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Believers Among Us: The Last Letter

THE LAST LETTER is a testament to this wonderful but sometimes confusing thing called life. A young wife finds her faith tested as she awaits the return of her miliatary husband and the birth of their child. Just as one life is beginning, another is about to end, but not before helping rekindle trust and strength in the Lord. Renewed faith leads one of them to the next Believer Among Us. Episode 2 in a series of 4.

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Week of 7/27/2014

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Sunday - 7/27/2014

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Monday - 7/28/2014

9:30pmBelievers Among Us: The Last LetterPower In Faith

Tuesday - 7/29/2014

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Wednesday - 7/30/2014

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Thursday - 7/31/2014

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Friday - 8/1/2014

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Saturday - 8/2/2014

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