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President’s Letter

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August 1 – Stand Strong

August 8 – Praise Band


As our nation just celebrated our 239th anniversary, we reflect on the principles upon which we were founded. Despite a current, prevalent belief that denies our Judeo-Christian roots, history proves that our success as a nation and the source of our blessing is from honoring God’s principles, as laid out in the Bible. There are rewards for those who hold to the truth of His word and live with a Kingdom mentality.

John Adams, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the second President of the United States wrote in a letter to Thomas Jefferson on June 28, 1813, “The principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.” And George Washington, the father of our nation, said this: “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” These men understood that those who conduct themselves according to the Word of God are rewarded.

“Rewards” do not simply imply increased finances and assets, though provision is one facet of being blessed. Health is a reward. Protection is a reward. Peace is a reward. Work is a reward. The Bible is filled with examples of the rewards we will receive when we walk in accordance with the Word and in faith that God will make good on His promises.

What rewards would you like to see manifest in your life? Do you need more provision or greater health? Are you believing to step into a peaceful season or to see your family saved? We want to encourage you to read one chapter of Proverbs each day this month. The book of Proverbs is a wonderful checklist to judge our Christian walk by. Because Scripture is true, we can be assured that if we do those things that are clearly shared in Proverbs, we will reap the rewards of our actions.

At TCT, we are believing for many things. We’re believing we’ll reach more lives in 2015 than ever before. We’re setting our focus on growing more stations and network connections. We’re anticipating greater numbers of partners joining with us to canvas the world with the Gospel. We know we’re doing as the Word says, and we are confident that God will reward us as we “grow not weary in well-doing.” He’ll do the same for you, so don’t give up! Press on!

In other news, we have some wonderful programming lined up for the month of July! Won’t you join us for our special “Christmas in July” movies, airing now through July 17th, for back-to-back heartwarming Christmas movies, like Christmas With a Capital “C”, Homeless for the Holidays, and the classic, Scrooge. In these hot summer months, “cool down” with a little snow and winter cheer! While you’re enjoying our Christmas movies, take a moment to reflect again upon the gift of Jesus to the world. God did not spare His best, He gave the ultimate Love Offering when He sent Jesus to earth to atone for our sins.

If God did not withhold His very best from us, why, then, do many withhold their best from Him? We are given talents and abilities that we can use for the benefit of His kingdom, yet many neglect to use them; we are blessed in so many ways, but many refuse to share those blessings with others. We hope that you will not be that way! Our prayer for you is that you will sow bountifully and likewise reap bountifully, that all grace may abound toward you, and that you will have sufficiency in all things and abundance for every good work (2 Corinthians 9:6-8)!

We have seen the hand of God move in mighty ways over the years. He has proven His faithfulness repeatedly to us. As we give of our time, talents and resources, He has supplied every need—and we know He will continue to do so as we lift up the name of Jesus around the world.

Thank you for being a faithful partner who continues to sow into TCT Ministries. Your seed of $25, $50 or more, whatever you’ve decided to give each month, enables us to continue to provide wholesome family entertainment and quality Christian programming to millions of households.

We want you to know that your seed counts. What you give is never too small. Consider the life cycle of a vegetable garden. One watermelon seed is capable of producing a mature plant that yields many watermelons. And each of those melons contains a brand new harvest of seeds which can produce even more mature plants and watermelons with seeds! You may think that what you have in your hand to give is not worth giving, but I’m here to tell you what you have in your hand is enough! Plant it in the good soil of TCT, and allow us to water it. It will bring forth a harvest of both fruit and seeds for the continuance of spreading the Gospel message. This is basic biblical principle that we witness in action every day with our long-time partners.

If you haven’t given in some time, pray and ask the Lord about giving today. 2 Corinthians 9:10 tells us that He has provided each of us with seed. Some people don’t recognize that, and they eat their seeds, shortchanging their harvest. Will you ask the Lord today to show you your seed? He will! Then plant it and expect your harvest. It is coming!

We’re thankful for your partnership and your friendship. Together, we make a difference!

    Yours in Christ,

    Garth and Tina Coonce