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Why Social Media is Important to TCT!

Posted on Jul 3, 2013


Social Media isn't just for secular businesses or teenagers. It is used all over the world by a wide array of people - including schools, governments, global conglomerates, churches, ministries and so many more to connect to communities, large or small - international or national.

How do we use our Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn page, Blog and even our boards and pins on Pinterest you may ask? Well, we use them for one purpose, to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" as it is commanded in Mark 16:15.

Every year it gets more and more important to connect with our community, our partners on a global level. We know that by creating and sustaining the two-way conversation that Facebook provides allows our partners and viewers to have a voice and a safe place to share testimonies, comments and feedback while at the same time discovering what is new with us.  Twitter allows us to give up-to-the-second news updates and program announcements in 140 characters or less. Our YouTube channel allows us to share video testimonials, promos and program clips. LinkedIn provides us the capability to connect with our professional contacts while giving our followers a chance to see updates and a glimpse into our employees. The TCT Blog is on our website and is updated frequently throughout the week providing our partners with a chance to discover what is going on and what is coming up at TCT, and Pinterest gives us the opportunity to share graphics from our programs, biblical verses, inspiring articles, quotes, videos and even recipes.

If you want to see how we interact on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even here on our Blog, visit the pages and scroll through our posts, tweets, videos and boards. Where always looking to hear from our partners, viewers, friends and those who are interested in learning more about us or our programs, so reach out and connect!

We look forward to hearing from you!