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TCT - Kids: Vigilantes of Boomtown

Vigilantes of Boomtown

Legendary prize-fighters Jim Corbett (Turner) and Bob Fitzsimmons (Dehner) are due to have their big fight in the community of Carson City, Nevada, causing a huge division in the townspeople. Stalwart citizen Molly McVey (Stewart) does her best to cancel the fight, as she believes it is too barbaric, while Red Ryder (Lane) invites Corbett and his trainer Bill Delany (Karns) to train at his aunt's ranch. However, Red is soon nearly ambushed by criminal McKean (Barcroft), who wants to steal the prize money, and is then kidnapped by Molly's hired hands. Red convinces Molly that violence cannot fight violence, and she realizes her error and releases Red, just in time to see the climatic fight.

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