The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

Dustin, Albert and Mark are 12-year-old friends looking forward to Summer fun in 1970. Dustin likes a girl named Tanya, and so he wants to ask her on a date, but he is nervous because he has never asked anyone out before. Dustin’s main obstacle is the town bully, Nick, who also likes Tanya. When Dustin mows the lawn of 75-year-old Jonathan Sperry a man he has seen at church, the two become friends.

Mr. Sperry begins a Bible study with Dustin and his friends, and encourages them to be kind to Nick. Sperry also pays Dustin to mow the lawn of a stubborn, elderly neighbor, Mr. Barnes, although Dustin is told not to let Mr. Barnes know the benefactor of this kindness. Throughout the summer, many other boys in the neighborhood get involved in the Bible study, including Nick, who, after a couple of encounters with Mr. Sperry, becomes remorseful and turns from his bullying ways.