Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: I’m Amazed

With almost 300 members, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir displays the amazing power of a loving God at work in people's lives. This video shines with a seamless yet multi-faceted collection of worshipful anthems combined with living testimonies of church and choir members who were once addicted to drugs, homeless, full of despair and without hope. I'm Amazed...Live declares the greatness and glory of God and the power of the Gospel to dramatically change and redeem lives. Special guest appearances by Jason Crabb, Luther Barnes and Donnie McClurkin.

Music Includes:

    Thou, Oh Lord
    Sylvia Glover/I'm Amazed
    Heaven on My Mind
    Hallelujah Anyhow
    I Bless Your Name
    Vanessa's Story
    King of Glory
    God's Promise
    A Second Chance in Life
    High & Lifted Up
    The Light of That City
    Danny's Story
    Worship Medley
    Song of Moses

Week of 7/20/2014

Sunday - 7/20/2014

Time(CT) Program Host
12:00am Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: I’m Amazed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Monday - 7/21/2014

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Tuesday - 7/22/2014

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Wednesday - 7/23/2014

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Thursday - 7/24/2014

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Friday - 7/25/2014

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Saturday - 7/26/2014

Time(CT) Program Host
11:00pm Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: I’m Amazed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir