TCT – HD Daily Broadcast Schedule

12:00amThe Way of the MasterRay Comfort
12:30am1 MessageAshley Kate Adams
3:30amMe & You, Us, ForeverMichael Blain-Rozgay; Stacey Aswad
5:00amLove Worth FindingDr. Adrian Rogers
5:30amIn Touch with Dr. Charles StanleyDr. Charles Stanley
6:30amWord AliveDr. Bob Rodgers
7:00amMichael YoussefDr Michael Youssef
7:30amTurning Point-David JeremiahDavid Jeremiah
8:00amRobert JeffressDr. Robert Jeffress
8:30amHigher Aim with Dr. Curt DoddDr. Curt Dodd
9:00amIn Touch with Dr. Charles StanleyDr. Charles Stanley
10:00amChristian Worship Hour
10:30amWorship Anew
11:00amThe Pastor's StudyPastor Tom Brock
11:30amIsrael: The Prophetic ConnectionDr. John Tweedie
12:00pmFred PriceApostle Frederick KC Price
1:00pmDorindaDorinda Clark-Cole
1:30pmTCT TodayDr.'s Garth and Tina Coonce
2:00pmGaither Gospel HourBill & Gloria Gaither
3:00pmLife Outreach InternationalJames Robison
3:30pmOur Jewish RootsDr. Jeffrey Seif
4:00pmLiving in the LightRev. Bob Hils
4:30pmRobert JeffressDr. Robert Jeffress
5:00pmD. James Kennedy Ministries Presents Truths That Transform
5:30pmManna-fest with Perry StonePerry Stone
6:00pmRHEMA PraisePastors Kenneth W. and Lynette Hagin
6:30pmThe King Is ComingDr. Ed Hindson
7:00pmProphecy USA with Rick PearsonRick Pearson
7:30pmChrist in ProphecyTim Moore
8:00pmIsrael: The Prophetic ConnectionDr. John Tweedie
8:30pmEnd of the AgeIrvin Baxter
9:00pmA Journey Through The Bible
9:30pmLiving in the LightRev. Bob Hils
10:00pmAmazing Love: The Story of HoseaSean Astin
12:00amGod FirstDr. Patrick L. Wooden, Sr.