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Gardening - Hanging Tomato Plant




A young leafy tomato plant
A two liter soda bottle
1 black trash bag
A roll of duct tape
Scissors and/or a sharp Knife


Paper towelse
Cotton balls
Garden soil


  • Cut the bottom portion off of the bottle.
  • Take the corner of the trash bag and insert it into the bottom of the soda bottle, working the bag up through to the neck of the bottle and through the opening
  • Cut the tip of the trash bag off at the neck and cut any extra trash bag off the bottom so that it fits the inside of the soda bottle, leaving enough to fold over the cut end and secure in place with duct tape
  • Tie 2 long lengths of twine around neck of bottle and bring up sides and tape in place for hanging
  • Wrap paper towels around your plant and insert plant into the bottle and gently work the plant through the bottle opening. Pressing the dirt ball up as far as it will go
  • Very gently untangle your plant and work it the rest of the way through the bottle opening.
  • Spread the root ball out inside the bottle to prevent your plant from becoming root bound.
  • Insert cotton balls around the opening to help hold water
  • Fill the bottle with soil to within 2 - 3 inches of the top.
  • Find a nice sunny spot to hang your planter and add water to soak the soil until it drips
  • through the opening.