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From the Desk of Dr. Garth Coonce - December 20, 2012

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

We are just a few days away from celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. Of course we know He was not actually born on December 25. But it is a wonderful time of year for believers; we can celebrate His birth, and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the season. As the angels proclaimed to shepherds in a field that night, true joy and peace had come to a weary world.

Those of us who know Him have a source for everything we need in this life. Sometimes He calls us to rest in Him, and at others, He instructs us to stand strong in spiritual battles that can only be overcome by prayer and faith. In Ephesians He explains the whole armor of God that equips us for warfare in the spiritual realm.

He also commands us to join together in faith and prayer, and thus strengthen one another. Through the unity and faithful prayer of the righteous, we can overcome anything that seeks to destroy our peace and joy.

Someone has said believers need to "look THROUGH the situation, not look AT (focus on) the problem." Today, let's look through, and not dwell on our circumstances, and know that together we can overcome.

Then we can have the joy and peace this season represents as we celebrate this season together. Please know that Tina, Julie, and I are praying you will have a wonderful Christmas!

In Him,

Garth Coonce