Down Home

Down Home has become one of TCT's top-rated programs. A TCT original, Down Home features traditional Bluegrass Gospel music. More than the music, the six members of the group share anointed testimonies and sincere words of encouragement with their viewers.

Week of 4/20/2014

Sunday - 4/20/2014

Time(CT) Program Host
6:00am Down Home Various
6:00pm Down Home Various

Monday - 4/21/2014

No events today.

Tuesday - 4/22/2014

Time(CT) Program Host
7:30pm Down Home Various

Wednesday - 4/23/2014

Time(CT) Program Host
3:00pm Down Home Various
10:00pm Down Home Various

Thursday - 4/24/2014

No events today.

Friday - 4/25/2014

Time(CT) Program Host
11:00pm Down Home Various

Saturday - 4/26/2014

Time(CT) Program Host
3:30am Down Home Various