesus. –Anonymous