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On Thursday and Friday on Nashville Alive…

Posted on Aug 11, 2016

On Thursday's episode of Nashville Alive, tune in to hear Shanda Tripp share about the devastating tornado that struck Gallatin, TN in 2006. Pinned under a collapsed house, she was left blind from her injuries. Learn how listening to Christian television became the vehicle of God's healing for her. On Friday's episode, listen to the testimony of Grant-Ross of the renowned McGregor family. Theā€¦

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Watch Life Fine Tuned Monday on TCT HD!

Posted on Aug 7, 2016

A Star is Reborn... A spoiled young pop star learns a lesson in humility after being cut from her big show and replaced with a stand-in. Now, lost in rural Virginia she must learn how to get in tune with those around her. This family friendly comedy-drama is ideal for tweens and young teens. It addresses issues of identity, humility, family, and salvation. Check Listings!  

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