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Believers Among Us: A Life Reborn

A LIFE REBORN celebrates just how blessed and priceless life can be. Just as a young singer's dreams begin to come true, unexpected circumstances threaten to bring it all to an end. As her faith and trust begin to fade, an unexpected friendship renews her hope. Sharing their experiences opens their hearts to the healing powers of faith and love helping them become the the next Believer Among Us.  Episode 4 in a series of 4.

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Week of 4/13/2014

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Sunday - 4/13/2014

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Monday - 4/14/2014

10:00pmBelievers Among Us: A Life RebornPower In Faith

Tuesday - 4/15/2014

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Wednesday - 4/16/2014

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Thursday - 4/17/2014

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Friday - 4/18/2014

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Saturday - 4/19/2014

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