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An amazing world is waiting for you!

Posted on Nov 6, 2016

Dear Friends and Partners, When you make the commitment to follow our Heavenly Father you won't be disappointed. The transformation that occurs when you make a total commitment to Him is incredible. God has an amazing world waiting for you that is far greater than anything you can ever image. But, you have a decision to make - and it's life-changing. Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be…

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We are all unique creations!

Posted on Oct 30, 2016

Dear Friends and Partners, Our Heavenly Father has equipped us with the ability to think and reason. By giving us the necessary tools to thrive, He affords us the opportunity to work hand in hand with Him. We are all unique creations in His image, and we all have a responsibility to create positive and lasting personal relationships. God does not want us to be alone. He decreed that man was to propagate the Earth. If He…

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