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Your “Living Trust”

Posted on Jul 14, 2013

There is no better time than now to establish a "living trust" in the Lord. You don't want to hear the words, "It's too late. Enough is enough!" For some will hear Him say: " closed your eyes to the facts and did not choose to reverence and trust the Lord...That is why you must eat the bitter fruit of having your own way, and experience the full terrors of the pathway you have chose." (Proverbs 1:28, 30)

The good news, however, is found in the last verse of the chapter (v. 33), "But all who listen to me shall live in peace and safety, unafraid."

You'll never know God's blessing by testing Him. You may need a healing. You may be in search of employment. You may need your marriage restored. You may have a wayward child that needs to be brought back into the fold. Whatever the problem, don't test the Lord; but trust Him fully. Take Him at His word, "Before you even ask, I will answer."

Most of all remember your heavenly Father cares for you deeply and in return He just asks for your love and trust.