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Sunday, January 22

“For you have need of endurance, so that after you have
done the will of God, you may receive the promise.”

Heb 10:36 NKJV


Do these three things: (1) Don’t be Mr. or Mrs. Quick-Fix-It. Your kids need to learn to respond the right way to difficult conditions. That means dealing with frustrations, not being rescued from them. Overprotecting produces a sense of inadequacy and powerlessness in them. By quick-fixing everything, you’ll rear children who cannot handle life. They’ll expect to be rescued from all trouble, and become overly dependent on others. The Bible says, “Troubles make us more patient” (Ro 5:3 ERV). Allow your children to experience age-appropriate challenges, and they will thank you later for the strengths and coping skills they’ve developed. (2) Prepare them to wait. When you know in advance that your child will have to wait (for instance, in a doctor’s office or an airport), help them prepare for it. “Make the best use of your time” (Eph 5:16 NLT). Have them pack items they enjoy. Because they chose the items, they’ll feel they invested in the process. (3) Keep a positive attitude. If you constantly complain while waiting in traffic, or for someone who’s late, your children will do the same. Instead, try saying, “This delay gives us time to tell each other about our day.” Or, “Even when we feel frustrated about waiting, God’s timing is always perfect!” Teach them God’s perspective on patience: “You see farmers do this all the time, waiting for their valuable crops to mature, patiently letting the rain do its slow but sure work. Be patient like that. Stay steady and strong” (Jas 5:7 TM).

Monday, January 23

“Which yields its fruit in season.”
Ps 1:3 NIV


Your life is lived in seasons, and to be fruitful you must recognize the season you’re in and maximize it. “How can I tell when a season is ending?” you ask. Because the grace that accompanied that season will lift, and what was once rewarding will start to feel unrewarding. The Bible says a successful man or woman is like a tree planted by streams of water “which yields its fruit in season.” You can only be fruitful in your season! That’s where blessing and success occur. You can’t just do it whenever you want to; it has to be in your appointed time. When the right season comes, it’s effortless for a tree to produce what’s stored within. And there’s fruit within you that will be produced when you understand what season you’re in. But there are rules for each season; let’s look at them. Spring—is for training and discipline. That’s when you begin to see God’s purpose for your life and prepare for it. Summer—is for maturing what spring started. The seeds you sowed and nurtured then will grow and multiply now. Autumn—is when you no longer have the passion of youth but the steady calm of the seasoned veteran. If you’re wise, you’re now working smarter instead of harder. It’s time to transition and prepare for the upcoming winter. Winter—is when you assess your accomplishments, enjoy your rewards, pass on your counsel, and take your bows. You have fought the good fight, kept the faith, and finished the course (See 2Ti 4:7). If you do it right, each season can be the best season of your life!