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When We Ask, We Receive!

Posted on Sep 21, 2014

Dear Friends & Partners, One of the greatest things we recognize as Christians is that our heavenly Father is with us every hour of every day. He is with us in times of anxiety and hardship, and He is with us in times of joy and triumph. And, whenever we seek Him, He answers. He may not always provide you with the answer you were looking for, but He does answer you. You just have to listen. "And whatever we ask…

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Thank You for your support Partners!

Posted on Sep 14, 2014

Dear Friends & Partners, Tina and I want to thank you, our faithful Partner and each one of our special guest speakers and musical guests for taking part in standing with us in partnership! I truly believe that together we can make a difference for Jesus! Through the medium on television, TCT is able to broadcast a multitude of programs, suitable for people of all ages, across a variety of platforms. We know that we…

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