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Capt'n Chuckleberry along with his sidekick, First Mate Kate, and their feathery friend Roscoe the Bird, have a great time aboard Tugboat Bob. Children will be engaged and explore their imagination while learning life lessons through sing-a-longs, cartoons, dancing and great stories with Dolly the Dolphin and Benny the Bottlenose.

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Week of 7/13/2014

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Sunday - 7/13/2014

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Monday - 7/14/2014

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Tuesday - 7/15/2014

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Wednesday - 7/16/2014

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Thursday - 7/17/2014

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Friday - 7/18/2014

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Saturday - 7/19/2014

7:30amCapt’n ChuckleberryCapt'n Chuckleberry, First Mate Kate