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A Letter from President & Founder, Garth Coonce

Posted on Jul 21, 2013

Dear Partner and Friend,

Many people go through life complaining that they are victims of circumstances, but I believe that the Lord allows certain things to happen, not to tear us down, but to build us up.
A difficult situation is not necessarily bad. What makes a situation bad or good is up to you - your attitude. You may feel that a particular event is a roadblock, but in God's plan for you it is just a mere stepping stone, placed there to get you to a better place.
We often speak of a life of faith, but the Lord also desires that we live a life of trust. Faith allows us to claim God's provision, but trust gives us the ability to wait patiently for our heavenly Father's purpose to be fulfilled.
As I write this letter, I pray that God will sustain you by His marvelous grace, cover you with His divine protection, and continue working His glory in your life.

In His Service,

Garth Coonce