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Recipe - Kids Snacks




2 slices bread, toasted

Grapes, red and green

peanut butter


1 orange, sliced cut into fourths

2 bananas, both cut in half




Orange Slice Butterflies:
Lay 2 orange fourths on a plate. Taking a pretzel, slide 3-4 red grapes onto pretzel, making a long body for the butterfly. Place grapes stick in between the orange slices.

Teddy Bear Toast:
Toast bread. Spread peanut butter on the entire surface of the toast. Place two banana slices     in the top corners of the toast as the ears and one slice in the middle for the snout. Place a blueberry on the snout for the nose, and finish it off with 2 more blueberries for eyes.

Banana Dolphin Snacks:
All you need to do is cut a banana in half, and then cut a slit on the stem to make a “mouth.” Stick a grape in its mouth and put it inside a plastic cup filled with Blueberries, grapes, etc.