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God - Our Father, Our Glorious Creator!

Posted on Sep 2, 2018

Dear Friends and Partners,

Look around you right now. Every thing you see is a product of God. He is the Creator of our world, both here and in eternity. His love, guidance, mercy, and salvation is miraculous and a true gift. When He created you, He created you in His image. You’re His child, and so dearly loved - always.

Throughout our history in broadcast ministry, we've encountered many blessings because of our commitment to our Heavenly Father and our mission to be purveyors of commercial-free, faith-based, and top-notch programming. We always knew that at times we may struggle, but in the end everything would be worth it when we got His Word into the lives of the lost and hurting. Of course, we did not and do not do this alone. Your support has shaped TCT, and by standing in agreement with us you are changing lives around the world. Thank you.

With Fall fast approaching, we'd love to have your support this month. We are striving to reach new homes and new children of God and with your help we can do just that - AND MORE! Whatever you feel pressed upon to give, please do so - you will make a difference. We've tried to make donating to TCT easy, especially through our Text-to-Give feature. You can also donate easily online, mail in a check to our Headquarters in Marion, Illinois, or call us at (800) 232-9855. Simple, right? We think so!

We look forward to hearing from you this month, please let us know how you're doing by sharing your Praise Report!

In His Kingdom,

Garth & Tina