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Murdoch (The Movie)

Southwestern Assemblies of God University Communication Arts presents Murdoch: A dramedy that traces the story of a young misfit named Alex who is obsessed with a fictional western movie cowboy character named Murdoch. Alex forsakes Murdoch’s standards for a period, but the voice of Murdoch returns at a critical moment when Alex is forced to decide whether being good is worth the sacrifice.

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Week of 3/2/2014

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Sunday - 3/2/2014

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Monday - 3/3/2014

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Tuesday - 3/4/2014

3:30amMurdoch (The Movie)Southwestern Assemblies of God Univ
9:30pmMurdoch (The Movie)Southwestern Assemblies of God Univ

Wednesday - 3/5/2014

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Thursday - 3/6/2014

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