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What began as the call of God to one…

Posted on Jun 1, 2013

          TCT is a broadcast outreach and a person-to-person ministry through our Global Prayer Chain. TCT Prayer Centers receive thousands of calls every day from people around the globe.           What began as the call of God to one has now become the shared vision of many -- reaching and touching souls with the life-changing…

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Always Extend Mercy

Posted on May 30, 2013

Often without intent, spouses wound each other deeply with words or actions. When the stress and pressures of life mount, just one word taken out of context can escalate into a full-blown argument. Many times the problem lies not with the husband or wife, but with outside forces, which invade the home. When the first sign of a disagreement appears, regardless of the cause or who is in the wrong, always be the first to…

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